Thursday, October 9, 2008

fall beauty

so for some reason i love fall. i love the weather, and the colors. you can take one look at my house and know i love fall colors. everything i have is practically red, orange, green, tan, brown, blue, etc. i am attracted to those colors in stores, and anywhere else you see them. this is my second fall in wisconsin. last year we moved here i guess in the middle of fall, but the second weekend we were here it snowed. and it didn't stop till april. so now snow yet, frost, but no snow. so i guess this is the first fall i have actually been able to enjoy in wisconsin. let me tell you, it's beautiful. probably where you are at is beautiful too, but here, i just want to get out of the car at every corner and take a picture. i am constantly telling eric, "look at those leaves...what a beautiful setting for a picture." which by now he rolls his eyes, and smiles a little. but seriously it's gorgeous here.

i think since having molly i have become more appreciative of the little things too. like color changing leaves. i try not to take life for granted, and i really do try and take it all in. since moving here i have seen awesome sunsets and wonderful rainbows. eric and i went to hawaii on vacation and saw rainbows there, and trust me they were beautiful too. but in hawaii you know you are going to see rainbows, in wisconsin, it's actually surprising to me still. i have seen 2 complete rainbows here, like start to finish. which i think is incredible. to me the rainbow still means the same thing it did for noah. god has not forgotten me, and he will never forget me. although last year at this time i had my house packed on a moving truck and we all had to live 4 days without our stuff, we slept on the floor of our house with a 2 month old baby, and lived out of a cooler, god never forgot us. eric and i still talk about those 4 days and what fun we had in our empty house and how we will never forget those simple days. then moving here, knowing not even one soul, and making it through. we will be here a year on the 12th, and i still am excited to get up and see what the day brings. i am still excited to go to the ridge on sundays and we see what cover tune the band is going to sing, and i am still excited because i can see god at work daily.

the leaves may change color, and look beautiful for a time, and rainbows may appear once in a great while, or when you need one, but god's promises and faithfulness will last forever. please know he has not forgotten about you. he knows what you need, and when you need it.

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