Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ode to supernanny

so i love watching supernanny! jo frost is seriosuly outstanding. when you think about it, she really just speaks a lot of common sense to people who have seemed to lost their sense. supernanny brings families together, and reconnects them. i love watching her, and all of her wonderful tactics.

other then supernanny, today has been a good day. it started off with a trip to the dermatologist, and then a biopsy on my arm, then to target (yea!), and then hanging with the mollster. i love watching her explore and discover new things. she is so wonderful. today she took her new walking toy, and totally t-boned the cat. on purpose! she kept doing it over and over again! he never really moved, and he just sat there. then she took a big bouncy ball and bounced it towards him. this ball is like 1/2 of billy's body size, and he was scared to death. he just froze, and the molly would do it again. it was a lot of fun to watch. who would have ever thought watching your kid and cat would be fun?! who needs tv? heck, we don't even have cable!

well, now back to supernanny! man i love her so much. on myspace, i should totally put her down as my hero, and someone i would want to meet.

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