Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Blue Eyed Girl

Please tell me how you resist those blue eyes, really? I know I can't! She pretty much had no hope since both her parents have blue eyes, and blonde/reddish (Daddy) hair. This is my beautiful, blessing from God. Hopefully soon she will have a brother/sister to share the spotlight with (big smile). Well this is all I have for right now, during nap time, I am planning on posting about this wonderful book I am reading. It's all about your priorities, and 5 little questions that reveal God's plan for you. It's really good! And if I am saying that, because I rarely ever read, then it must be good! Until then, please jump over to our family blog and see our latest list of prayer requests, and more importantly, please share your requests with us! Have a wonderful day!


Kristin said...

So precious!!

Unknown said...

Such a lil cutie!

Molly's Grandma said...

I too, have a weakness for blue eyed girls! Molly surely has the best of both her mom and her dad!