Sunday, May 31, 2009

Molly's New Ride

Here is Molly's new ride! We have been in the market for a new stroller for some time now. We are both (Eric and I) so picky, and have looked for ever! This is also our problem with buying a house, but that's a whole different post. So after traveling all over SE Wisconsin, we finally ordered one we had never seen in person, never test drove, and have never bought anything from this brand before. But we love it!
It's from Baby-Planet, and it's one of their endangered species lines. In this line they have five endangered species that you can get their stroller, and money will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation to help preserve these animals natural habitats, and also help save the animals. What a cool idea!
So when Eric first told me that he ordered a leopard print stroller, I was thinking in my head- "Are you kidding me?!" On the outside I said, "wow, how nice, I can't wait to see it." But then he told me the story behind it all, and I calmed down a little, then I was so anxious to see this leopard print stroller that he ordered, all by himself.
Our big thing was whatever we got had to be gender neutral, so when I heard leopard print, I thought old lady'ish, or gaudy. But actually the snow leopard is pretty trendy. Really trendy here in Milwaukee, because most people here are 15-20 years behind the times, seriously, not even kidding. 80's hair bands sell out before John Mayer, or anyone else. Seriously, Bon Jovi is like a God up here, well we (me) like him a lot in my house too.
Back to the stroller...go to their website, read all about them, and see what other cool things they have. But honestly, this stroller is the nicest and sturdiest we have seen by far, so I highly recommend it! Well, I haven't exactly used it yet, but I am sure once I do, I will highly recommend it!


Unknown said...

Nice cheetah print!!!

Mom Putnam said...

I am sure she will be setting a new trend now, all the babies will HAVE to have one!!!!LOL

Kristin said...

Animal prints are all trendy here in TX....I used to hate them, but now I love them....I'm easily swayed, I guess! LOL!

Thanks so much for your comment about One Prayer....that is so awesome that your church raised that much money! What kinds of things did y'all do last year? I just think it sounds so neat and I can't wait to participate in it!!

Also, thanks so much for your encouragement and your loving words....I'm so glad we've become friends through this blogging thing! :)

Molly's Grandma said...

I can't wait to hear how Molly likes her new ride! You'll have to post a picture of her in the stroller.

Veronica said...

So glad that you guys found a stroller that you like. I am not really an animal print girl, but I thought that was such a neat concept for a stroller, with the whole story behind it.

Hope your having a good week so far!

Unknown said...

Very cute. (But not quiet as cute as your daughter! Oh my goodness! She's adorable!)