Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! So I know this picture is of me, I had one of Eric and Molly first, somehow I have managed to erase it, oops! Sorry Eric! But for today's walk I want to talk about fathers here on earth and most importantly our father in heaven.

I framed this picture above for Eric last year and also included Molly's hand and footprints. My, how they grow. My little girl no longer looks like this baby in the picture. Now she has hair, thinned out, and somehow sprouted a neck. Her head looks attached to hear body somehow, but don't worry, she has a neck now.

Last year on Father's Day I wanted Eric to feel so special and so very appreciated. I think he is a great dad, a loving father, and most importantly he seeks God daily to make his family better. Now there are definitely times I would totally do something different then the way he does it, but I guess what is most important is that the job at hand gets done. I feel like Father's Day was created in part to buy expensive $4.99 cards from Hallmark, but they always seem to say it best, right...also to let the Dads out there know they King for a day. I hope I make Eric feel like this everyday.

I also think Father's Day should be celebrated with our heavenly father too. If it was not for him we would not be celebrating these wonderful men in our lives. We would not be able to celebrate life, think how boring it would be without God. I hope Molly understands that it is important to honor her father on this special day, and everyday, but it is most important to remember to honor God on this day too. He is our ultimate, perfect father, and we should always acknowledge that.

I know some people did not have a "good" dad growing up, and for that I am so sorry. But please know you have a dad in heaven waiting for you to bring home an A on a test, waiting for you to ask advice, seek counsel, gain wisdom from him, he is always there for you. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

So on this Father's Day, do something extra special for the men in your life, and in your children's lives, but make sure to do something spectacular to honor your eternal father too.


Unknown said...

Yes! We should honor our Heavenly Father too on Father's Day.

The pics of Molly are cute!

Sally-Ann said...

On Sunday at church I will be talking to the children about Father's Day. So many do not have a earthly father in their lives, so I will also be talking about their Heavenly Father and also the other good male influences they have in their lives - grandfathers, uncles, friends
I love your post about your husband and your Heavenly Father

April said...

Beautiful post! We are coming up my husband's first father's day and I am trying to find ways to make it really special for him. He did a wonderful to make me feel special on mother's day.

Your little one is so cute! Such blonde hair

Linda said...

Kate, granddaughter Cecily's middle name is Kate,...and I love it! ((smile))

I am one of those who didn't have a dad growing up,...and yet I have always been aware of my Heavenly Father's presence in my life. Even before I truly accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart and life.

Godly fathers are such a blessing. I am so glad that Eric is a good father,...and a godly father. You are blessed.

Thanks for this reminder to honor the father of our children as well as our earthly fathers and our Heavenly Father.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Together We Save said...

We all should honor our fathers. Thanks for following.

Verna said...

Early fathers- heavenly Father.

I am so grateful, that we can always have our Heavenly Father here with us at any time, even in the times we have faint memories of our early ones.

Love the photo of Eric and Molly, and what a treasure it is to have.

I don't have many photos of my earthly father, let alone one with just me and him.

Hope Eric has a wonderful Father's day as you celebrate that day together.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness.....that picture of Molly in the swing is so cute! I love her little chubby cheeks! She's so precious!!

Tina said...

I love the brown hat! hehe We had a pink one from children's place and I managed to get paint on it when I redid Emily's room. BOOHOO

Drahdrah said...

Love your post... so true and well said. Your daughter was adorable with her chubby cheeks and no neck...and she still is!!!

Julie said...

Great post! The pics are adorable!!

Veronica said...

Love the picture of you and Molly. It's amazing how much our little ones can change in just a year!

September said...

Your tribute to Father's and our Heavenly Father's love is so deserving of our praise!
Your reminder is appreciated.
Thanks Kate.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Great important to honor fathers and especially our Heavenly Father!

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny when you begin to notice those necks!? :) hee hee

I loved this post. So true too... we should always remember to honor our heavenly father along with those precious earthly fathers.

Have a beautiful day.

PS The picture of you and Molly is beautiful.

Denise said...

This was such a sweet post, bless you.

Kari said...

Great post all the way around. Thanks for stopping by my Walk Down Memory Lane. I think many people need to know what you wrote about. These days just become another holiday and a day to get together and eat. My wish is that all fathers are honored this Sunday and that our Heavenly Father is not left out!!! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

These pictures are so cute!!