Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Recap of the Past Week

It's Sunday afternoon, and what do most people do on Sunday afternoons? Nap! Well, I am trying to catch up on a week's worth of blog reading! I will never fall behind again! Do you know how much you all write?! I love it, really I do. I feel refreshed from catching up on your lives, seeing what your kids are doing, what your wedding dresses looked like, and learning about what you learned at church. You all are awesome!

I am back in the great Cheese State! Molly and I arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon. We pretty much got stuck in traffic whenever, and wherever possible, but Molly did great despite the longer then expected car ride. Eric got home Friday from a week at church camp with Jr. High students. They all passed around some illness at camp. Our Children's Pastor, Becky, got tested for swine flu yesterday. Yikes! Eric just got a bad chest cold while there, but some other kids got sent home.

Phil is doing fantastic! Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement. Seriously, you all don't even know how much comfort and peace we all felt on Wednesday. The surgery did not last nearly as long as they expected, and they got all of the tumor. Which during the surgery the doctor called and told my mom he couldn't fathom being able to remove it all, then later when he called to say the surgery was finished, he told her he got it all. The Lord is great and mighty, the ultimate physician! It was not cancerous, but it will grow back. Which now that they know that, they should be able to zap it with radiation. Phil will be released on Monday to the rehab unit at the hospital. He will be there for 5 days. He has to learn to use a walker and try and regain muscle movement in his leg. It will be a long, tiresome recovery, but with God all things are possible.

So remember when I said in an earlier post that I was not going to meet my goal of finishing school and graduating by Molly's second birthday? Well, I am mailing my thesis in tomorrow! I feel silly for doubting God's ability and my ability to use what he gives me. He made it all possible for me to meet with the rest of my clients before Phil's surgery, and then during the surgery and the days after, while sitting around the hospital, I finished all of my work! Two weeks before my goal!

I will apologize now, I did not comment on any your blogs! I am awful, I know! I just wanted to get caught up with reading them, but I promise, cross my heart, I will comment this week! I can't wait to be back on our routine and get to hang out with Molly again. My MIL did great keeping Molly on schedule, and let's face it, she did a great job overall. I am so blessed to have in-laws who take time off work, and watch my daughter. Too bad they live 6 hours away!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Molly has her last music class on Tuesday. I am so glad she has enjoyed it! I also got everything I ordered for Molly's birthday party! We are doing a Backyardigans themed party. She loves watching them, so I figured why not have them at her birthday party. We are toning down the party this year compared to the big blow out 1st birthday we had last year. Eric is not a big birthday party guy, so just talking him into having more then our parents there was hard. So I have him talked into our parents, and some aunts and uncles!

Lastly, today at church I was very surprised by a video of my husband and our Pastor, Mark, dancing to MC Hammer's song, "You Gotta Pray." Or whatever the title is! So once I get my hands on the video, you all will be able to view it and laugh hysterically like I did. At least you all won't be at church doing it, like I was!


Kristin said...

Praise the Lord at how wonderful Phil is doing! That makes me so happy to hear that. And I'm so glad you made it back home safely. We are having a small party too for Lily in a couple of weeks. She'll be 3. It will just be some aunts, uncles, and my in-laws too. I can't wait to see Molly in her fabulous Birthday tutu that you got her. That was the cutest thing ever!

I've missed you! I'm so proud of you too for finishing your work. Way to go Kate!

April said...

SO wonderful that the surgery was a success and the tumor wasn't cancerous!

Isn't it amazing how far behind you feel when miss a few days of blogging? It's like you get lost in the tidal wave :)

I bet Molly really enjoyed her time with your MIL and it's too bad that they live so far away. Many pictures should be taken when they are together :)

We are also planning a birthday party. Jackson's 1st! Not until October, but it's my child's first birthday so of course I have plans rolling around in my head. I am going to post that one real soon :) It's partially written. Yeah for Molly!! Almost 2!! Fun Backyardiagns!

Welcome back home! Hope Eric feels better soon

April said...

Also - I noticed your playlist at the bottom - It's that "I will not forget you" by 100 portraits a wonderful song? We sang at our my old church in WB, but never hear it anywhere - I had it on my last playlist, but have since switched my songs around. Good selection you have!

Unknown said...

God had total control over everything and it all worked out! Shouldn't be surprised at all but I sure am amazed how God works!

Yeah, stop reading blogs for a day and you can get so behind! lol

Can't wait to see that video. :)

Veronica said...

Yeah! So glad to read all your good news! Praise God about Phil's surgery going so well. That is just awesome that you got all your school work done! God is soooo good!

Hope you have a great week and don't feel bad about not commenting. I've been getting the same way lately too!

Becca said...

That is such wonderful news about Phil! God is pretty amazing isn't he?! Kudos to you for finishing up all of your school work. I need to do the same and will get around to it one day I guess ha!

I am super behind on blogging too. Our internet was out since Saturday so I am right there with ya on all the catching up!

Linda said...

I have been catching up on blog reading and commenting today. It does take a long time but it is worth it to keep up. We were gone for a week and I really got behind.

So glad that you got all of your work done,... and that everything went well with Molly, and as I said on another comment,...I am so glad that Phil's surgery went well.

God is in control!


Linda @ Truthful Tidbits