Monday, June 30, 2008

still excited

so yesterday at the ridge, mark announced the grand total our offering was for the dominican republic. a little background- we took an offering up last week to give to the DR to help with building a feeding center in what is called the hole. the ridge supports go ministries which is down there helping the people. so during the oneprayer series, churches participating were encouraged to one week take up an offering and give it away. 100% of the offering should go to a mission organization, help build something in your town, etc...just give it all away! so we decided to take up an offering and give it to the feeding center in the DR. last we gave $27,400.00! i was so excited when i found out, and i am still so excited! our church is made up of probably 80% of people that have either never been to a church before, or have been to church but didn't fit in, or people frankly asked them to leave because they didn't fit the mold of church-goers. so for our church to give that much, is truly God at work. we barely meet our weekly need for a regular offering, but for this sacrificial special offering, our people stepped up and listened to what God put on their heart, and they gave. i am so happy and proud of our church. i am happy about the monetary aspect of it because the feeding center will cost $36,000, and with our offering, they are almost there. but more importantly i am happy about our people learning what it is like to give of themselves, and being selfless.

i am not sure i can put into words how proud i am of our people. i think this a huge page turner for the ridge, and i think people are going to be more open to see how God works, and how he will work through them. the whole oneprayer series was an awesome experience, and i am so glad we did it.

sidenote- our kids in the kindergarten through 6th grade brought in $360.00 last week alone. our goal with them was $75.00, and if they reached that they could hit any teacher with a pie in the face. so all of the teachers, myself included stood up front yesterday and got slammed with pies in the face. so that was fun, and sticky. i am so proud of them. one teacher made this comment, "we raised $360, it's like our kids are helping the DR do a whole 360 degree turn around." so true! our kids are so excited that they helped other kids. wow, isn't God great!

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Molly's Grandma said...

Kate, I really like your blog and can relate to the frustrations of everyday life. Keep up your good work as a wife to Eric, mom to Molly and as a called out one.