Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve Eve.  This year I am feeling overly blessed, and very undeserving.  Have you ever felt that way?  I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I ask God, "why have you given me so much?"  And more importantly I ask myself, "what have I done to bless God back?" 

Christmas gets me all sentimental and makes me think a lot.  I feel like I am more intune to Christmas now that I am a mom.  I get the whole giving birth, loving your child, watching your child grow up, etc.  I am sure we all have the same feelings that Mary had, even if it was over 2000 years ago.  I guess before I was a mom I thought of Christmas as Jesus was born, yea, yea, people came to see him, big deal.  Now I am like holy cowl, she gave birth to a baby (without an epidural!), and she already knew the plan for his life, and had to raise the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Immanuel.  What a big job Mary and Joseph had. 

It's just a lot to think about, and grasp.  Which I will probably never fully grasp it, but I am still trying. 

So as 2009 quickly leaves us, I am really looking forward to 2010.  God has big plans in store for our church, our family, and his followers.  So be ready friends, God may call you to do something awesome for him in the coming year. 

Merry Christmas from the Ferguson Family to your family!

"May the Lord continually bless you with heaven's blessings
as well as with human joys."
Psalm 128:5

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

Did you all see the Steelers play the Packers today?!  Wow!  All I can say is it was a Christmas miracle!  For those of you who did not watch this nail biting game, the Steelers came back to win with like 3 seconds left on the scoreboard.  Thank you Mike Wallace for catching that pass!  The best part about the game was that Eric and I watched it with 4 die-hard Packers fans.  I mean these people are hard core.  They know all of the Packers' records, when they made the play-offs, what the scores of games were like 20 years ago!  So to watch them lose, was a little sweet for me.  I say that in a loving way.  I mean c'mon, Go Steelers!

In other news..

We are gearing up for Christmas here, like most of you out there.  I can not believe it is so soon!  I know this sounds cliche, but where did the time go?  Where did 2009 go?  Man oh man!  We are leaving after our last Christmas Eve service on Thursday to travel back to Ohio.  We should roll in around 3am.  Maybe we will see Santa while we are driving on the turnpike.  I had this "rule" that we would never travel on Christmas day once we had a kid.  Well, the last 2 years we kinda broke it, we opened our presents at home, then travelled to Ohio, but this year we are throwing it out the window. 

We will be "waking" up in Ohio with Grandma and Grandpa Ferguson to open our presents.  And all of our other family too.  Eric, Molly, and myself are the only ones that have to travel home for the holidays.  So it kind of makes more sense for us to be there on Christmas morning when everyone else is.  We will see how this year goes, and probably just take it year by year.  That's one thing about ministry.  We always have to be at church, and I am not complaining about that, just stating a fact, but we also have freedom to make our own traditions, and make special memories.  Who says you have to open presents on December 25?  Maybe we will do it on Dec. 22, or the 23.  Who knows what we will decide, but I am glad we threw my "rule" out of the window this year. 

So besides wrapping last minute presents, doing laundry, finding someone to feed the cat, work 2 days, set-up for Christmas Eve service at the movie theater, bake cupcakes for a birthday party for Jesus, maybe clean the house-depending on the time left, packing our luggage, packing the car, charging the DVD player, I will be rejoicing in our Lord's birth, giving thanks for all of the blessings in my life, and trying not to fall behind on blogs, again! 

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Very Merry Summer Suzette Christmas

Today we celebrated Christmas a little early.  Partly because this was the only day we all would be around, together, and partly because my Mom's presents arrived yesterday and I was dieing with anticipation to open them.  We are going to open all of our other presents to each other on Christmas morning at Eric's parents house, but like I said, I was dieing to open these. 

I told my Mom I wanted my gifts from Kristin's boutique, since she is donating 50% of her profits towards Amy's family.  And my Mom listened, and I had a very Merry Summer Suzette Christmas!  See...


I do not claim to be a professional photographer, and I know some of them are blurry, sorry!  Then Kristin made Molly that cute bow for Christmas, I am so excited for her to wear it!  And nerd alert, I took a picture of the boxes that everything came in because I thought they were so pretty!

So thank you Mom and Phil!  And a BIG thanks to Kristin for making such awesome stuff, and helping another family out!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A little here, a little there

Hey friends!  Just wanted to pop in and give a BIG shout out to you all!  Thanks for all of the congrats, well wishes, and encouragement after the job announcement last week.  Lets just say I have been really busy, and the thought of it slowing down has not yet occurred! 

I am feeling beyond blessed right now.  I am picking up new clients for my counseling practice, along with learning all of the ins and outs of Children's Ministry. 

So needless to say, this whole transition back into the working world has not left me a lot of time for blogging.  I am doing my best at reading them, and will try and let you know that I have stopped by. 

One more thing you fabulous friends...our babysitter from church is not going to work out, they live a lot further away than we thought.  So we are still on the hunt for a sitter for Molly, but for the time being, our friend is going to watch her.  So please pray that God provides a wonderful, loving, caring-can you tell I am not oh so fond of dropping her off anywhere :) I just want someone to love her as much as I do. 

You all rock!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

You have waited long enough...

Remember when I said I had some good news?  Well the time has come that I can now reveal this news.  I loved your guesses, and then started feeling bad because some of your guesses were really good, and really sweet, so hopefully you all think my news is big, important, and life changing, because it is :)

You are looking at the new Early Childhood Director at The Ridge Community Church...I know, for-real :)

Yesterday was my first official day at work.  Granted, I am only in the office 2 days a week, I will still be working a lot from home, and Sundays do count as a work day, all of you in ministry totally understand that! 

This new career has had God's hands all over it from the beginning.  I was not out looking for a job, especially since I started my private practice in counseling, I was content, we were content as a family.  I am very blessed to be able to stay home with Molls.  Although we make sacrifices for me to do so, just like many of you, I was happy to sacrifice away to be with her.  So this opportunity came with a lot of church growth, and the need to have a focus on individual groups of kids at church.  I am in charge of the birth-kindergarten, and Becky, the other Children's Pastor is in charge of all school aged kids. 

This is a huge, new transition for everyone.  Number one-Eric and I will be working "together."  I use that term loosely, since he works with Neighborhood Groups and preaching, but we still will be in the office together.  Number 2- this is a brand new position at our church, I am not taking anyone's spot, I am creating my own, in a sense.  Number 3-I have a huge passion for kids at a young age (like in the nursery) to start learning about God, and hearing the name Jesus, and love.  So I am pumped that now I can make sure that is happening, and starting these precious kids out on the right track. 

The only thing is we had to find childcare for Molly, since one day a week Eric and I are both at the office, for staff meeting, other meetings, etc.  So I put a call into a lady at church who runs her own in-home daycare, very small, and she is willing to take Molly for us.  I am so excited because this lady is so sweet, and loving. 

So that is my exciting news.  I am over-joyed to be a part of a staff that gets to serve awesome people, and be a part of God's plan for Milwaukee.  I am thrilled to give back to The Ridge, because this ministry was a life-saver for me, in more ways than one.  I am excited to see change and growth in our children's ministry, and I am so excited to serve alongside some fantastic people.  Please keep me, and this whole thing in your prayers.  Like I said earlier, this is a huge, new transition for everyone.  We need a lot of prayer to help it go smoothly. 

PS-Thanks for all of the encouragement/advice on nap time.  She is staying in her bed, and taking naps now!  Yea!  And pray for Eric, since he is watching Molly one day a week now, by himself, he needs a smooth transition too!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Sounds of Christmas

Today we are posting about the sounds of Christmas.  I love Christmas music, and like Joye said, who can be in a bad mood when listening to songs about the season?!  Well, maybe Scrooge could, but he eventually grew to like them. 

When I think Christmas songs I automatically think David Phelps singing "Oh Holy Night."  It gives me Jesus goosebumps every time I hear it.  So I thought I would share it with you all today! (make sure you pause the music down below)  What better way to celebrate Jesus' birth than with this song, and an awesome voice singing it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Calling All Moms

I need help!  I think I bragged about Molly too quickly!  She is doing wonderful at night sleeping in her bed, but naps are not happening in there.  Any tricks on getting her to stay in her bed?  I wouldn't mind if in a year from now she doesn't nap, and just plays quietly in her room, but trust me friends, she needs a nap!  If she does not nap, around 5 or so, it is not pretty at our house. 

In other news, Molly and Daddy start gymnastics tonight.  I am so excited for them to do this together.  I am sure Eric is not as excited about it as I am, but he is looking forward to it. 

By Wednesday we are expected to have over a foot of snow on the ground!  Then it's supposed to get really cold.  On Thursday our high is 15 degrees!  I don't mind the snow, but the bitter cold is not a friend of mine!

Okay, I am finished with my random Monday afternoon thoughts.  I have to go corral the kid, and put her back in bed!  Have a great day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So far, so good

So far so good with the big girl bed.  Molly has slept in her bed for the last 2 nights, tonight is the third, and all have been successful.  I am still getting used to her coming in and waking me up.  The first day I thought I was going to wet the bed when I heard "hi!" really loud.  She has only had one nap, unsuccessfully in her bed, but we had an off day and she was with friends of ours for a couple of hours, while Eric and I were at a meeting.  So the whole day was a little thrown off.  So tomorrow will be the real day for napping in her big girl bed. 

Today Molly got to watch 20 people get baptized at church.  Hallelujah, praise the Lord!  I love seeing people say out loud..."I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God..." 

Molly and I stood in the back and clapped and cheered the whole time.  That is one thing about ministry that I love.  My kid(s) will grow up seeing such awesome things, and seeing how awesome our God truly is.  This year so far we have had over 50 people get baptized.  That is amazing, and all God!

Yesterday when I was at Target I saw this cute little shirt on the clearance rack for 94 cents, yes, cents!  So I picked up two of them, one for Molly, and one for her best friend, Maddie.  The girls matched today at church.  They looked so cute!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Stay tuned for some awesome news coming at you this week.  No-I am not pregnant, but it is something big, exciting, and life changing for our family. 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Girl Bed!

Today was the day that we took Molly's crib down, and put up her big girl bed.  Exciting times here!  The Grandparents all went together and bought Molly's bed, mattress, and bedding for Christmas.  Thank you!  Everything but the trundle for under her bed has arrived, and is set up.  Once the trundle gets here, all we have to do is put it under her bed, and enjoy a huge storage drawer.  Who are we kidding, like Molly is having a sleepover any time soon, that we need a mattress in the drawer.  Her shoes could fill that whole drawer up!  So here are some pictures from today...

Last time in her crib

Half-way there setting everything up

Already comfy

This one cracks me up

Our plan was for her to take her nap in it today, but she fell asleep in the car while we were running a million errands.  So tonight will be her first time in her big girl bed.  Eric is all on his own tonight because I am going out to celebrate a friends birthday.  Please pray this transition goes smoothly, and she sleeps great!  I think she will do fine, but I am also not going to be here.  Which may be a blessing, if it does not go over well.  Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


"The smallest good deed is better
than the grandest intention."  

What do you need to do today?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check This Out

Molly got an early Christmas present from one set of Grandparents yesterday.  They figured she should be able to enjoy her new Christmas movie, before Christmas.  We watched it this moring while getting around for Bible Study.  I really liked it!

I love Veggie Tales movies because there is a lot in there for adults too.  Plus they teach great Biblical values.  Bonus!  This new one is about the Spirit of Giving, and they "teach" about St. Nick.  I use the word teach lightly, since they "make up" stories in the videos and use their imagination.  I really don't think the real St. Nick was carrot, you see what I am saying.  But none the less, it's really cute, and has a fabulous lesson for kids, and adults.

One line from the movie that really stuck with me is "we don't give because it makes us happy, we give because we are happy."  Talk about true motives!  That really resonated with me and has made me think all day about my spirit of giving.

This Christmas our church is taking up a big Christmas offering to give to build wells in Ethiopia.  The people there desperatly need clean drinking water, and we want to help.  Eric and I decided that the money we would normally spend on gifts for people, we are going to put that in the offering instead.  Our family knows about this, and they think it's a great idea.  So part of this big Christmas offering is going to build clean drinking wells, and the other part is going to a local mission.  We are making gift tags to give to people that say something like "you gift this year is clean drinking water" or something to that effect.  I don't know the exact wording, but you all know what I mean.   So check out this awesome video we have been showing at only takes a minute, if that, and you will be forever changed!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas in the Heart and Busyness

I am not sure if anyone of you can relate to this or not, I am guessing some can, but have you ever had a dry spell in your social calendar?  Only to have it followed up by the busiest 2 weeks you ever had in your life?  That's me right now.  I am usually boring in the social area, especially during the days with Molly.  Starting yesterday and ending right before Christmas, I literally have something scheduled to do everyday.  Some days mornings, afternoons, and evenings!  I am not used to being this busy!  But I am blessed to be able to meet with some wonderful people, and some wonderful clients God has brought my way.  I am also so blessed to have wonderful friends to watch Molly, and a great hubby with a semi-flexible work schedule to help me out.  'Tis the season, right :)

So today with the time I have before we get off to a birthday party, I am linking up with Joye.  She is doing a Christmas meme on Tuesdays from now till Christmas.  It is all about how you enjoy Jesus this season, and she asking us to use our senses.  I am not really creative or an eloquent writer like Joye, but I figured I would give it a shot. 

This week is all about the sights of Christmas...

The first sight of Christmas is trying to get that darn Christmas card picture...
Make sure everyone is smiling, looking at the camera, and is happy!  Ha!

I love dressing Molly up all Christmasy...
Nothing says Christmas like a crying kid!

By the end she loved it, and we have never tried it again!

That pesky Christmas card picture again...

Oh so cooperative

It may be a Charlie Brown tree,
but it's our Charlie Brown tree.

Whatever it is about the Christmas season that you love to see, family pictures, kids dressed up oh so ridiculously cute, or looking at everyone's different tree decorating style, I hope it brings you happiness, which in turn makes your heart feel so warm. 

When my heart feels so full with love after experiencing a sight of Christmas I only have Jesus to thank.  He is the reason for the season, however cliche that sounds, it's true.  I love seeing people get in the mood for the holidays, I love seeing people open presents on Christmas morning and give you that "how did you know?" look.  I just love Christmas because it typically brings out the best in us, and we all seem a little bit more happy, even if it's just for a night or two. 

So keep looking all around you, look for Christmas, see it everywhere, and remember to thank Jesus for it all. 

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Age Old Question

Controversy seems to just be a part of life nowadays.  Everyone is so concerned with being politically correct, worried about not offending anyone with their beliefs, and now people just conform to the "norm" disregarding their morals and values.  I agree everyone has a right to their own opinions, beliefs, views.  I may not agree with you, but I am still able to remain respectable towards you.

So what am I really talking about?  Working vs. Stay-at-home, Bottle Feeding vs. Breastfeeding, Republican vs. Democrat, NRA vs. No Guns Allowed, Spanking vs. No Spanking, no I am talking about...
Real vs. Artificial.

We are all fake here...pre-lit and everything.  Eric and I bought this tree the Christmas before we got married.  Actually, we got it a couple of days after Christmas for $18.  Our humble, little (seven foot) tree is decorated with all of the ornaments we made when we were in elementary school.  Some of them have not lasted the winters here, so they hit their final resting place last night, the garbage.  Now each year we are adding the ornaments that Molly has received.  Eric and I have given her an ornament each year, and we will continue to do so.  I love having little traditions like that.

So, are you real or fake?  And what type of ornaments can be found on your tree?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

From Ours to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to your family!  We had a fabulous turkey day, and I pray you all did too!  This was the first year in Eric and I's life that we did not spend the holdiay with our biological families.  Weird!  It just didn't work out, but we are so grateful for wonderful friends from church that invited us over to celebrate with them.  I am very thankful for the Larsen family!

They set their tree up, and we helped decorate it...which then put Scrooge, I mean, my fabulous husband, Eric in the mood to put our tree up!  I will post pics tomorrow of the finished product.  Molly was awake when we put it up, but asleep when we decorated it.  So I can't wait to see her face in the morning. 

Thank you all for the sweet comments about Molly and the speech stuff, you all are so wonderful, yet another thing to add to the list of things I am grateful for, awesome blog friends!

Oh, by the way, Molly says Christmas Tree now...I think she really is catching on to this whole talking thing!  Have a great rest of the holiday weekend! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guess Who

...came to visit for a few days...Grandpa!  Or as Molly calls him, Poppa. 

My Dad got in last night and is staying with us for a couple of days.  We have had a lot of fun so far, and I am so glad he came to visit!


In other news...Molly had her speech evaluation done today, and they are recommending that she get some speech therapy.  Right now we are only doing once a month, because her comprehension level is right on track, even a little better than most 2 year olds, but the actual speech communication is a little behind.  They still are not sure if she is stubborn or a late bloomer.  So we have our first speech session in December, I will let you all know how it goes.  They come to your house, and do everything in the child's own environment.  So we will see how it goes, and what her progress is. 

So anyone out there with kids in speech or who have been in speech, I would love to know what you all think, helpful hints, tips, etc.  Or any teachers out there with advice would be great.  We are doing basically everything that they suggested we do, so I guess sooner or later it all will click with Molly. 

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 2 days away?!  Wow!  Hope you all have a great holiday and spend lots of time with the ones that you love!

"Take time to give thanks for the beauty of today.  
In everything give thanks." 
1 Thess. 5:18

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brighten Up Your Day

Becca over at Made With Love tagged me in a fun little post today.  You are supposed to list 10 things that "Brighten Your Day," and then list 10 bloggers to share in the fun!

So here we go...
1.  Being married to this guy, and getting to spend the rest of my life with him.  

2. Being a Mom to this little one, who has changed my life in more ways than one, and I am so thankful that God has given her to me. 

3.  Billy brightens my day because whenever I leave and come back, he is always waiting for me.  Usually it's just because he wants a treat, but I like to think it's because he missed me.

4.  Coffee first thing in the morning
5.  Being able to read all of your blogs, I love feeling like I am living life right there with you
6.  Knowing that there is nothing I can ever do to make God love me less
7.  My family always brightens my day, whether it's a silly email, or an encouraging phone call
8.  Shopping-I told you Becca!  I love to shop, usually it's just window shopping, but when we have some extra money, I sure do love to spend it, don't worry, Eric is aware of this!
9.  Music, I love, love, love listening to music
10.  Waking up to this every single day...

There is my list of 10 things that brighten my day!

Now I am supposed to tag 10 others, but I tag you all.  This one is fun, and doesn't take a lot of time.  So if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.  Have a great Monday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Randomness

Hello out there :)

Today has been a day of research and Christmas gift buying.  I have been overwhelmed looking at all of the bedding possibilites for Molly's new big girl bed.  I think Eric is going to make her a daybed, with some storage drawers underneath it.  At least for now, that is what we have decided.  So hopefully she will sleep in it before she gets married. It might be awhile.  But that is a whole nother story for a whole nother post.

I have a basic idea of what I want, and a really good idea of what we don't want for her bed.  We are not into characters, like not at all, so there will be no Elmo or Backyardigans going on in her room.  But I also like some other patterns and prints in pink and brown, but in a couple years from now, will those still be cool?  I have decided there are too many choices!  I found a cute quilt at Target that's not too expensive, so if in a year or two, I change my mind, we could afford to get something different.  Not that it's my bed, it's Molly's, but she trusts my fashion choices. 

You all should check this out...

I ordered some Christmas presents from her, and I am so excited to see them!  I would tell you what I got, but since the people who I got them for read my blog, I will keep it a secret.  Don't worry, when they open them, I will post the pics to let you know what they got.  So go to the website and check it out.  I actually found all of her stuff on her Etsy site, rather than her website, so check her stuff out there.

And To Whom It May Concern- I do not appreciate whoever it was that taught my daughter to spit, particularly-spitting on me.  She will bend over and act like she is going to kiss your hand or leg, then whoops, just spits on you!  Gross!  I tried explaining that spitting is dirty, naughty, meant to do outside, and definitely not something you do to your Mom!  So whichever little kid out there taught Molly this, I am coming for you!

Have you all put your Christmas stuff up yet?  I live with Scrooge, and he is trying to convince me that we don't need a Christmas tree this year.  He is so funny to think I will go along with that.  Silly Scrooge!  Part of the ba-hum-bugness comes from that we have to walk all the way around our building to get to our garage, climb up a ladder and pull down umpteen boxes and carry them back up to our apartment.  So I see a little bit of where he is coming from, but I still love Christmas decorations and decorating our house!  Maybe I will live vicariously through you all, and your Christmas decorations. 

Have a great weekend, friends!  Eric and I have been working on my website...oh wait, did I forget to mention that I am officially in business as a Clinical Christian Counselor?!  What you ask, oh yes, I am official.  I have a name and everything...Restoration Counseling, LLC.  The LLC stands for Limited Liability Company, for you none business people like me!  This whole new business adventure has been just that, an adventure!  I am learning as I go, and I am going very slow!  So once my website is up and running, I will let you all know.  Until then...the doctor is out! 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Grandma Update

Thank you all so much for praying for Eric's Grandma.  Your prayers were felt and God used them all!  As of tonight, Grandma is doing great!  She had hip replacement surgery yesterday afternoon, and came through like a champ!  When Eric talked to his Mom tonight, she said that Grandma Ferguson was up walking around.  What, the what?!  I know, I got so excited to hear that. 

I know her true motivation for getting better is to get back home.  She hates leaving her house!  After her stroke, she did everything the doctors and therapists told her to do because she wanted to go home so bad.  I am sure this time is no different.  I will get more details tomorrow when I call and check on her.  You know when your husband talks to someone for like 30 minutes and when they are finished you ask questions, they look at you like, "how should I know?" And all you can think is, "hello, you were just talking to them?!"  That's the type of information I got tonight.  So I will be getting more details tomorrow!

Thanks again for praying! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ho, Hum Type of Day

Today has been one of those boring, yet relaxing days here in our house.  Molly was up about 4 different times last night with a croup cough, so lets just say we didn't get a lot of sleep!  I usually go to a Bible study on Wednesday mornings, but decided to stay home, so we don't get any of the other kids there sick.  I don't think Molly is contagious, but her cough and nose are so gross, that I didn't want the other Moms to think, "good grief, why is that kid here?!"  Because I would probably think that myself, just being honest :)

So we have read books, watched movies, played with the kitchen in Molly's room, and just plain old hung out.  Oh, we are still in our pajamas too!  How nice, other than the occasional cough and sneeze. 

Last night we had some frineds over that are getting married in March.  Eric is performing their wedding.  We got talking about all of their wedding plans and it made me think about what I would want to do over from our wedding, or if I could do it over again, would I do it the same?  We laughed a lot talking about different weddings we all have been to, and how things didn't go as planned, or how things were so awesome. 

If I could do 2 things over again at our wedding it would be the photographer, and the DJ at the reception.  We hired a photographer from our area that said he usually shot weddings with his daughter, however his daughter was busy the day of our wedding, so his wife came.  Lets just say they fought more than took pictures.  It got to the point that we couldn't handle listening to them fight, so we just stopped taking pictures!  Plus, I wish I would have had time with Eric before the wedding.  I was so dead set on that he would see me for the first time walking down the aisle, no one could have changed my mind about that, but now looking back, I wish we could have met in the sanctuary with no one around and just had time to take it all in, and savor the moment together.  Then had pictures taken before the wedding.  But hindsight is 20/20 right?

Then the DJ, he was just awful!  Nice guy, but an awful DJ, maybe that's why he said he would do it for free.  Other than that, our wedding was ours, we did it our way, and it was special.  Things didn't go as planned, like Eric's Grandma being 20 minutes late, my Dad unable to find his pants, and Eric pulling my veil out when we kissed.  Oh and the unity candle not lighting, but those are all part of our story. 

What are some funny things that happened at your wedding?  What would you do over? 

Well, now I am off to lay on the couch, and maybe fall asleep.  Hey, aren't we supposed to nap when the baby naps?  Even if the baby is 2 :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful Tuesday and a Prayer Request

Today I am feeling thankful for awesome family that is taking care of Eric's Grandma.  Last night Grandma fell and broke her hip, really bad.  She lives with Eric's Aunt, and she works second shift, so no one was home when Grandma fell.  Thank the Lord that Aunt Patty came home for dinner, and found Grandma.  No one knows how long she was on the floor, because she had a stroke almost 3 years ago, and her speech has not come back 100%.  She can still have conversations, it just takes her awhile.  I guess she hit her head on the way down, and has a softball size bump on her poor little head.  And when I say little, I mean little!  Grandma might be 4'6" on a good day and weigh 80 pounds, maybe.  She is a little petite thing!

I talked to Eric's Mom this morning and they are waiting to see a surgeon to see how and when they are going to perform surgery.  I will be brutally honest, no one knows if she will survive surgery.  She is on blood thinners, steroids, and other medications that have severely weakened her already frail state.  But she has not lost her drive to fight.  Grandma is a very strong woman, both in will and in faith.  I also know Grandma misses her husband, Ray, who passed away many years ago.

So today I am thankful for family who can physically surround Grandma with their love and prayers.  I am also thankful for you all who can pray for Grandma, her name is Ginny.

This is Grandma with Molly when she was about 2 weeks old.

Thanks friends!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I've Got a New Attitu-do

I was thinking about entitling this a new attitude, but I still have my same old attitude, so I went with a new attitu-do, because I got a haircut yesterday.  Make sense, didn't think so :)

I had been wavering back and forth with the bang idea, and kept seeing all the cool kids with them, so I decided to try it, but only a little bit.  The jury is still out on whether I like them or not, they keep falling in my eye, since I only got them on one side.  I am still learning to "do" them, and one frined told me, I need to train them.  So I felt and feel utterly ridiculous posting a pic of my new style on here, but I knew you all would need a visual. 

 I am wearing my night shirt in these photos!

I am still playing with it, and trying to train the bangs, so we will see.  Overall, I like the haircut itself, but I was going more for the swooped bang look, not sure if I achieved it or not.  Okay, I am finished stressing about the bangs!

I thought I would share some pics of Molly from yesterday.  After we got home from church I was making her lunch and I saw she was "trying" my shoes on, and I snapped a few pictures of her!

At least they matched her outfit!  Have a great Monday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yesterday before Molly and I left the house, I thought I would try to get a quick picture of her looking all cute.  Lately getting one good picture is hard, due to a certain stubborn 2 year old.  But my girl came through, at least for one picture...

It has been on the warm side here lately, and yesterday it finally started cooling down, so I jumped at the chance for Molly to wear her sweater dress and boots.  Good grief, by the time it gets down right cold here, she will have outgrown the dress!

Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday about my brother.  I was telling one of his friends yesterday that it is hard to realize that I have surpassed all of his milestones.  I graduated college, grad school, got married, have a child, and he did not have the chance to do any of that.  But I also know that he is watching me from Heaven and is so proud that I was able to do all of that.  Again, thank you all!

We are pretty boring here, nothing too big going on, which is nice.  God is answering a lot of prayers for us right now, and once things get a little bit more definite, I can't wait to share with you all.  Remember-God IS faithful!  I am learning that even when I think something is not going to work out, it does, in God's timing, not mine!  Hard lesson! 

We are starting a new series at church all about prayer.  I am pretty excited about it.  That is one thing I have been working more on, consistent prayer with the Lord.  I have been keeping a prayer journal where I basically pour out my heart and mind.  I found writing in a journal works better for me, because why is it when you sit down to pray you have ADD?  It's like you can't focus on anything!  So writing it all out helps keep me on track and helps with keeping my relationship with God going by the wayside. 

In other news, I think we may be getting closer to moving Molly into a big girl bed.  I know some of you are wondering, isn't she 2, shouldn't she already be in one?  Well, yes-probably.  Molly has never once tried to climb out of her crib, so the doctor told us to leave her in there until she tries to climb out.  But she has fallen out...she tries to bend over to "pick" something up off the floor and tumbles over.  She is fine every time, it's like it just surprises her.  She doesn't even cry.  So we are starting to look for a bed, and all that stuff.  I know it will take a lot of patience with her, because she will totally get up and play.  Any tips, advice would be great on making the transition.  Thanks!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Andy, Happy Birthday to you...

Today is my brother's birthday...he would have been 34.  Wow, that seems old.  No offense to any of you, but it's weird for me to think that my big brother would have been 34.  He was only 22 when he passed away, and now to think, where has all of the time gone? 

I wonder if he would have been married by now, kids, job, living out his dreams, what part of the country would he be living in, who would he have voted for in the election?  Sadly, we will never know any of those things.  But the things I do know is that he was the most tender-hearted person that you would have ever known, he genuinely loved people, you could see his soul by looking into his eyes, and he was an incredible person that the world lost way too early. 

I know God has a plan, and sometimes we don't know the reason certain things happen, and I am okay with that.  I am not sure I want to know the reason why my brother died.  I just know that I serve a loving God and I am trying my best to show Him to others every single day, and I am learning to enjoy every single day that He gives me on this earth. 

This quote is on my brother's headstone, and it is very fitting for him.

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, 
perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  
Let him step to the music which he hears;
however measured or far away." 
Henry David Thoreau

Happy Birthday, Andy...

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Couple of Days in Oregon

I figured it was about time to share some pictures of our West Coast adventure with you all.  I uploaded some on Facebook, so if you want to see more...befriend me...Kate May-Ferguson.

I seriously took over 500 pictures, and it's hard to narrow them down!  After looking through all of them again, I am amazed at the magnificent beauty God created.  Without further ado...Oregon...

Driving down the road

We spent Sunday at Ekola State Park








That's pretty much it for the first couple of days in Oregon.  My camera battery died on Sunday we had to search everywhere for a charger for it.  My camera does not use rechargable double A's, I have some fancy schmancy battery, that cost us $50.00 to buy another charger for it.  Sorry Eric!  Note to self, no matter how charged you think the battery is-always bring the charger!