Saturday, August 23, 2008

thank you olympics

so i have been enjoying watching the olympics these past 2 weeks. i love all of the athletes, and i still get choked up every time the national anthem is played. i wonder what the medal winners are thinking when they are standing up there and watching the usa flag being raised. i know i would totally be thinking, do i sing, or not sing. what if i forget the words, and then you are on sports center, and they are talking about the olympic athlete that forgot the words, etc. that's a lot of pressure, you know. something i will never need to worry about, because i will never be going to the olympics. none the less, i love the olympics. it gives me something to look forward to every night, and it's nice too because it's not re-runs, and it's something eric and i can watch together. this time in the year is hard for us since we don't have cable, gasp, gulp, gulp, another gasp! yes, people do live without cable nowadays, by choice. but it is hard when all there is is re-runs, and crap. so anyways, it's nice to watch the games right now. i also hate cheering for the people/team that always win, like the patriots, but i couldn't help but not cheer for michael phelps. holy cow! 8 gold medals. wow! so with like 2 days left of the olympics i will be glued to the tv, watching, taking in every last moment of it.

other then the olympics, life is pretty good. my only complaint would and schedules. i know it is inevitable, but i feel like molly and i get on a really good schedule, mainly sleeping, and we are on a roll for a couple of weeks, and then bam-out of now where, we are back to square one. so that has recently happened. she is not wanting to nap during the day, and waking up a lot at night. so i am trying to readjust myself to this new schedule. but the good news is it will be short-lived, like the old good schedule, and we will get on to another schedule soon. today molly and i are going to old navy to buy their $12.00 jeans, for kids they are $7.00. so we will see what fits, and what not. but no other plans, other then soaking up the last bit of the olympics. hope you all (like 1 of you, mom) have a good weekend too.

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