Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my very own

so yesterday i created a blog for eric and i to keep supporters, friends, and family updated on our lives, and our ministry. today i am creating my very own blog to share my thoughts, opinions, and funny stories with you. now i am sure both blogs will be similar, since i will more then likely be the one updating both of them, but this one is just for me.

i decided to "name" it called out one, because i was listening to hillsong untied in the car, which i pretty much do everyday, and one of their songs talked about us being the called out ones. and for some reason that just really stuck with me. i feel special in a non-corny way knowing that God specifically called me out to live for him. i wonder how often i really carry out this calling? i would love to think that i do, but when i loose my patience in the grocery store with the lady in front me remembering she needs butter after she is almost out of there with her bags, and she runs back there real quick to get butter, and for some reason is gone for like 10 minutes...are my thoughts, and smug smile on my face telling the cashier, it's ok, no problem, really living out my calling?

i believe we are all on this constant journey through life trying to live out our calling. some are better at it then others, and some seem to stumble on every bump in the road. moving here to milwaukee was a lot harder then i ever imagined it would be. but now that we are here, and we are trying to live out our calling, i truly believe 100% with my heart we are right where God wants us to be.

so next time your husband annoys you with some random question, you get stuck behind someone in the 10 items or less lane with their 25 items, or someone you are meeting is running late, remember to live out your calling, and part of that calling is being patient, and loving.

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