Monday, January 12, 2009

...and its been awhile...

well, when i started this blog i had really good intentions of keeping up with it, but it seems that i have not done so. but i feel a resurgence of wanting to keep it up. so here we go, and hopefully it works. for all the 2 people out there who read it, my mom, and a friend :)

a recap of 2008-

december went by rather quickly for us. we went to new york to visit my mom and step-dad for thanksgiving, and when we got back from that, it seemed like time flew. then it was christmas. we got molly a kitchen set for christmas, and it has been so much fun watching her play, explore, and discover all the ins and outs of playing with it. she is so much fun! and of course we got her a pink soccer ball. she is so cute kicking it. she tries to kick it to the cat, but of course he is terrified of it. it is a mini one, but it is still the size of him. we rang in the new year in ferguson tradition, eric asleep and me watching the ball drop. we aren't much of a party type of family :)

now it is the end of jan, and the time keeps on flying by. molly is growing so much, and still is awesome. at least i think so. she loves to dance, eat, talk, laugh, sing, play her keyboard, and try and pick up the cat. much to his dismay, he allows her to pick him up. we transitioned from two naps to one, which has been very difficult. i am not sure she was officially ready, but we figured it would still be okay. then she got sick, now she is getting more teeth, and falls asleep in the car all the time. so this one nap thing is really sucking right now. i am lucky if she sleeps for an hour each day. so anyone with advice-please tell me!

the ridge is doing awesome. i truly feel God when i walk in there every week. so many people have been praying for the ridge, and i can feel it. i am so proud and humbled to be a part of an awesome church that is doing God's work. everyone there is honestly trying to love God and love people. and it shows! i love everyone there!

i am on my last class for school, hooray! i am starting to see clients. i have to see a total of 25, and i have completed 2, and i am now seeing 5 more. i think if i can, depending on the volunteers, i am going to try and see 5 clients at a time. i have not done the math or anything, but am just praying this all works out, so i will be finished by aug. 8th. that is molly's 2nd birthday and that has been my goal all along. so please pray i make it!

well speaking of school, i need to go read. molly actually is asleep, so i need to take advantage of this time. love to you all!