Sunday, May 31, 2009

Molly's New Ride

Here is Molly's new ride! We have been in the market for a new stroller for some time now. We are both (Eric and I) so picky, and have looked for ever! This is also our problem with buying a house, but that's a whole different post. So after traveling all over SE Wisconsin, we finally ordered one we had never seen in person, never test drove, and have never bought anything from this brand before. But we love it!
It's from Baby-Planet, and it's one of their endangered species lines. In this line they have five endangered species that you can get their stroller, and money will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation to help preserve these animals natural habitats, and also help save the animals. What a cool idea!
So when Eric first told me that he ordered a leopard print stroller, I was thinking in my head- "Are you kidding me?!" On the outside I said, "wow, how nice, I can't wait to see it." But then he told me the story behind it all, and I calmed down a little, then I was so anxious to see this leopard print stroller that he ordered, all by himself.
Our big thing was whatever we got had to be gender neutral, so when I heard leopard print, I thought old lady'ish, or gaudy. But actually the snow leopard is pretty trendy. Really trendy here in Milwaukee, because most people here are 15-20 years behind the times, seriously, not even kidding. 80's hair bands sell out before John Mayer, or anyone else. Seriously, Bon Jovi is like a God up here, well we (me) like him a lot in my house too.
Back to the stroller...go to their website, read all about them, and see what other cool things they have. But honestly, this stroller is the nicest and sturdiest we have seen by far, so I highly recommend it! Well, I haven't exactly used it yet, but I am sure once I do, I will highly recommend it!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Anniversary Date

This my fantabulous husband, Eric. He took me out on a wonderful date last night for our 4 year anniversary. We had so much fun. We ate at P.F. Changs, yum! We dined on lettuce wraps for an appetizer, shared a chicken/broccoli meal, then shared the great wall of chocolate. Seriously, it is a wall, 6 layers of chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and choc. chips lining the back of it.
Well, of course we had to take a picture with this one too. She did great for our babysitter, which I love to hear.

Okay, so maybe one more with her too. We couldn't resist.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Day

For Today's Walk Down Memory Lane it only seems fitting to talk about my wedding day, since tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary. My wedding was pretty plain, nothing too fancy, nothing too extravagant, just two kids, madly in love, making a lifelong commitment to God, and our families. Let me back the train up just a little bit. It all started when...

I was in third grade, my friend invited me to go to church with her. My church I guess was too boring for her to come to, so I agreed to go with her. I met this boy there, he was in fourth grade, and I went home and told my parents that night I was going to marry him. Clearly they thought I was delusional, I must have drank the kool-aid at church, and just laughed. I was dead serious, I knew I was going to become Mrs. Eric Ferguson, some day.

Fast forward to middle school, by this time my parents were attending the church that my friend invited me to, see it was cooler then ours, and Eric still did not like me. I did everything to annoy him, I mean show him my love, and he still dissed me. Eric would tell his mom how much he did not like me, I would tell my mom how madly in love I was with him.

Fast forward to the Summer of '99...a lot had changed in both of our lives, my brother had died the summer before, and Eric actually was with me at church camp when I got the news, he even came to the hospital 2 hours from our house to visit me. But he still was holding strong with how much I annoyed him, and wouldn't leave him alone.

Well friends that Summer of '99, hook, line, and sinker, I finally caught him. We have been together ever since.

Now, it's our wedding day! I wanted to marry Eric when I was 15, so waiting until I was 21 felt like an eternity. Our wedding was fine, it rained really hard in the morning, then the sun came out and it was nice the rest of the day. My dad couldn't find his pants, Eric's grandma was late to the wedding, and I was clearly oblivious to it all, because I was so excited to finally become Mrs. Eric Ferguson. I slept great the night before, and I wasn't nervous at all. Our youth minister performed our wedding, well now he is a Sr. Minister, and is our best friend. But he was the one in charge of us back in third and fourth grade. We laughed a lot during the wedding, and a lot of stories were shared. The only "unplanned" thing that happened was our unity candle didn't light, to which I looked at the minister and said "does that mean we aren't united?!" Maybe I was a little nervous. Then when Eric kissed me, he pulled my vail out, and all I could think was, "I hope all of my hair does not come down with it!"

Now fast forward 4 years down the road...we are still married, have a beautiful daughter, serving God together, and looking forward to the next 4 years, and all of the years to come after that.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Random, I know

Does anyone else feel like it's Sunday?! Or is it just me?! Seriously, I was watching TV, and a show came on and I honestly thought, weird, that's usually on Monday night. Hello, it is Monday! My word!

Anyways, have a good rest of your Monday that's left! I put up some new pics of Molls here...

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! This is a not so good picture of Molly, but it will due. Great Aunt Charleen got this outfit for Molly, and she wore it to church yesterday. So that's one reason for the not so good pic, she is at church playing for almost 4 hours, and is always tired when we get home. So that's why she looks in a zone, and part of her hair is messed up. Poor kid!
Happy Memorial Day, again! Today is a day to honor our Veterans. I really try and say thank you to anyone who has/is serving, and to their families. Soldiers make a huge sacrifice, and risk everything to keep us safe, and I think we take it for granted a lot of times. Sometimes we get caught up in politics of war, and seem to forget that we still have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, we are able to blog everyday-without worry of the government shutting us down! Well, I am sure there are some blogs, but that's a whole nother thing!
My Grandfather served in WWII, and before he left he built a dining room table, 4 chairs, and a huge buffet for my Grandma. He did this so if he died, she would have something to remember him by. What a bittersweet gift. I have those two pieces of furniture. We eat off the table everyday, and the buffet holds some of our most precious pictures, and other things that matter to us. I see my freedom everyday.
So this Memorial Day, take time to honor our Veterans, even if you take a moment of silence in the bathroom, is that possible with kids?! But truly, lets remember all the ones who have made this country better because of their sacrifice! Have a great holiday, wonderful cook-outs, and lots of family time!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My New Fav

This is probably my new favorite picture of Molly! Well at least for today :) This was taken when we went to visit Grandma in New York. My step-dad took it from the bottom of the slide, and I think it turned out great!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I want to share with you all the most encouraging event I have ever been to. It was last year, right about this time, Eric and I were invited to attend a church planters weekend in Indianapolis. Long story short, a church in Indy, East 91st helped start our church here in Milwaukee, The Ridge. East 91st has started over 50 churches in last couple decades. This is a mighty thing to do, they not only help financially, but with everything else you need too. They are wonderful! This conference was mainly for the lead pastors of the churches they have planted, but our lead pastor, Mark was unable to attend, so he asked if Eric and I would go. We said yes.

Now this was the first time we ever left Molly for longer then a couple of hours, but we all did great. Eric's mom drove half-way and met us. So Molly got to stay the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa in Ohio. Molly was only 9 months old, but she did wonderful. I am not even sure she knew we were gone. And I did great too. We were so busy, that I hardly had a chance to sit and worry. Plus there was a couple there from Canada and their little girl was running everywhere, and just being a toddler, so it made me way thankful for grandparents, and the ones who were watching our Molly.

We got there Friday afternoon, knowing no one, not even a single soul. Eric is the very outgoing one in our relationship, so he had no problem walking into a room of strangers, but I hung back a little bit more. I didn't have to hang back too long though. Seriously when we walked through the door people at the church were falling all over themselves to welcome us, they knew our names, thanked us for all our hard work, and were hugging us. Wow! Talk about a welcome. Everyone there totally got the royal treatment.

We met so many great people, had wonderful speakers, a great night of worship, and on Saturday night they gave us all money to go have a date with our spouse. Score! It was awesome. We were able to meet up with our best friends who lived near Indy, and we went out with them. The whole weekend was not great, our wonderful car decided to break, so we had to rely on other people to get us around, and that was hard and humbling all at the same time. But we made it through, the car got fixed, and we made it back home.

Then on Sunday morning we all got to represent our churches in the 3 services they had. We all lined up like cattle, and paraded in and waved, then walked out. It was so much fun. I loved every minute of it. I was so PROUD to be representing our church, I cried every time we walked up there. People were standing up clapping, yelling for us, and just genuinely showed they cared. Most of these people have never heard of the churches that their church helped plant, but in that one moment, they got to be apart of our church, and they were proud too.

We met so many wonderful planters, heard awesome stories, got to meet the next set of planters, and just had an awesome, God filled time. It was so encouraging to be there. I felt guilty at times because we aren't the lead pastors of our church, and I felt like I was taking all the glory for something I didn't do. But after talking with out lead pastor, he made feel like I did deserve it, and it was okay to feel encouraged, and proud.

This was a great opportunity for Eric and I meet other people who share the same passion as us, and also to reconnect as a couple on a whole new level. Plus, after moving here with a 2 month old, staying inside ALL winter with over 100 inches of snow, it was so nice to get out and feel encouraged.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 Little Questions...

This is the book that I am currently reading, and let me tell you, I love it! I am not the type of person you would call a "reader." I know how to, and sometimes enjoy it, but I would rather do something else then read. But for some reason (obviously a God reason) this book caught my eye in a clearance bin at a Christian bookstore. I thought the cover looked pretty, and it was only $2.99. I am always a sucker for cheap and pretty. So I started reading it, and I haven't been able to put it down. It is by Dannah Gresh, who along with her husband founded Pure Freedom. It is a ministry that talks a lot about modesty, being a woman of God, and has a lot of great info for moms and daughters. I have only spent a couple brief minutes looking at her website, and I highly recommend it. Especially for moms with tweens and teens!
Back to the book...I am almost finished with it and it has totally changed my outlook on my priorities. I would love to think I know what order my priorities should be in, and that I actually practice that order, but I don't. I know in my head what I should be doing, and when I should be doing it, but I have no follow through. It's like Paul, when he says I know what I should, yet I am not doing it.
The book is broken into 4 parts, and it is an easy, quick, yet powerful read. I love her writing style, because it is realistic, it's like talking to a girlfriend while you read it. She is the first to point out her mistakes, not just yours, and she is very helpful on how to get back on track with your priorities. This lady went from making millions to being in huge debt, starting a Christian school and having nothing, to now, I think she is doing just fine.
I don't want to give it all away, but it is a good read, and a great investment in your spiritual journey. If nothing else, check out her website, and have a look around.

My Blue Eyed Girl

Please tell me how you resist those blue eyes, really? I know I can't! She pretty much had no hope since both her parents have blue eyes, and blonde/reddish (Daddy) hair. This is my beautiful, blessing from God. Hopefully soon she will have a brother/sister to share the spotlight with (big smile). Well this is all I have for right now, during nap time, I am planning on posting about this wonderful book I am reading. It's all about your priorities, and 5 little questions that reveal God's plan for you. It's really good! And if I am saying that, because I rarely ever read, then it must be good! Until then, please jump over to our family blog and see our latest list of prayer requests, and more importantly, please share your requests with us! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Look what I found...

Today Eric wonderfully allowed me to go to Goodwill. Not that I needed his permission, but he did stay in the car with a sleeping Molly. So I was able to go in by myself! I felt like I could stay in there for days, but I was able to limit myself! I love Goodwill, not only for their mission to the community, but for the great deals to be found there! I am not that person that usually finds the great deals, or gets like a million things for ten bucks. My mother-in-law is that person, not me. She always finds a great deal somewhere. But today was my day, look what I found at Goodwill...I know, for real?! I was so excited! They are brand new, from Target, they were $3.99, and they are my size! I have big feet, yes, I do. I wear a size 10 shoe, and I have since I was in fifth grade. It is so hard to find cute shoes in big sizes! But these are perfect. I love that they look like boat shoes, but they are pink! Now they thick on the inside, so they will be perfect for the Wisconsin winters here, so I will have to admire them until about October. But that won't stop me from wearing them around the house, to break them in, of course.

I also got a polo shirt, tank-top, and cute skirt for Molly. I was so excited. Then through the front window I saw Eric's head poking out from the car window, that was my cue that the Molly was awake, and time for me to go.

Go out and support your local Goodwill! They do wonderful things!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

101 About Me

Here is a list of 101 facts about me...

1. I was born Feb.19, 1984
2. I grew up in Findlay, OH
3. I lived in the same house from when I was born, until I got married
4. I have an older brother
5. I have always had a cat
6. I graduated High School in 2002
7. I hate balloons, seriously, I do
8. I still have my first car that I got when I was 16
9. My brother died when I was 14
10. Aug. 19 will mark my 1o year anniversary of my first date with my husband
11. Eric and I never broke up while dating, once we started, we never stopped
12. My first job was working at the Yogurt Parlor
13. I really didn't like High School, and I would never want to go back
14. I played sports growing up
15. When I was in third grade, I was the only girl that played on a boys baseball team
16. My dad might have been a little bit embarrassed of #15
17. Adrienne has been my best friend since I was 5
18. I went to Johnson Bible College
19. I would move back to Knoxville in a heartbeat
20. I lived in Cincinnati
21. I love my mother-in-law, we are really close
22. I love reading blogs, and could spend hours upon hours reading them
23. I love my husband beyond words, and looking at him still makes me feel giddy
24. I am a Pastor's Wife, and love it
25. Ministry is a lot harder then I ever thought it would be
26. Ministry is a lot more rewarding then I ever thought it would be
27. I have gone without cable for almost 2 years
28. I have survived without cable-something I thought I wouldn't be able to do
29. I stay at home with my wonderful Molly
30. I miss my brother everyday
31. I will graduate this summer with my Master's in Counseling
32. One of my heroes is Ruth Graham
33. I would love to meet Perry Noble one day, and get my picture with him
34. I would love to be best friends with everyone
35. I am a pretty open person, and will probably tell you my life story within the first five minutes of meeting you
36. I love Jesus with ALL of my heart
37. I was baptized when I was 13 at Round Lake Christian Assembly
38. I love church camp, I would live there year round
39. One of my goals is to see all of my kids baptized and be followers of Jesus
40. I used to teach kindergarten
41. I am trying to read the Bible in one year
42. Our first ministry was a huge learning experience
43. I love that blogging has brought so many people together
44. I love dressing Molly up in cute outfits
45. I love when Molly and I dress alike, or match in some way
46. I love it even more when the whole family matches, this rarely happens
47. I watch the Today show every morning
48. I drink 2 cups of coffee everyday, no more, no less
49. I love watching all of the Law and Orders
50. I love American Idol
51. My favorite Bible verse is Ex. 14:14
52. I can't wait to have my own counseling practice, and help others
53. My husband is cheap, which can be annoying but it's good for our budget
54. I live in Wisconsin
55. We moved here when Molly was 8 weeks old
56. We sold our house in one day, thank you Jesus!
57. While our stuff was in a moving truck, Eric and I slept on the floor of our empty house, but we had a great time, and made wonderful memories
58. My daughter was born on Aug. 8, 2007
59. My water broke on a Monday and she was born Wed. night, tell me about it!
60. Molly was a big baby-she gained 4 pounds in her first 2 weeks of life
61. She is still a little bit on the big side, but she is healthy!
62. I hate when people would tell me when she was a baby that she was huge, fat, or ask if my doctor knew she was that big
63. I have a cat named Billy
64. Eric bought him for me for my birthday
65. Eric and I will be married 4 years on May 28
66. I got married when I was 21
67. I love fresh flowers
68. I would love to have a garden some day
69. I hope the people who mean the most to me know who they are
70. I talk to my mom everyday on the phone
71. I love texting
72. I fall asleep to the TV every night
73. I am a lot more laid back being a mom then I ever thought I would be
74. When I see people get baptized I cry, all the time
75. I get choked up very easily, over silly things mainly
76. I love when Molly wakes up and is so happy in the mornings
77. I wouldn't trade my life for anything
78. I believe in miracles
79. If Eric and I have a girl next we will name her Lyla May
80. No one can take that name! :)
81. I love Facebook
82. I want to be a reader, I wish I couldn't put books down
83. I listen to books on CD when I travel
84. I am a night owl and my husband is the early riser
85. Everyday on our honeymoon he would wake me up at 6am
86. I am a little naive about life sometimes
87. I still think ignorance is bliss
88. I really don't like going to the movie theater
89. I miss our first house back in Cincinnati
90. I miss out friends back there
91. I love our friends here
92. I love my church- The Ridge Community Church
93. I know God works in mysterious ways, look at my life
94. I love hearing how people became followers of Jesus
95. Someone should start a "button" for that and people can blog about their Spiritual journeys
96. I really love living in Milwaukee
97. Friday Night Lights is one of my ALL-time favorite shows
98. I also LOVE Gilmore Girls
99. Molly Ann has my heart forever
100. Eric is the love of my life
101. Jesus is my Saviour


I am new to Wednesday Walk Down Memory Lane, but here goes nothing...

Four years ago today I graduated college. It was Friday, May 13, and we were graduating, Johnson Bible College, Class of 2005. Funny that a Bible College would have graduation on Friday the 13th, but even funnier that my mailbox number in college was 666. Not even kidding!

I sat next to two of my best friends, Jeremy on one side and Martha on the other. We were in the "M" section, since my maiden name is May. We all were graduating with double majors in Bible and Counseling. We had shared a lot. Johnson Bible College (JBC) is in Knoxville, TN, placed right on the side of a mountain, overlooking the city, and is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The first time I went to visit, I just knew I was going to attend college there. That was the only school I applied to, and got accepted early. I was so excited in fact that I graduated in three years with a Bachelor's degree. A lot more went into the early graduation thing, but I am still pretty proud of myself.

JBC is small, and considered a private college, but it had so much diversity. I went to school with missionaries, inner-city kids, kids like me, and kids who have so much musical and speaking talents that I am still amazed by them. We went to chapel 4 days a week, because we did not have school on Monday. We just had four day weeks, and it was great. I was seven hours from home and loved it! I also went with my best friend, and my boyfriend (now husband) was there too.

Fast forward to graduation...We were the first class to have graduation off campus, and I didn't mind. Some people made a stink about it, but doing it this way meant all our families could come and see us. I remember when we were practicing telling myself, don't trip, don't trip! Then what do you say to the President of the school, thank you, not say anything, all of these thoughts raced through my mind!

Well graduation went off without a hitch, I got my diploma, got a little recognition for graduating early (thanks Dr. Beam), and then I got married two weeks later, went on a honeymoon, then moved to Cincinnati for our first ministry.

A lot has changed in four years, marriage, had a baby, moved to another state, then another state, I am back in school going to graduate this summer with a master's in Counseling, then who knows what. The one that has stayed constant is my faith and trust in God. I thank him (not enough) for my time at JBC, I have wonderful memories there, and I love it so much!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I love coming to my mom's house, for obvious reasons, but one reason is that she has these quotes all over her house. I don't know the authors, but I wanted to share some with you anyways...

"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

"Faith is when you close your eyes and open your heart."

"Mothers hold their children's hands for awhile but their hearts forever."

"Faith is not believing God can- it is knowing that He will."

"We plan, God laughs."

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles."

And then she has the word Believe plastered all over her house. That is her favorite word! It is everywhere! I have to admit, I love reading it. It helps me to remember to believe, and have faith always. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A little bragging

So I would just like to take a few minutes and brag about my wonderful husband, Eric. I am at my mom's house for a Mother's Day surprise visit, and what comes in the mail today?! Two cards from Eric! He remembered to send me cards for Mother's Day even though I am gone, and he will see me Monday. I really wasn't expecting anything, and I was totally fine with not having anything, but he surprised me!

I love him so much! I can't wait to open them tomorrow and read what he wrote in them. I know one is from Molly, and I am sure she signed it before we left, hehe! Luckily Daddy was able to send it for her :)

I think we do not give our husbands enough credit sometimes, so look for something "good" that your husband does, and make sure you brag about him, and make sure he hears about it!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Now that I have your attention! Molly and I boarded a plane yesterday morning and flew to New York to surprise my mom, and Molly's Grandmom for Mother's Day. This trip has been planned for over two months, and with every passing day, it was harder to keep it a secret. My mom and I talk everyday on the phone, some days multiple times. I almost slipped so many times, but caught myself!

After scheming with my step-dad, Phil, we came up with a plan for her to have Wednesday afternoon, and all day Thursday and Friday off. He told her he was taking her to lunch on Wednesday and then they were going to fly to NYC for a weekend visit. This is not out of the ordinary for them, so she went along. But low and behold when he came to pick her up for lunch, Molly and I were there to yell surprise! So after Grandma showed Molly off to all of the ladies at work, and some very fun guys, we left to start a weekend of Mother's Day fun.

Molly and I are here until Monday afternoon. I know we will be having a lot of fun while we are here, and we will probably do some shopping too! Make sure you do something nice for your Mom on Mother's Day, and also for any woman who has been there for you, encouraged you, and invested in you. So here's to all the ladies out there that I love...Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting to Know You

Thanks to Holly I started reading Lynnette Kraft's blog. She has a feature called, "Getting to Know You." You can sign up to be a featured blogger, and show other people your 5 favorite blogs too. Maybe I will be featured, and maybe you will be too under my faves!

Go to her site-see Lynnette Kraft under the blogs I follow and click on "Getting To Know You" and sign up too!

Have fun!

Something From the Heart

So I am always thinking of a really cool story to blog about, or something really smart, and people will say, "wow, that chick is smart." But then when I start to really think about it, it kinda goes no where. Or at least no where cool. But I have had something on my heart for like 2 weeks now, and I have no clue where this post is going to go today, or if it will make sense, but I just have to write it, to get it out of my mind and put it in your heart.

I have been thinking a lot about Satan, and his lies he tells us. He is constantly whispering in my ear, and if you listen closely, he is in your ear too. There have been a couple of his lies that really stand out in my life right now, so please let me reveal them to you.

Lie #1- You need another baby...well we do want another baby, and trust me, I wish I already had another one, and maybe working on #3 right now, we just aren't in the position for another one. I am almost finished with grad school, and Eric is only a year into our new ministry. So I have been praying long and hard for contentment since about Molly's first birthday, I just want to be happy with our family of three right now. And trust me, I am. I love the 3 of us! We are a good team, and I relish all of the time I get to spend with Molly one-on-one. But deep, really deep down inside, I get jealous of other moms with 2 or 3 kids. I wish it was me, I wish I was the one feeling a baby move inside me. I am the one who loves to be pregnant, I don't care about stretch marks, and good thing because I have plenty! When I hear moms complain about pregnancy or their kids, I want to scream, give them to me! I want another one! Our neighbor is pregnant with her third and they live in a 2 bedroom apartment just like us, and they are totally fine with being cramped. I want to be cramped too! Well not really, but if it means a baby then hmmm....

Lie #2- You need a new house, new car, etc...This one is difficult for me because I feel like I am the guilty party. I love staying at home and I would live in an apartment for years to be able to stay at home. But when it comes to finances and houses, cars, etc...I feel like I am the one holding us back. I clearly make no money, and I am okay with that. I am giving Molly what I want to give her, a mom, at home day in and day out. But I still feel guilty deep down. This guilt goes beyond buying a house, when I hear Eric tell people we can't afford something, the guilt hits. Eric and I both love that I stay at home, but it does come with a price.

Lie #3-You need to be a better mom...So here's the deal, don't hate me-I love being a mom, but sometimes I don't like it! I love Molly, I would do ANYTHING for her (within moral reasoning), but sometimes I need a break, or I am going to lose it. I don't think enough moms say this, or even say it out loud. Sometimes I do feel like a bad mom because I snap at my precious girl, but I am human, and we all have our breaking points. But sometimes I feel like if I say this to my husband, then he may think I am crazy, shouldn't be at home all day, or more then likely I am being dramatic. Which sometimes I am dramatic, but I do need a break! Taking a break from being a mom sometimes makes me feel guilty. Like I should be spending every waking moment with her, or taking advantage of our time together before another little one comes along.

So here is what I have concluded and I am telling Satan, first off, take your lies and shove it. I am a child of God, and whom shall I fear? No one! Exodus 14:14 clearly states, "He will fight for you." So here I am, standing on the front lines, with God, and we are fighting off Satan's lies.

Second off, I need to build myself, and my family up, so we don't have any reason to believe Satan's lies. Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Let me say it again with another verse, Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

So here is my final conclusion, I believe these verses whole heartedly. I know God will bless us with another child, in his timing, not mine, I know we will eventually buy a house, in his timing, not ours, and the money will be there to do so. And lastly, I know I am a good mom. I know that Molly is a true blessing from God, all kids are, and I know that it is okay to say I need a break, and I shouldn't feel guilty for it.

So friends, I don't know what lies Satan is telling you today, but ignore them, put your trust, faith, and hope in the Almighty and stand a little taller, because today you are fighting in the Lord's army.