Friday, April 10, 2009

Love and Logic

So I just started reading, "Parenting with Love & Logic." It is very good so far, and I agree with everything that they have said. The Mom'n'Tots group that Molly and I attend just started doing a 3 session presentation all on Love and Logic parenting. I really like it. Our doctor told us at Molly's 18 month check-up that we should read it. Our wonderful daughter has a very strong will, and we were concerned about the terrible two's with her. Dr. Young said she used it when her kids were younger, and now that they are teenagers, she still uses the methods.

I also find it encouraging that I am doing just about everything with Molly that I have read so far out of the book. The whole love and logic concept is to give your kids choices, so they learn how to problem solve. Sometimes I think Molly is too young for choices, or she does not understand. But for the past couple of months we have been giving her more choices and it is really funny to see her choose. Everyday she can choose what she wants to eat for breakfast. Nine times out of ten she chooses Cheerios, but today she chose something totally different. So it would be real easy for me to always pour the Cheerios for her before she even gets up, but as we saw today, I am so glad we let her choose.

The book talks about different parenting styles, and obviously their style of love and logic is best. Like I said, I just started the book, and so far so good. This my book recommendation to you all.


Unknown said...

That sounds like an interesting book.

Unknown said...

Hey I got your gift in the mail today. Thank you! You did a great job and I really love that verse!

Molly's Grandma said...

I, too, was blessed with a strong-willed daughter and I think she turned out pretty good! Just think someday Molly might even ask you for advice for her very own "strong-willed" teachable two.
I love you,