Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Allergies or the Terrible Twos?!

Hey friends! I am asking for advice! Yes, I need solicited advice! We know for a fact that Molly has allergies, poor kid gets swollen eyes, watery eyes, and a runny nose every time we go to play outside. So we were giving her Benadryl, at night before bed. It seemed to help her sleep, because of all the congestion. But the symptoms were still there when we would play outside. So after talking to the nurse and the doctor, they suggested stopping the Benadryl, and giving her Zyrtec everyday.
I haven't done any research on Zyrtec for kids, but I take it every night before bed, and I think it helps. Then I was talking to my MIL, and she said that when she takes allergy/cold/sinus medicine she is very grumpy, cranky, and no one wants to be around her. Well, I thought Molly was hitting the terrible twos, and that was the reason for her recent whining (more then normal), and frequent temper tantrums. Plus, she is getting her two year molars, and her last two teeth on the bottom.
Here is where you all come in...do you all have kids with allergies? What has worked, what hasn't? And, is any of this related (allergies, terrible twos) or is the medicine making her more cranky?! Ahhh! My prayer everyday has been, Lord, keep these wheels on this bus!
So anyone out there with helpful advice, please do tell! I am busy finishing school, and really have no time right now to do any more research, I have my own thesis to finish thanks!
Thanks to you all, and I look forward to Wednesday's Walk with you all tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I'm sorry! I am no help in this dept!

Kristin said...

Yep, I have no advice either, as mine don't have allergies that I know of. But I can definitely say that it seems Lily has hit the terrible twos lately (she'll be 3 in August) so I can sympathize with you on that! LOL :)

Joyeful said...

Oh no. Poor thing. That must be terrible! My oldest has had mild allergy problems and we did give him zyrtec for awhile. My MIL swears by it. I didn't notice any more crankiness than usual. : ) It seems to come with the age! The teething can be a BIG deal and I'm sure that could be bothering her. I wish I could be of more help! : (

Veronica said...

Sorry, but I'm another person who won't be able to give you much help here either. Neither of my girls have allergies, but they have the same temperment...sassy and strong willed!

Hope things get better for you guys!

September said...

Before I comment on the allergies, etc.. just have to say.. LOVE the stroller Kate! I honestly have never seen a leopord print stroller till now, but it is pretty cool looking, and I am a polk-dot girl myself!!

For allergies -One of my sons had similar allergies around this time of year, and we used a non-drowsy medicine for him, and then turned to some natural remedies that are safer and would not have side effects. There are some good-safe natural remedies available if you are comfortable with this route.
I can share some of them with you sometime, of you would like.
BUT-aside from the allergies... the age TWO is definetely a year of trying..the teething situation-especially molars has always brought out the not so nice moods in my little ones. And I always look back and think about how they are so much more cheerful when the teeth are through.
So, hang in there. It is probably going to take a little balance in both areas.