Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, The Ridge put on an Easter Egg Hunt. It wasn't your typical hunt, but all the kids had fun. Up here in Wisconsin it could still snow in April, in fact it did this weekend! So we can't do a typical egg hunt where you throw the eggs out in the yard and let the kids find them. So we do a "game themed" egg day. We rented a school, had inflatables in the gym, and tons of games/activities in the cafeteria. The egg hunt was an ongoing, caged in event. It was Molly's favorite activity, and then she loved the bowling game next. I volunteered to work some different areas, and Eric was the designated Molly watcher. Here are few photos of her at the festivities!

And I swear, she is NOT picking her nose in the first one! :)

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Unknown said...

We had an egg hunt onn Sunday at my church. We were able to have it outside. Kyndra got like 3 eggs and then started picking dandelions.