Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to you and yours! Right now my husband is doing what most fathers deserve to do, especially today, nap! It is a well deserved nap, and break from fatherhood for him. We had a fun filled weekend with my in-laws, and it was nice to say Happy Father's Day Grandpa, this morning when Molly woke up. Here are some glimpses into the life of my wonderful husband, and Molly's daddy.

This is at the hospital before any pain, and Molly!

Moments after Molly was finally born! Proud Papa!

This was just last night, after shoveling ice-cream into us!

And this was after church, on our way in the door, Happy Father's Day Daddy!


Unknown said...

She's a cutie and she's got a great Daddy!

Kristin said...

Such sweet pictures, Kate! Hope you had a great day!!

Kari said...

Happy Father's Day to your house too! I love how all our kids have the same hospital hat when they're born :o) Your daughter looks absolutely beautiful in that blue dress! Have a great week!

Jenilee said...

She is adorable! :) I love her precious blonde hair. :)

amanda said...

your daughter is adorable! hope your hubby had a great day!