Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the hummingbirds

i have some flowers in window boxes, but they are on my railing on my balcony, so flowers in railing boxes...and everyday these two hummingbirds come and fly around the flowers looking for food. and everyday they are disappointed, because my flowers aren't giving them what they want. but sure enough, the next morning, they are back again. i don't know the intelligence level of hummingbirds, or anything like that. so i am not sure if they are smart, dumb, or average, and how much they really remember.

one day when i was trying to take a picture of them, i got to thinking, these hummingbirds are like people. people are attracted to other people, or things that aren't really going to give them what they need, like the "flowers." although the "flowers" are pretty, they aren't what we need, and their beauty is only on the outside, because they have no nutrition inside them. but we keep going back to the "flowers" daily, or weekly, looking for something, or wanting something from them. when really, god is waiting for us, to give us what we need.

my flowers now are slowly dying. it's getting colder outside, and the frost is soon to come. the hummingbirds don't come around so much anymore. maybe they found what they were looking for.

what are we looking for? acceptance, love, forgiveness, friendship, the list goes on. just remember that whatever you are looking for, god is truly the answer. he can fill you up, that you will never be empty again.


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