Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For today's memory, I would love to introduce you all to my very best friend in the entire world, Adrienne. We have been friends since we were five, so twenty years later, we are still best friends. We have been through our share of petty fights, big fights, your are not my friend fights, as well as I am so glad I could share this moment with you. Since getting married and having kids, our relationship has grown so much. I think we are closer then we have ever been, and I am so thankful. I call her everyday, even if it is just to leave a message to say, guess what I just saw at Wal-Mart. Last summer Adrienne and her son Titus came to visit us. We had a great week, despite Molly having the worst case of diarrhea known to man kind. But you get to share all of that gross stuff with your best friend.

This is us. Actually this was her last day in the great state of Cheese. I was just a little too lazy this morning to rearrange all of the pictures!

Us and the kids. Molly was born in August and Titus was born in November. They will be best friends too, already decided.

Addy, Molly and Titus...what a great friend!

Posing our children, we were very inexperienced moms, we thought they actually would sit still and smile for us!

Molly and Aunt Addy at one of Eric's kickball games. Yes, he is 26 and still plays kickball :)

Best Friends, Second Generation

Now we have a new baby in the mix, Malachi. He was born at the end of April. I have yet to meet the newest addition, but we have plans to be reunited. Addy and her husband, Jed, just moved to Florida, and they are trying to sell their house in Kansas. They are also in the ministry. Please pray for them to sell it quickly!

Thanks for sharing my summer memory with me today, and I am so glad you all got to meet Adrienne, truly my better half, best friend, and my sister in Christ.


Jenilee said...

cute babies! it is fun to have friends who have kids the same age as your kids. I'll pray that they sell their house... that is such a struggle.

Unknown said...

It's so great to have a best friend! :) Thanks for introducing Adrienne to us all! That's awesome you have kids close in age. My bff Lindsey has a daughter that is 4 months younger than Kyndra and they go to the same sitter so they get to play together a lot.

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

That is wonderful! Having such close friends is a blessing. :)

Kristin said...

What a wonderful friendship! The babies were so adorable!

I totally forgot about Wednesday's Walk....I need to go figure out something to write about :)

April said...

It is so wonderful to have such great friends, even if they don't live close anymore! It's also a blessing to share in motherhood at the same stage in your lives! What a wonderful tribute to your friend!

Linda said...

Good Friends are priceless.

So glad you have a special bond with Adrienne. She looks sweet and so does her little guy.

I know you enjoyed that visit with her,..and that you are looking forward to the next one so that you can meet her new addition.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Becca said...

Awe! That is so wonderful that you two are still best friends to this day. I am sure y'all have been through a lot together. How special it is to be able to watch both of y'alls kids grow together!

Kristen said...

My best friend had a baby last August and I had mine in January and they will also be best friends! So I understand and relate! Love the pictures!

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh friends. :) I don't think I have any current friends (those I keep in touch with) that I knew when I was little. We moved a couple of times and then I became a Christian right after getting married. I do have some very dear friends though and I'm so grateful for those special people in my life.

Cute pics.