Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Win

After not checking blogs all day, which is a big feat for me, I get on after Molly goes to bed, and what do I see? I won a giveaway! I always enter and never win, not a sore loser or anything :) but I finally won!

Want to know what I won?? A signed copy of Lynnette's book! I know, be jealous friends! I am super excited. I have a feeling this book will be recommended to some of my clients that come see me and need some support from a great, Christian lady who has been there before. Plus I am just excited to finally read it myself!

Thank you Christina and Holly for hosting the giveaway, and thank you Lynnette for participating too!


Drahdrah said...

Congratulations ! It's always exciting to win something !

Joyeful said...

That is so fun!! I think I need to go buy her book now : )

Veronica said...

Yeah! How cool is that?!?!

Kristin said...

Oh, that is SO awesome! I think you are right....your ministry will be blessed by having read her book, because it is a wonderful book! It really was one of the turning points to letting go of the grief that I held on to for so long after losing my Mom.

You were asking about me going to small groups. I was so excited because I thought this Summer I'd have plenty of time to go to them and would you know that they decided not to do them this Summer? I don't understand it at all and I was really disappointed. I feel so lost, but I'm trusting the Lord to help me find where He knows I should be.

Unknown said...

Congrats Kate! I'm excited that you won!

Julie said...

Yay! I've read it already. It's wonderful & will be so helpful to those who are grieving.

September said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog lately! Your words are so fun to read and always an encouragement.
CONGRATULATIONS, btw - on winning Lynnette's book. I am reading it, and know that you and any other ladies you recommend it to will receive many blessings as well.
Have a great weekend!

Becca said...

Lucky you! What a wonderful giveaway to have won!

I would definitely recommend purchasing a sling of some sort. The hotslings can be somewhat expensive but I got mine on Target online at a great sale price. It says they can hold up to 35lbs with all the different ways to position them.