Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just something little

Hello and happy weekend. I pray you all are doing lots of fun things, and spending time with the family! When we first moved here, Eric decided that he was going to work on Saturdays. I was so bummed out, but actually, I am used to it, and now love it. He gets 2 other days off during the week, he usually takes Thursday and Friday off. He loves working on Saturday because that is when most people can meet with him, and his job is all about meeting with people, so he figured why not "work" Saturdays so he didn't have to take time away from his family. Sundays are obviously a working day for him too. It all starts at 7am, opening up the theater so the set-up crew can come and magically turn movie theaters in to Sunday School rooms, nurseries, and a place to worship.

Today Molls and I finished up shopping for Father's Day gifts, got a haircut for the little one, and picked up some essentials at the store that we ran out of before I could do my once a week grocery trip. Molly sat so still for the haircut. This was her third time to get a cut, we just trim it because I would love for it to grow a bit, but with her curly hair, it only seems to grow up, not down. So when it gets thick, heavy, and nothing can make it look nice, we trim it! It took forever for her to get hair, now that she has it, I can't keep up!

Tonight we are going to another church to hear our Pastor, Mark preach. The minister at FoxRiver is coming to our church tomorrow to preach, and Mark will be there tomorrow morning. I like this whole switch thing. I love that people get to experience different speakers, and see a whole new style, and approach. Plus, I can't wait for week #2 of One Prayer.

This coming week our Neighborhood Group, (basically a small group, we just do ours based on where you live) is serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald house. I am so excited. I have never done this before, and I don't think anyone in our group has either. We are making dinner, making get well cards for the kids, and then going down to serve the families staying there. I love service projects, yet feel sad that it takes a whole big production to just serve. I digress back to my post about service. Oy!

So please be in prayer for our group. At the beginning we had a lot of interest and now everyone seems to be "too busy" to help. This frustrates me beyond belief. So please pray that I can tame my tongue when it comes to people "too busy."

One more thing...2 weeks ago my teeth started hurting and I thought oh, they are just sensitive, because I do have very sensitive teeth. It didn't get better and I had more symptoms, so I went to the doctor yesterday, and I have a sinus infection, fabulous. This is my 5th infection in 4 months! Good grief! I have never had this many problems before, needless to say I am on anti-biotic, but my teeth hurt so bad still! To which my husband points out, I have not been to the dentist since I was 5 months pregnant with Molly. She will be 2 in August, you do the math! So my goal for this week, make a dentist appointment! Yikes! So lesson to be learned friends, go to the dentist, or rip your teeth out and get dentures, something I might look into if this pain does not go away!!


Unknown said...

I haven't been to the dentist for a long time too. I know I was there last when I was 5 months along w/ Kyndra. I tried to go not too long ago but b/c I had Kyndra w/ me the dentist wouldn't see me. I was never really fond of him in the first place but that just did it for me. I don't plan on going back to him. Unfortunately Anthony says he's the only one we can see b/c of my insurance. So I might see if Anth will check his insurance and see if we have better choices there.

Sorry you're sick! I hope it blows over quickly. You haven't really gotten a break from it!

Veronica said...

You will definitely be feeling much better about things when you get to the dentist. Look how long it took me to get there. I was wiped out the entire day after just my basic cleaning, but I was so glad I did it.

I am finally learning that in order to be a good Mama, it all starts with me taking better care of myself!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog tonight.... love the colors you used.

Had some time to do some blog hopping...always enjoy finding new blogs!

Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.