Friday, August 29, 2008

officially mom to to a toddler

so a little update on my wonderful daughter, molly...
-she is now walking, like really, really walking, not crawling anymore! yikes...
-she is getting another tooth, so hopefully in the next week or so it will break through, bc she is not so nice right now
-she thinks it's funny to call me dada...not so funny
-she gives great hugs and kisses
-she loves cat food, yuck!
-she is going to her first class this fall at the library. i will obviously be there with her, but it's still exciting.
-eric and i are still debating on swim classes, i am a yea, he's a we will see.

so there's a little update on molly. getting to stay home with her is so amazing. she is so funny, and she knows it, so it's even funnier. trust me, i love it when eric comes home so i can have a little break, but secretly i miss her when she is napping or asleep at night. molly pretty much is my best friend, and i am so thankful for her. it's funny how 2 years ago our doctor told us we may never have kids, it just might not be in the cards for us, and now we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. god is awesome.

so some other things happening...i got my 12.00 jeans at old navy last week. i am still debating whether or not i like them. they seem a little tight, and i don't mean tight like the hip, cool word, i literally mean tight. so we will see. i was told by eric, and the peeps at old navy that tight is the style. i think they just wanted to make a sale, and eric wanted me to buy jeans for 12.00.
my mom came to visit this week. i love having my mom here. i love the extra help with molly, and watching molly interact with her. it's great. and of course we went shopping. molly was pretty much the big winner that day, but she usually is.

i am still trying to play catch up with school, but i am getting there. i am really looking forward to fall, and the colors, and cool weather! i love jeans and sweaters! and molly got some really cute fall/winter clothes that i can't wait to put on her. so other then that, life is good. i am happy for the weekend, i guess. eric works on saturdays and molly and i hang out, so pretty much like any other day, but it's the weekend. i think i would be less of an american if i didn't like the weekend. so hope you all have a good weekend, and a great labor day...aka, day off work.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

thank you olympics

so i have been enjoying watching the olympics these past 2 weeks. i love all of the athletes, and i still get choked up every time the national anthem is played. i wonder what the medal winners are thinking when they are standing up there and watching the usa flag being raised. i know i would totally be thinking, do i sing, or not sing. what if i forget the words, and then you are on sports center, and they are talking about the olympic athlete that forgot the words, etc. that's a lot of pressure, you know. something i will never need to worry about, because i will never be going to the olympics. none the less, i love the olympics. it gives me something to look forward to every night, and it's nice too because it's not re-runs, and it's something eric and i can watch together. this time in the year is hard for us since we don't have cable, gasp, gulp, gulp, another gasp! yes, people do live without cable nowadays, by choice. but it is hard when all there is is re-runs, and crap. so anyways, it's nice to watch the games right now. i also hate cheering for the people/team that always win, like the patriots, but i couldn't help but not cheer for michael phelps. holy cow! 8 gold medals. wow! so with like 2 days left of the olympics i will be glued to the tv, watching, taking in every last moment of it.

other then the olympics, life is pretty good. my only complaint would and schedules. i know it is inevitable, but i feel like molly and i get on a really good schedule, mainly sleeping, and we are on a roll for a couple of weeks, and then bam-out of now where, we are back to square one. so that has recently happened. she is not wanting to nap during the day, and waking up a lot at night. so i am trying to readjust myself to this new schedule. but the good news is it will be short-lived, like the old good schedule, and we will get on to another schedule soon. today molly and i are going to old navy to buy their $12.00 jeans, for kids they are $7.00. so we will see what fits, and what not. but no other plans, other then soaking up the last bit of the olympics. hope you all (like 1 of you, mom) have a good weekend too.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ode to supernanny

so i love watching supernanny! jo frost is seriosuly outstanding. when you think about it, she really just speaks a lot of common sense to people who have seemed to lost their sense. supernanny brings families together, and reconnects them. i love watching her, and all of her wonderful tactics.

other then supernanny, today has been a good day. it started off with a trip to the dermatologist, and then a biopsy on my arm, then to target (yea!), and then hanging with the mollster. i love watching her explore and discover new things. she is so wonderful. today she took her new walking toy, and totally t-boned the cat. on purpose! she kept doing it over and over again! he never really moved, and he just sat there. then she took a big bouncy ball and bounced it towards him. this ball is like 1/2 of billy's body size, and he was scared to death. he just froze, and the molly would do it again. it was a lot of fun to watch. who would have ever thought watching your kid and cat would be fun?! who needs tv? heck, we don't even have cable!

well, now back to supernanny! man i love her so much. on myspace, i should totally put her down as my hero, and someone i would want to meet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

back to the cheese castle

when you cross over the illinois/wisconsin border you see this tiny little building, it's in the shape of a castle, and the sign reads "cheese castle." that little building now tells me that i am home. in ohio, driving back to good'ole liberty township, when i saw touchdown jesus, that always told me i am home. in findlay, when i saw the big sugar towers, or water tower with flag city plastered all over it, that told me i was home. and in knoxille, the big golden ball at world's fair park told me i was home.

being in the ministry i am not sure you are ever really home. ministers tend to move around, quite a bit. well, some do and some don't. it just all depends. i never moved until i got married, and eric and i started our new lives together. i left to go to school, but knoxville wasn't what you considered your permanent residence. i loved knoxville. there are days i long to be back at jbc. those days seem a lot easier, and less stressful. getting to class on time was your biggest worry, and now it's paying the rent on time.

last week eric and i traveled back home. i use that term, home, loosely. i really feel like the city you are in should not define you, but that's a whole nother blog. we went to findlay for a wedding, and for eric to preach at our home church. i was wishy-washy before leaving. like i stated in my last blog, findlay brings about a lot of mixed emotions. but this visit was good. i am glad we were there for a longer period of time, then just 2 or 3 days like usual. eric's mom took the whole week off, so that was a lot of fun for me to hang out with her. i feel truly blessed because i love my mother-in-law, and we have a great relationship.

our niece, mandy, got baptized while we were home, and we had molly's first birthday party. it was fun, busy, and i am more tired now, then when we left. now we are back to the cheese castle and i am trying to get a routine going again. i am so far behind in school it's not even funny. i am so far behind, that i don't want to even start again. dropping out sounds good, but i won't.

i think god has been trying to teach me a lesson about contentment, but i might now always be listening. i am learning to be content with what i have, and where i am at. we live in what i would classify as a small apartment, but i don't have to work. i am able to stay home with molly and truly enjoy her. that's my passion, to be a mom, and god is fulfilling that passion. we don't have a nice, fancy car by any means, and we seem to keep pumping money into it. but we have always been able to pay the bill when it comes. there's a song that i hear like 10 times a day, because i listen to k-love, but a line in it says, "have what you want, but want what you have." do i really want what i have. at first i think i thought about this line in terms of material things. but now after going home last week, and now returning, i am thinking of this line in relationship terms. i want a strong family relationship, and i have it. thanks god.

one more thing, last week at molly's party a very special person came to see us, suz. suz is this brilliant, witty, awesome person that my brother fell in love with. i didn't know her until after andy died. but now i see why he fell in love with her. i went to stay with her after andy died for a week or so. i wanted to meet this person my brother loved so deeply. in my 14 year old mind, this all made sense. my parents let me ride the train from toledo, oh, to chicago. all by myself. that doesn't seem so smart now that i think about it, but this was like 2 weeks after the funeral, and i am not so sure we were thinking clearly. none the less, i met her and fell in love with her too. we haven't seen each other as often as we both would like to, but we still remain close. she is fabulous, and i am so glad she was able to come meet molly, and spend time with us. i often wonder what would have happened with her and andy if he didn't die. she is now married to a wonderful man, and they are happy. that's what andy would have wanted, for her to be happy. and i smile knowing she is.