Wednesday, September 10, 2008

swimming class

so last night eric and i had the pleasure to take molly to her first swim class. she obviously is not going to be michael phelps when she is done with this 10 session class, but she will be more comfortable with the water. molly has been swimming before, and i am sure most of the other kids have been too. but it was so funny to see all of these kids, 12-18 months get in the water with mom or dad and splash around, and us parents singing silly songs to them. i can only imagine what the kids were thinking.

it's weird for me to think that i am getting her comfortable with the water, so one day she can jump in and take off on her own. i like knowing that i am protecting her, and that i am in charge. i guess this swim class is preparing me for a lot more then just swimming. it's preparing me for the first day of school, the first soccer game, the first date, and then for her starting her own life someday with a man. wow! all of that from a swim class?!

i think i am learning, slowly, i am not in control. molly truly is god's child, and i need to give her to him. i can not control her whole life. good grief, the kid fell twice yesterday and her face looks like she was in a dog fight with bruises and everything. but really, god is in control of her life, and i can only teach her survival skills, and how to help her float. this swim class will be good for us. not only will she learn good techniques, but i will learn to let her go a little bit, and lessen my grip on her.

i love this kid in a very scary way. i would do anything for her, which i think is why she is spoiled. some people say that they don't know how they could love another kid. is your heart big enough for two, three, ten? just think how big god's heart is, and it gets bigger everyday.