Saturday, March 28, 2009

trying to keep up

So, for awhile now I have been trying to keep up with 2 blogs. One for our ministry, and one for myself. When I started this whole blogging thing I thought it would be fun, easy, and a good outlet for my random, silly stories. But it has been a lot harder then I thought. So I have come to a fork in the I keep this blog?

I have been deliberating back and forth for a while now, and I think I am going to try and keep it. I made it all pretty today, and gave it a unique style, all its own. So hopefully this inspires me to keep up with it. It's not that I don't want to write, it's just that sometimes by the time I have a moment to sit down and write, I would rather sleep or watch TV.

But I am now going to try and make a commitment to writing/updating it at least once a week from here on out, or until I don't update it anymore. I love reading other people's blogs, so hopefully mine can be a good one for you to read too.

Happy Saturday!

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