Wednesday, May 13, 2009

101 About Me

Here is a list of 101 facts about me...

1. I was born Feb.19, 1984
2. I grew up in Findlay, OH
3. I lived in the same house from when I was born, until I got married
4. I have an older brother
5. I have always had a cat
6. I graduated High School in 2002
7. I hate balloons, seriously, I do
8. I still have my first car that I got when I was 16
9. My brother died when I was 14
10. Aug. 19 will mark my 1o year anniversary of my first date with my husband
11. Eric and I never broke up while dating, once we started, we never stopped
12. My first job was working at the Yogurt Parlor
13. I really didn't like High School, and I would never want to go back
14. I played sports growing up
15. When I was in third grade, I was the only girl that played on a boys baseball team
16. My dad might have been a little bit embarrassed of #15
17. Adrienne has been my best friend since I was 5
18. I went to Johnson Bible College
19. I would move back to Knoxville in a heartbeat
20. I lived in Cincinnati
21. I love my mother-in-law, we are really close
22. I love reading blogs, and could spend hours upon hours reading them
23. I love my husband beyond words, and looking at him still makes me feel giddy
24. I am a Pastor's Wife, and love it
25. Ministry is a lot harder then I ever thought it would be
26. Ministry is a lot more rewarding then I ever thought it would be
27. I have gone without cable for almost 2 years
28. I have survived without cable-something I thought I wouldn't be able to do
29. I stay at home with my wonderful Molly
30. I miss my brother everyday
31. I will graduate this summer with my Master's in Counseling
32. One of my heroes is Ruth Graham
33. I would love to meet Perry Noble one day, and get my picture with him
34. I would love to be best friends with everyone
35. I am a pretty open person, and will probably tell you my life story within the first five minutes of meeting you
36. I love Jesus with ALL of my heart
37. I was baptized when I was 13 at Round Lake Christian Assembly
38. I love church camp, I would live there year round
39. One of my goals is to see all of my kids baptized and be followers of Jesus
40. I used to teach kindergarten
41. I am trying to read the Bible in one year
42. Our first ministry was a huge learning experience
43. I love that blogging has brought so many people together
44. I love dressing Molly up in cute outfits
45. I love when Molly and I dress alike, or match in some way
46. I love it even more when the whole family matches, this rarely happens
47. I watch the Today show every morning
48. I drink 2 cups of coffee everyday, no more, no less
49. I love watching all of the Law and Orders
50. I love American Idol
51. My favorite Bible verse is Ex. 14:14
52. I can't wait to have my own counseling practice, and help others
53. My husband is cheap, which can be annoying but it's good for our budget
54. I live in Wisconsin
55. We moved here when Molly was 8 weeks old
56. We sold our house in one day, thank you Jesus!
57. While our stuff was in a moving truck, Eric and I slept on the floor of our empty house, but we had a great time, and made wonderful memories
58. My daughter was born on Aug. 8, 2007
59. My water broke on a Monday and she was born Wed. night, tell me about it!
60. Molly was a big baby-she gained 4 pounds in her first 2 weeks of life
61. She is still a little bit on the big side, but she is healthy!
62. I hate when people would tell me when she was a baby that she was huge, fat, or ask if my doctor knew she was that big
63. I have a cat named Billy
64. Eric bought him for me for my birthday
65. Eric and I will be married 4 years on May 28
66. I got married when I was 21
67. I love fresh flowers
68. I would love to have a garden some day
69. I hope the people who mean the most to me know who they are
70. I talk to my mom everyday on the phone
71. I love texting
72. I fall asleep to the TV every night
73. I am a lot more laid back being a mom then I ever thought I would be
74. When I see people get baptized I cry, all the time
75. I get choked up very easily, over silly things mainly
76. I love when Molly wakes up and is so happy in the mornings
77. I wouldn't trade my life for anything
78. I believe in miracles
79. If Eric and I have a girl next we will name her Lyla May
80. No one can take that name! :)
81. I love Facebook
82. I want to be a reader, I wish I couldn't put books down
83. I listen to books on CD when I travel
84. I am a night owl and my husband is the early riser
85. Everyday on our honeymoon he would wake me up at 6am
86. I am a little naive about life sometimes
87. I still think ignorance is bliss
88. I really don't like going to the movie theater
89. I miss our first house back in Cincinnati
90. I miss out friends back there
91. I love our friends here
92. I love my church- The Ridge Community Church
93. I know God works in mysterious ways, look at my life
94. I love hearing how people became followers of Jesus
95. Someone should start a "button" for that and people can blog about their Spiritual journeys
96. I really love living in Milwaukee
97. Friday Night Lights is one of my ALL-time favorite shows
98. I also LOVE Gilmore Girls
99. Molly Ann has my heart forever
100. Eric is the love of my life
101. Jesus is my Saviour


Unknown said...

I'm glad to learn more about you!! It was interesting!! Thanks!

September said...

I enjoyed reading your 101 things about you. And I sooo love your baby girl name- Lyla May. Beautiful... maybe some day you will be able to use it!! And - I hate balloons too! I don't even allow my children to play with them, or bring any home from a party. LOL.. Thanks for posting today- that was fun!

Mom Putnam said...

isn't it fun to try and think of things to write and reading yours was fun plus made me think my list could have been longer. haha