Friday, July 10, 2009

Mail, Glorious Mail

So who does not love getting mail? I am not talking about bills, or anything like that, but when you order something, and you anxiously wait for it to come everyday. You get the kid at Christmas feeling in your stomach. That was me this week!

I have been patiently waiting for these shoes to arrive! I ordered them from Toms Shoes. You know those commercials..."for every pair we sell, we give a pair away..." My husband pretty much thinks these were quite possibly the worst choice of color possible, but for some reason I fell in love with them!

They pretty much excite me every time I see them. FYI-If you get a pair, the website says true to size, and yes they are. Mine were too small, so I had to send them back, and now I have my perfect 10!

Isn't this shirt so cute! I ordered it from Kristin, and I LOVE it! Molly is going to wear it to church on Sunday, and I am super excited! Sorry for the diaper shot, this was right before bed tonight, and right after her bath.

Molly also got these to match her cute shirt! I am again, super excited to put them in her hair!

This is a sneak peak at Molly's birthday outfit. Consider yourselves very lucky to see it early! We also got this in the mail today! I ordered it off Etsy, from the seller drinacat. She had so many cute things, it was so hard to pick. But I just love these colors, and the huge Gerber daisy on the front! I can't wait for Molly's birthday pictures and party. I love having a girl!
I hope you all enjoy checking the mail as much as I do! Have a great weekend!


Kristin said...

Wow! That birthday outfit is fabulous!! I love it! I'm so glad that you liked Molly's shirt too....thanks so much for always being so supportive and such a great friend! I was so excited when I saw her picture :) I love the shoes too! I will have to check out both of these websites!

I really love getting that kind of mail's so much fun! Makes me want to go order something right now. LOL!!

Becca said...

Kristin is so awesome isn't she?!

I LOVE checking the mail too when I am expecting something. I have actually sat on my porch waiting for the mailman to arrive before!

Molly's birthday outfit is sooo stinkin' cute. I am going to have to visit that etsy page!

HappyascanB said...

Molly is precious! Her shirt is just as cute! Those shoes rock! I'm like a child waiting for Christmas morning when I know something's on its way to me in the mail!!!

Unknown said...

Those shoes look comfy. :) I love Molly's bday outfit! Can't go wrong with a tutu!

Katie said...

I love it all. I love Kristen shirt she made. I love K she is so sweet. The shoes are defiantly trendy so that is fun... Enjoy your MJ shoes (: They remind me of the moon walk shoes he might wear on stage or something. Are the comforable? I love the commerical for Tom's shoes. Wish more people and businesses would do that sort of thing. I love getting mail...not bills though.

Julie said...

I love the birthday outfit! Do they make it for adults?! LOL!!

Love what Kristin made too! She's SO talented!

Kim said...

such cute finds!!! so I'm hopping molly will be getting some 2nd Bday Portraits done soon because I need a new picture of her!! I have your 1 year old picture framed on my bookcase!!
awh I miss youguys!!
I think you could probably have her wear her MOLLY shirt with the tu-tu too :)

Anonymous said...

such cute lil panties it would be a pleaure to remove those and have fun with herchildpussy