Saturday, July 4, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

It has never felt so good to be home. I arrived back this afternoon, and I am so happy. I miss my mom and Phil, but I will be back in a week. I came home to a tired, cranky, dirty Molly, and I have never been so happy to see her. This morning was the annual 4th of July Parade that our church participates in. One year we won best "float" and last year we won grand champion of the whole shebang. People line up their lawn chairs on Thursday night to get a good seat. That's sick! Really, for a parade?! But people here in Milwaukee are serious about their parades, so we don't mess with them. We give the people what they want. So our church has a live band on a flatbed, singing 80's cover tunes, U2, and other songs to keep the crowd jamming the whole parade. Plus we hand out a ton of candy, frisbees, and can coozies. I am actually sad to say that I missed it. I was supposed to run in a 5k before the parade, and I am not sad I missed that, but sad to miss the parade. Mainly, the people I miss. But now I am back to the daily grind.

Flying home felt like it took forever today! I went through Philly, which I have never done before, and the ride home felt so long. It probably did not help that I was by myself, ran out of reading material, and the person behind me was playing a game on their cell so loudly, that I could not sleep. But I made it, and happy to be back. Have I mentioned I am happy to be home :)

This week I am trying to have business as usual, and trying to meet with as many clients as I can, so then when I am back in NY, I can work on typing out all of my notes. I figured there was nothing else to do while waiting on surgery day. At least I can get lost in my work. Maybe, we'll see how it goes.

Thank you all again for your continuous support and prayer. It means the world to us, and we really do feel the prayers. It's nice to know that God has surrounded us with great friends, even if you are in another state and I have never seen you face to face. What we have in common is more important then that. Thanks again, and trust me, I will be back to comment you all up this week!


Verna said...

Will continue to pray for you and your family.

Kari said...

So glad that you are home safely and that they will be able to do the surgery. Have a good week :o)

Unknown said...

I bet you are glad to be back and I don't blame you! It's so hard to be away from the little one. Wow, they are really into their parades, aren't they? lol Well, I guess that's not bad! Makes things fun! Sorry your flight seemed long. It's been a long time since I've seen you face to face!!

Kristin said...

Glad you made it back home safely! I don't like to travel at all, so I sympathize with you on that! Sorry you missed the sounds like fun! We didn't do much, just got back from watching the fireworks.

Keeping your family in my prayers :)