Tuesday, October 14, 2008

one year anniversary

On Sunday, the 12th we celebrated our one year anniversary of living in Wisconsin. Last year when we moved here it felt so rushed and hurried, that I wasn't able to take it all in. I had just literally given up possession of my home-we sold it, in one day, praise God! But I felt like I was handing all of my hard work over to people who didn't know and understand what that house meant to us. So for all of you people who are saying "you can't take it with you"...blah, blah! I know a house is a possession, but right now, for me it was my pride and joy. Eric and I saved up all of our money, bought this house that needed a ton of work and some TLC, and we made it to be our own. We picked everything out for it, and we did all of the work, with help from our families. But it truly was ours. I love that house and I miss it daily. I miss my hardwood floors, and my paint colors, and having a yard, and waving to the neighbors. I miss pulling in the garage and knowing I am home, and just miss knowing that it was all mine. So when we sold it and handed over the keys, I wasn't fully prepared to grieve for this house. I kept telling myself, and still tell myself, it's a house, we'll have another one. Which I know we will, but I will always love that house on Jason Court.

The move here physically went smoothly. All of our stuff made it, with a few dents and scratches, and most importantly-the cat survived the car ride. Eric didn't officially start until Nov. 1, and we moved here Oct. 12. Trust me, with a 2 month old baby, I was thankful for the help, but I was also counting the days down until he started work again! We were able to feel out the area, and get to know the staff, our neighbors, and what it meant to start over again.

Then when Eric started working and I was home with Molly all day, I began to miss Cincinnati and all of the familiar things there. I knew more people, I knew how to get around, and I felt needed there. Sure Molly needed me, and Eric to a point, but I really felt like the kids needed me, or other people counted on me for things. Here wasn't like that, at all. In Cincy, Eric and I were a team when it came to ministry, we had each other. And when things felt like they couldn't get any worse, they did, but we had each other to turn to. So why was I grieving a place I couldn't wait to get away from. I wanted to run and keep on running.

To this day I miss Cincy, the people, our friends, Carters :), Skyline, and all those great Queen City staples. I miss being needed again by the church. I am needed every other month here for the 4/5's class, but really, I just show up the other weeks.

God is faithful, and we have the best opportunities here that we wouldn't have had anywhere else. God's promises are new every morning, and he has/is blessing us with many people to serve here. So needless to say, I love Wisconsin, but I will always love Cincinnati too. It was our first ministry, first house, first baby, and a lot other firsts. Thanks Cincy for a great ride, and now Hello Wisconsin for another one!

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