Friday, August 29, 2008

officially mom to to a toddler

so a little update on my wonderful daughter, molly...
-she is now walking, like really, really walking, not crawling anymore! yikes...
-she is getting another tooth, so hopefully in the next week or so it will break through, bc she is not so nice right now
-she thinks it's funny to call me dada...not so funny
-she gives great hugs and kisses
-she loves cat food, yuck!
-she is going to her first class this fall at the library. i will obviously be there with her, but it's still exciting.
-eric and i are still debating on swim classes, i am a yea, he's a we will see.

so there's a little update on molly. getting to stay home with her is so amazing. she is so funny, and she knows it, so it's even funnier. trust me, i love it when eric comes home so i can have a little break, but secretly i miss her when she is napping or asleep at night. molly pretty much is my best friend, and i am so thankful for her. it's funny how 2 years ago our doctor told us we may never have kids, it just might not be in the cards for us, and now we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. god is awesome.

so some other things happening...i got my 12.00 jeans at old navy last week. i am still debating whether or not i like them. they seem a little tight, and i don't mean tight like the hip, cool word, i literally mean tight. so we will see. i was told by eric, and the peeps at old navy that tight is the style. i think they just wanted to make a sale, and eric wanted me to buy jeans for 12.00.
my mom came to visit this week. i love having my mom here. i love the extra help with molly, and watching molly interact with her. it's great. and of course we went shopping. molly was pretty much the big winner that day, but she usually is.

i am still trying to play catch up with school, but i am getting there. i am really looking forward to fall, and the colors, and cool weather! i love jeans and sweaters! and molly got some really cute fall/winter clothes that i can't wait to put on her. so other then that, life is good. i am happy for the weekend, i guess. eric works on saturdays and molly and i hang out, so pretty much like any other day, but it's the weekend. i think i would be less of an american if i didn't like the weekend. so hope you all have a good weekend, and a great labor day...aka, day off work.

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