Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Month to Live...

At The Ridge we are doing a series called "One Month to Live." It has been really good so far. I have had a lot to think about, and wonder, and ask myself. So, if I had 30 days to live, what would I do differently, how would I live, basically-how would I spend my last 30 days here on earth? It is a hard question to fully answer because I am not in that situation, praise the Lord, and I am not feeling all of the emotions that people who are in that situation are feeling. But still thinking about it is very important. I would like to think I would travel, see places I have always wanted to see, eat whatever I want, spend all my time with Eric and Molly. Then I kind of got past the obvious answers, and honestly, some of the selfish answers, and asked myself-how do I want to be remembered? What do I want Molly to say about her mom? What would Eric say at my funeral, or to people who did not know me. Who would come to my funeral? I know these sound morbid, but you all have to think about it. Who have I impacted? Who is a Christian because of me? Or has decided to investigate Jesus more because of me?

More importantly when I get to heaven, is God going to look at me and say, "who are you again?" "What have you done?"

All of these questions have been running through my head. And trying to answer some of them is really scary.

The other day while Molls and I were watching Veggie Tales, one of the characters said something to the effect of this: "...if you want to hear well done, good and faithful servant, you have to do what the Lord asks of you..."

How true is that? How many times do we say we are going to live for God, go all out for God, get wrecked for Jesus, and then the next morning we start livin' for ourselves again. I am there, I am as guilty as the next. But this time, with 30 days to live, I am going to try and change, because some day I want my kids to brag about me to their kids.