Monday, August 31, 2009

Sad Day...

So today when I checked Molly in at the gym the wonderful lady behind the desk told me that tomorrow Molly will be moving to big kids room. Now, I am sure this does not seem like a big deal, and oh how exciting for Molly, but it is a big deal, a really big deal! We have been going to the gym since we moved here in the Fall of 2007. I officially started going in December, when Molly was about 4 months old. That is how old they have to be before you can leave them in the child care. We chose this gym specifically for the child care. They have cameras in the room, and each machine you workout on has a TV, with cable-score, but also you can watch the child care room while you work out. We loved that!

We also know every single worker upstairs in the room she is in now. There is not a lot of turn-over there, which I appreciate. Most of the ladies up there have kids in school during the day, and they work while their kids are in school. I love that there are experienced Moms up there, and I ask them all my silly, first time Mom questions. They have taken care of my baby for over 2 years! Now she is moving to another room with new teachers, bigger kids, and no cameras for me to spy on her!

I thought I was going to start crying when the lady told me about this move. Now, I am not the super-weepy type, or the over-protective type, but I am today for some reason. I think the thought of 5 year olds and my 2 year old together, in the same room, kind of scare me. Although my kid can hold her own, but still, you know!

This whole growing up business, I just don't know about it. I know she will do fine, and she will love to run around the little gym, and play with the older kids. If I am this way with the gym moving her to another class, there is no hope for me and the first day of Kindergarten!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

With No Further Ado...

Eric's card reader did read my card! What exciting news! So here are some more pictures from our "vacation" and Molly's birthday party!

We went jet-skiing one of the first days we were home, and it was so much fun! We had the whole lake to ourselves!

Even Molly enjoyed herself.

Then some other days, we played at the park.

Now on to the party, and yes, I did allow her to have balloons at her party,
and I even had to touch some of them!

Some of the cupcakes we made!

Being her normal, busy self.

I think that is a yum from her :)
My MIL has this silly, Country singing bear that sings..."I have a never ending love for you..." and Molly loves to jump and dance to it!

Here is what she wore to church today, Thanks Kristin for the bow! We have to dress like it is Fall here, since the weather outside is so cold, but no complaining from this gal!

Other then catching up on uploading my pictures, which actually drove me a little crazier than I thought it would...who knew I am OCD about uploading pics, sheesh. I have won 2 giveaways on 2 different blogs! I am trying to come up with fun, semi-educational ways for Molly and I to spend our days. Because let's be honest, it is way too easy for me to throw the Backyardigans in the DVD player for just one more time.

Our Recreation Department here does a great job with offering "classes" for toddlers and preschoolers. We have participated before, so this Fall I am going to sign Molly up for a class called "Bippity, Boppity Books." The teacher will read books each week from Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose, and all the other children's authors, and we will do a craft and eat a snack. I am excited, hopefully she is too. I have a hard time finding a good balance of trying to not shove too many learning things down Molly's throat, and also not having any structure at all. The balancing act is hard! I want her to have fun, but I also want her to know when to sit and listen. But I also know she is 2, and has a strong, very strong mind of own. For instance, this past Friday, Eric and I had to discipline Molly more in one day then her whole life. After Eric spanked her one time she blew him kisses. Seriously, how do you not laugh?! So she definitely has a strong will, no doubt about it.

I also think we are going to sign Molly up for beginner gymnastics, but it won't be until the winter, because lets be honest one more time, there is nothing to do in the winter here! When you have over 100 inches of snow each year, you tend to hibernate like the bears. So anything that can get us out of the house is a welcomed friend in my book.

And last but not least, it is almost FOOTBALL TIME ! Sorry, I had to shout it, because not only do I love everything pink, plaid and paisley, I LOVE football, too! We root for the Steelers, Go Big Ben! I went to HS with him, but we also root for The Ohio State Buckeyes! Go Bucks! Although we live in Badger and Packer country, we will never be converted! So you all will probably be hearing me talk a lot about football this fall and winter, and you all will also see lots of pics. Because not only do we cheer for our favorite teams, we totally wear our sports fan paraphernalia too!! So maybe Eric would not like for me to admit that, but he nevers reads this thing anyways. Molly got a lot of OSU outfits for her birthday, so I can't wait for her to wear them. I think that sums up everything for now!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Boring Friday

After another riveting night of Supernanny, I find myself bored! I have this love/hate relationship we have without cable. I like it because I am way too undisciplined to not sit and just watch it, and on the other hand, I get terribly bored when there is nothing to watch on TV. Everything is re-runs right now, and boring!

Did anyone else see Supernanny? The people with 10 kids...yes, 10, and she wanted more! I love Supernanny, and I totally love that she laid the smack down on those parents, I just wish she would use the Bible! How awesome would that be? I don't know what Nanny Jo's beliefs are, she usually is in line with the Bible, well at least she is totally not out of line most times. I wonder what a Christian Supernanny would look like?

Moving on...

I got my haircut today, it took 2 hours! No, I don't have that much hair, but since it was at a training school, poor Sami had to get every cut she made approved. It took forever! I was prepared for an hour, that's what the lady on the phone told me, but my hind end was not prepared for 2 hours! I like it, but I wish it was a little shorter. I would show you a picture, but since my camera cord is 4 states away, I won't.

I am excited to get back to church this weekend. Eric and I went to our home church last weekend while in Ohio, and although most of the people are great there, it's not The Ridge. I miss my church peeps! I hope you all have a church home where you miss it when you are not there.

I finished my book yesterday, "Ordering Your Private World." It was really good, and I highly recommend it! I wish I would have read it back in college. The author had wonderful ideas, and did not make you feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Pretty much you need to get right with God, and yourself, then everything else starts to fall into place. You won't have to please so many people anymore because you already have acceptance from God. You won't be looking for so many traits that just aren't there in your spouse, because God has already fulfilled you. It's really good! You should read it!

I will leave you with this from the book...
"If my private world is in order, it will be because I seek to use all I learn in service to others, as Christ did."

"If my private world is in order, it will be because I absorb the words of Christ into my attitudes and actions."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unorganized Nothingness

I really feel like I have nothing profound to say, but I am still going to tell you all some stuff anyway! I have caught up on reading everyone's blog, and sorry I did not really comment, but I promise I did read all of your entries. Nothing super exciting going on here, other than we are having some awesome, unseasonably cool weather! Here comes Fall! Seriously, it has been in the high 60's here! I love having the windows open, and breathing in fresh air.

I am all unpacked from Ohio, and it has become apparent to me that I totally left my camera cord in Ohio, tear, tear. So sad! I really must have not been feeling well! I hardly ever leave anything anywhere, I am a little OCD like that. Eric has a card reader, but it does not read my camera card. Does anyone know if I can take my memory card to Wal-Mart or Walgreens and put it in their fancy machine and burn a CD? My Mom sent me her pictures they took, so for your viewing pleasure...

At the beginning of the party!

Playing with her cousin, Jace.

Blowing out her candle, which she actually did!

You can tell how Molly felt about the family picture.

A picture with my Mom and Step-Dad, Phil. Molly's party was literally one month after his surgery, and I think he looks pretty good! They drove in for the party. My husband looks like a giant compared to the rest of us!

Let's see, what else...Molly is "talking" a lot more. She is repeating words more easily, or at least trying. I still have those times where I have zero, and I mean zero clue what she is saying! She now says train, and choo-choo. She will repeat words, but it takes a long time for her to build them in her vocab where she says them all the time. I swear, if the Backyardigans would just sing the ABC's or count, she would totally do it too.

I just started reading this book for my licensing course, long story... short version...I thought I was totally finished with school, but apparently you have to actually do something to be licensed to practice my vocation...a little sarcasm there, but more frustration. I thought I had already met the requirements for licensing, but they sneaked a class in on me! So I am trying to have a good attitude, suck it up and finish the class. Which I determine how fast I finish, since it is distance learning. I know God has a plan, and maybe I need more time learning about his plan and my vision for counseling. Sorry for the brief interruption, now on to what I was talking about...I started reading this book yesterday called "Ordering Your Private World" by Gordan McDonald. Let me tell is so good! It is a fast read, I am already half way through it, and remember...I am not a reader by nature! It talks a lot about priorities, and ordering your inner self, your private world. It talked about being busy, and I love how he puts it...
"I sometimes have the feeling that if I don't tell my friends how tired I am they will doubt I am doing anything worthwhile...How did we get to a day when stress and fatigue are almost a badge of success?"
I highly recommend this book, well I am seven chapters into it so far, so I highly recommend the first seven chapters. I plan on finishing it today during Molly's naptime.

One more thing...I am getting my haircut tomorrow! I love getting my hair cut. I don't know why, but I do. I am one of those people that when I get something on the brain, I have to do it. And fortunately for me, we have a girl at church who is going to beauty school and is now giving haircuts and all that fun stuff. So I am going to her school tomorrow to get all done up. Eric has reminded me numerous times that I don't have a lot of hair to cut, but I need a change, more layers, bangs, who knows. Thanks for reading along, and to think at the beginning I thought I had nothing to talk about!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're Back

Well we are back from Ohio...with the stomach flu and all! Eric got it on Friday, then his Dad on Saturday, and I was lucky enough to get it on Sunday! We love to share! I am feeling a lot better, but I hate being sick! Other then the flu, our trip was fun, fast, and Molly's party was great. She loved all the Backyardigan decorations, and all the cupcakes had little finger puppets on them with pictures of the Backyardigans.

Also on our trip, my wonderful husband surprised me with an overnight getaway. It was our 10 year anniversary of our first date, and he totally surprised me by recreating part of our first date, then we ended at a really nice hotel. Eric's parents watched Molly for us, so we were able to enjoy some coupe time, alone! I highly suggest doing this with your spouse! Eric and I have not really been away from Molly for just us time. It was so nice!

I know a month ago I said I would never go another week without checking your blogs, because it is so hard to get caught up...well I did! I didn't check my email, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter all week! I have to admit, it was so nice! I did miss reading about you all and what you are doing, but it was so nice to stay away from the computer too! So now I am playing catch up, just slowly this time, since I am still trying to feel better. So I will be around this week, I can't wait to read what has been going on since I last read your blog! I am trying to find my cord for my camera to upload pictures, so once I get those uploaded, I will share with you all!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun Times

I am back from the lake trip! I had so much fun! I haven't done some of the stuff we did this weekend since I was in high school. We swam, played cards, had a campfire, talked about Jesus, got to know each other better, and overall just had a fun, relaxing time. And you know what? I didn't take a single picture! I had my camera with me, but I was having way too much fun to snap any pics of the kids.

Last night we went out on the boat at like 11pm and did a late night swim under the stars. It was beautiful! I can't even tell you the last time I stopped and took the time to look at the stars. Seriously! Isn't that sad?! I loved just sitting on the boat, listening to the kids and adults splash around and think how awesome God is. I of course was way too comfortable being dry and way too burnt to get in the water again, but I did enjoy watching them play Marco/Polo.

On the homefront, Molly did great with Becky. They went to State Fair last night, and went to McDonald's today for lunch. I came home to a napping child, which was nice so I could shower and start laundry. We leave tomorrow again, but this time for vacation. I am excited to go back to Ohio, and just do nothing. Which probably won't happen. Because as most of you know, when you live far from family, all you do is spend time trying to visit with your family when you are back home, then before you know it vacation is over with! So we are trying to balance out visiting time and relaxation time.

Other then that...I am trying to regain the feeling of burnt, leathery skin! I get sunburned just thinking about going outside. So it does not take long for me to get a little red. Right now I am sporting the shade lobster red. So attractive, I might add. Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend! I should be back Monday to check blogs...or not, I am on vacation!

Friday, August 14, 2009

An Award and Lake Trip

Lovely Veronica awarded me with this yesterday! Thank you! The Honest Scrap award is given to those who blog from the heart and do it with honesty. As if the saying honesty is the best policy isn't enough for you, why would you not be honest? I think the more authentic and the more genuine you are, the better your blog. Now clearly, I think there are times you just plain don't disclose every detail about your life! So anyways...thanks Veronica for the award!

Now I am supposed to list 10 Honest things about myself, and then give the award to 7 other people who I think blog with honesty. I know some of you have already gotten this, so take it as a compliment if you get it again!

I feel since I am already super honest with you all, there's probably not a lot that you don't know about I have been racking my brain to come up with some fun, quirky facts about me!

1. I LOVE Fall, it's my favorite season of the year!
2. I want to live by water some day, a lake, the ocean, but not really like a swimming pool, that just won't do it.
3. I love my cat, like really love my cat. He has already had a blood transfusion and stayed in the hospital for a week, so yea, I really love my Billy.
4. I have huge feet for a short person, I am 5 foot 4 inches and have size 10 feet! They have been this way since I was in 5th grade.
5. I enjoy going to the gym and working out. I used to hate it, and there are some days that I still do, but usually it's a good break for me from Molly.
6. I eat dessert every single night before I go to bed. No, seriously, every night! Maybe that's why the scale does not budge!
7. My dream house would be a restored farm house, with a wrap around porch, and animals. I would totally love to have a therapy place for kids to come and heal. Animals are magical to kids who need love. And a big red barn, it has to be red.
8. I started playing the violin when I was in 4th grade. And sadly, I wish I still played!
9. I just started Twittering, and quite honestly, I think it's boring. So to tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.
10. At any given point in the day, you will probably find me dancing with Molly. I feel bad for the people driving by, they get a show totally not worth paying for!

Now onto to the recipients of this award!
Becca @ Made with Love
Becca @ Becca's Bits
Kari @ Ps Love Love
Jenilee @ The Goodwin Family
April @ Desires of the Heart
Katie @ Blessed by 3 Miracles
Myra @ Happy House Wife Living


Today Eric and I are loading up some mini vans and taking our SR High kids to a lake about 40 minutes from here. A great couple at our church have a house at this lake, and are so wonderful to let us destroy it, I mean use it to talk about Jesus. Okay, so we will be talking about Jesus, but mainly having fun and swimming, staying up late, and roasting smores. Then we will be back tomorrow afternoon, then on Sunday we leave for vacation. Molly is staying in Milwaukee with our Children's Pastor, Becky, who is totally over the swine flu! They will be going to State Fair tonight, with Becky's fiance. Too bad I am going to miss out on deep fried bacon covered in chocolate. That is right, you read it correctly. Gross, I know. This is our first time leaving Molly with someone other then family. I am a little nervous, but I think the trip is going to go so fast, that we will be back before I know it. Hope you all have a great Friday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

100th Post, and Some Winners!

And the winners are...

I know, I all were waiting for the rules, but for my first giveaway I wanted to make it easy on you all. I wanted to do something for my followers! I really, truly appreciate all of you, followers or not, the comments and encouragement you all leave is great. So I was really pulling for all of you to win, but since I see our monthly budget, I knew that couldn't happen! So here's to the ones who won my first giveaway! Congrats to...
Chelsi @ McFadden Family Adventures
*You won the Noah's Ark craft
Stephanie @ Bcuz of Love
*You won the journal and picture frame
Veronica @ Ver and the Girls
*You won the book, just add it to your list!
Email me to let me know your address, and I will send out the gifts ASAP!

As for my 100th post, I really have nothing brilliant to say other then THANK YOU! Seriously, you all are awesome and such an encouragement to me! I love reading your blogs, seeing your families, and what God is doing in your life! Here's to another 100!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goals, Giveaway, and Greatness

Let me be honest to begin with, I am not sure what the greatness is, I just needed a word that started with a 'G,' and that is all my mind could think of.

I love to make lists...I used to make a list every night before I went to bed. On my list I would write down, "get dressed," because really, who forgets to do that in the morning? Apparently I would have, without my list. So here is to a list style post...

I am getting that back to school buzz that I once had when I taught Kindergarten, bet you didn't know that. I love planning and putting lessons together. Sick, I know :) So as this Fall rolls around, and everyone is getting back into the swing of school, routines, and classes, I find myself wanting to do the same. I am coming up with goals for this Fall that I want to start accomplishing. They range from a reading plan for daily Bible study time, a time to blog/check email, etc, a time to read with Molly, help Molly learn the ABC's, 1,2,3' get the point. So any helpful advice on good books about learning the basics for toddlers would be great.

Here is what you all will be playing for on my 100th post, so if this one is my 99th, then my 100th would be...
I wanted to give things away that represented me, and what is important to me. I had a hard time at first with what to giveaway. So after thinking about it, probably way too much, I came up with these...
Gift #1- A Noah's Ark themed paper/craft/project to do with your kids, nieces/nephews, or neighbor kids. I love doing artsy things with Molly, so I hope you enjoy this too. I have never done anything like this project, so hopefully it's not a total flop!

Gift #2- I got this picture frame at the Lang store. Are you all familiar with Lang? I love it! My husband however, not so much! I love the verse on this frame!

Gift #2 cont'd- I am not sure why I did not just take the picture with both the frame and journal together, but I didn't! And I seemed to make a still picture crooked. Fantastic skills, eh? So the journal is great, spiral bound (the teacher coming out in me), and I use mine to take sermon notes each week. Use yours however you choose. I love paisley prints!

Gift #3- I LOVE this book! Even if you do not win this book, please get your hands on a copy and read it! This represents how much I love marriage, despite fights (see last post). Marriage is an awesome gift from God. Nurturing, growing, and restoring your marriage is something I love to see and do. As a future counselor, I will recommend this book to lots of people!
Are you confused? Here is a Gift wrap-up...
Gift 1- Noah's Ark craft
Gift 2- Picture frame/journal
Gift 3- "Sacred Marriage" book
*Stay tuned for details on the giveaway!
So now I must come up with something great. I think I have something. Do you ever go through those seasons in your spiritual life where you just feel dry, like nothing is really happening. I have been there, but right now, I feel overfilled, over joyed, and like God is getting ready to do something big with me. I am not sure where else these feelings of happiness, contentment, and pure joy could come from if not from God. So stay tuned to hearing more about this change that is happening, because when I find out, I will let you know.
Now on to my little DIY project. I am not super crafty, I try to be, but sometimes it just does not happen for me. But I think I am making progress. Here is my latest project...
Empty Vase +

Decorative Fall things =

Something semi-cute for Fall! I like it, it's growing on me, my husband however, thinks it looks too Victorian. We are more the modern, contemporary/boring type, so he does not like it. I need some help, opinions please!

Thanks for sticking with me! I know this post was really long, so if you made it all the way through to the end, give yourself a pat on the back!

A Lesson in Love

On Friday night, Eric and I had the privilege of attending our friends' wedding. They got married at a park in downtown Milwaukee. It was a small gathering of family and friends, and I feel honored to have been there. Greg and Whitney go to The Ridge, and help out in the student ministry with us. They are great people and God is going to use them in mighty ways. They just don't know it yet...

The happy couple! Congrats Greg and Whitney!

Here is another happy family, right...well looks can be deceiving. I bet you would have never guessed just a couple hours earlier Eric and I got into a huge, knock down, drag out fight, all while our child was getting her two year portraits taken. It was not pretty, it was not fun, and it was not Godly, at all. Let me put an end to a myth that you all might think is true...pastor's are not perfect, and neither are their wives.

So it was a perfect fit for us to be going to a wedding that night. After having a huge fight with your spouse, don't you want to go listen to someone talk about love, respect, submission, and see two people madly, deeply in love. At this point I know God was laughing at us.

We messed up again, and we didn't treat each other very nicely, and respect was not really shown. After publicly having it out with each other in the mall, and in front of many walkers, we were fine. Stress, the world, high expectations, you name it got to us. We both broke, and caused the other one to break as well. Trust me, as a counselor, fighting is good, at least you are still communicating with each other. It's when you don't want to fight, well that's not good.

Eric and I asked for forgiveness right after the last blow was thrown, and we both forgave each other. And I think we both were truly embarrassed for doing it in public, that was a first for us.

So it was fitting for us to go listen about love, and watch two of our favorite people make it official, and start their lives out together. Just chalk it up to another lesson learned about love.
"However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband." Eph. 5:33

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 Years and 2 Days

This is my tribute post to Molly and her 2nd Birthday...

Dear Miss Molly,
You have been here for 2 years and 2 days now, and I still feel like you were born yesterday. Time sure flies when you are having fun, or with a small child. I have learned a lot in these past 2 years, and you have taught it all to me. I have learned that motherhood is one of the most humbling things a woman can do. Just when I think I have it all together, something happens to prove me wrong. And just when I think I can't finish the day, your smile always seems to give me a little boost.

You have taught me more about God and His love for us. I now have more respect you could say for God giving His one and only Son to die for us. Because if that was me, we all would still be unsaved. I now know what unconditional love means, and you taught me that.

You have changed my life forever. Your presence is undoubtedly the best thing about my day, everyday. I was once told you would never be, and I cried many tears for you. But God knew you would be, and He was the one who ultimately gave you to me.

I want you to know that you are loved. Pretty much anyone who meets you loves you instantly. No one can resist your blond curls or pretty blue eyes. You are a charmer and a lover. You are not selective on who you hug or kiss, even if it's the 14 year old bag boy at the grocery store. You love everyone and have a passion to comfort the crying babies in the nursery at church. I hope you never lose your love, and I can't wait to see how you will show it to others when you get older.

I hope you can see how much Mommy loves Jesus, and I hope you love him someday too. I pray that you choose to live a life that blesses His name, and brings honor to God.

I know you are not mine, you belong to God. I feel honored and humbled that He would entrust your life to me. Molly Ann, Mommy loves you more than you will ever know. Happy 2nd Birthday!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap

Wow, this weekend sure has flown by! I feel like it was just Friday, and now it is Sunday night. But we have had a blast! Starting with, Eric's brother and our niece came to visit. They have never been up here, so we were excited to have them stay for the weekend, and excited that they could celebrate Molly's 2nd birthday with us. This post is going to be short and sweet. But no worries, I will fill you all in on the details this week. So in the mean time here are some pictures!

Molly loved her drum full of instruments! We have had our own little band playing all weekend!

Who doesn't love some Backyardigan cards? They have all the colors on them for her to learn!

My BIL was insistent on celebrating Molly's birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese. Eric, myself, or Molly have never been there before, and I am not sure we will go back. It was overwhelming to say the least, but we had some fun too.

Time for some Birthday cake!

This might be my favorite picture from the weekend. My two favorite girls! My niece, Mandy, and my Molly!
We had a great weekend, and we have lots to do this week. I am going on a lake trip with Eric, and the SR High kids on Friday. Then we leave Sunday for vacation. Keep watching for my 100th post giveaway...that will be some time this week. I promise I will try and catch up on all your posts...I have been away from the computer for the past couple of days.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I just want to give my Mom a shout out on her birthday...Happy Birthday Mom! The picture above is from her birthday last year, the Big 5-0...I think she looks pretty good for only being ??

We thought Molly was going to be born on my Mom's birthday, but she wanted her own day, as you all know!

Here are some things about my Mom that I want to share...
*She can be a little goofy
*She can totally make things up while she is talking
*She is my Best Friend, we talk at least 5 times a day
*She is a source of strength for me
*She always encourages me
*She is a very strong woman of God, and has a lot of faith
*For every single thing she has dealt with in life, she has persevered
*I love her more today then I did yesterday, and it's not just because today is her birthday
*She is so thoughtful and loving
*I absolutely adore her, and hope someday I can live up to her legacy

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 Charming Tidbits About Me

I am linking up with Lynnette today...We are getting to know each other, like back in your Grandma's day. Since each of us can't really stop living our real lives to go back in time and sit on Lynnette's front porch, which is under construction, we are going to gather around our computers and read about each other. Pop over to Lynnette's to participate.

10 Charmers About Me

*I married the BEST guy in the entire world, oh I am sure your husband is nice too :) My husband is a Pastor, which equals long hours, lots of conversations with people, and exhaustion at the end of the day, but it's his passion. I have never felt like our family takes a backseat to the church, or that he does not devote the same amount of time to us like he does his ministry. I am so blessed!

*I LOVE being a Pastor's Wife. I have been on both ends of the spectrum. At one church I was expected to do it all, and now I do my own thing. I love helping, and hospitality is one of my Spiritual Gifts. Being a wife of a Pastor is not always easy, and at times frustrating, but it is also one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!

*My child is probably spoiled in some aspects. I will fully admit it. But really, how do you resist those big blue eyes?

*I would love to have a great big flower garden and vegetable garden some day. Except with no weeds or anything. I love flowers and the thought of just walking out to get some green beans sounds great to me.

*I would move back to Knoxville, TN in a heartbeat if we had a chance. I love it down there, and secretly, I am probably a little redneck too. You can't beat the weather or the views, I miss it!

*I wish that I was creative like all of you! I have great ideas that look so cool, and it all seems to come together-in my head! Then when I put it on paper, or try to sew it, not so much, it doesn't come together in real life as it did in my head! So keep on crafters! My husband will just continue to roll his eyes at my great ideas, he's learned to not even to say a word anymore!

*I feel like I am patient with strangers and friends, but when it comes to God's timing, I am not so patient. I also struggle with reading my Bible everyday, it's been a lifelong struggle, and sometimes I do great at it, and other times, I am awful!

*I love being a mom! I know it sounds cliche, but I do feel like a piece was missing without Molly in our lives. I can't wait for the next one, remember I struggle with patience!

*Before we moved to Milwaukee, I would have never thought of myself as judgmental, but after we moved here, it became apparent to me that I really was, in some areas. Now that we have been here for almost 2 years, I definitely look at people in a different, more God like way. God has taught me a lot of lessons about people up here, and I am so thankful that a lot of barriers and walls have been broken down.

*I LOVE tattoos! I do not personally have any, but I would love to get one! I think tattoos tell a story, whether good, bad, sad, funny, or weird. They are like illustrations for people's lives. I think they are great conversation starters, and I love looking at them. So don't be offended if I just sit and stare at your tattoo!

So there I am in a nutshell. Hopefully you can see that I love Jesus, love my husband, love my daughter, I love getting to know all of you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 Year Check-Up

My child is perfect, and that is a direct quote from the doctor! Well, perfect for her age in the height, weight, head circumference category. Molly did fantastic as always at the doctor's office, and only good things to report. My baby is:
Height: 35 1/2 inches tall- 90%
Weight: 33 pounds-95%
Head: I have no clue measurement wise, but it's in the 90%

She scored above average on a developmental test they gave her, the only one she did not score so well in is verbal communication. But the doctor seems to think she will start talking within the next couple of months. If not we are supposed to go see a speech pathologist. But really the doctor does not think we will have to do that. No shots this time, hallelujah!

I love our doctor! Our doctor in Cincinnati really was irreplaceable to me. He prayed with us every time we were there, and he prayed for Molly, and one time he prayed for her future spouse and I started crying. So when we moved to Milwaukee I was so nervous about finding a good doctor. A lady at church recommended this one office, we got in, and I have loved it ever since. Our doctor is a wonderful, Christian lady who takes time to listen to me, and asks questions about our life as a family, not just, "ok, what's wrong with your kid." She is awesome!

Once Molly gets her 2 year portraits done on Friday I can send out the invitations for her party. We are having a small party on her actual birthday, Saturday. Then we are having the larger party when we go back to Ohio in 2 weeks. So I need to get busy baking a birthday cake for the big 2 year old!

Molly's Little Journey

Today I would love to take you all on Molly's journey to get here on earth. I will start with the day of my due date, and end with us leaving the hospital. Don't worry...I won't go into any gory details of the actual birth and delivery...I am on borrowed time today, I have to get a certain someone to her 2 year check-up!

Here I am on my actual due date, August 3, 2007. As you can clearly see, no baby yet. My doctors told me at the beginning of July it would be "any day now", and I naively listened to them!

Just in case the front view was not good enough for you, here is the side. That shirt was not a maternity shirt, just a favorite t-shirt turned maternity. If you knew me in real life, you would know that I am short with long legs. Basically my child had no where to go except the front and sides.

This is about 30 minutes after my water broke on Monday, August 6. I was walking around the mall with my Mom when it happened. I came home and changed my clothes, then called the doctor. I was not going to the hospital with wet britches! Our doctor sent us straight to the hospital since my water broke at 2pm, she figured we would end up there anyways with a baby that night. And PS- I miss my cute house in Cincinnati!

So I got sent home Monday night from the hospital because they told me I had peed my pants, and my water did not truly break. I kept swearing on something that I really did not pee my pants. I was so disappointed because I wanted that baby to just be here already! We went to the doctor the next morning where they did confirm that my water broke, and I was dilated 1 1/2 cm. Lets just put it this way...the doctor should not have wore open toes sandals that day because she finished breaking my water when she went to check me. So the pic above is us back at the hospital, checked-in, and waiting for Molly. Obviously I was not experiencing any pain yet.
Fast forward to Wednesday morning...yes you may be asking yourselves, didn't her water break on Monday?! Yes it did, and ignore everything you heard about delivering a baby within 24 hours, because our doctors did. This was after having a fever for 2 days, blacking out with low blood pressure, Molly's heart rate falling off the monitor, having a trillion doctors and nurses in there to get her heart back up, me having to wear that oh so cute oxygen mask, not being able to eat in days, and finally walking around for like 2 minutes and then they could give me an epidural. However, that was the best sleep I ever had once I got the epidural.

After 50 plus hours of labor, pushing for 4 hours, Molly getting stuck somewhere down there, being sunny side up, it taking 3 doctors to literally pull her out with the forceps, and having the worst back labor any woman should ever have, she made her grand appearance at 7:20pm, August 8, 2007.

The Happy Family leaving the hospital Friday morning. I am not going to lie, it was a rough couple of days, not just for me, but for Eric too. But it was and is all worth it in the end. I now have a wonderful, sweet, strong-willed little Molly. God has truly blessed us with a fabulous daughter, and for that I thank him daily.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girls Night Out

Last night I went out with a bunch of cool ladies to the Melting Pot. So good, and so expensive, but it was Ladies Night there, so they had some specials. Honestly, I didn't go for the food, I went for the conversation and the company. I used to find any excuse to not go out. I always felt guilty leaving Eric, and Molly. But now I feel worth the excuse to go out. I love going out, and building my friendships and relationships with great women.

After doing a Bible Study with some cool chicks, I learned a lot about having female relationships in your life. Trust me, I know it's hard to trust women, and be a good friend. Women are tricky...they can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare! But God did not intend for us to be this way. Check out Jen Hatmaker, she is an awesome Bible Study writer and she really opened my eyes to what a true female friendship looks like.

So here we are after we stuffed our faces and tummy's full!

I can't wait for the next night out!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Already Begun...

nostalgia that is. Do you find yourself getting more sentimental, emotional, and plain sad and happy all at the same time when your child's birthday is coming up? I do. Last year I was a wreck for about a month. When my baby turned 1, I felt no longer needed, and I instantly wanted another one. Nice, huh...or selfish, hmm...

This year is proving to be no different in the memory department, but oddly enough, I am excited for Molly to turn 2. I feel like her world is so different and ever changing. She is discovering something about herself or her surroundings everyday. With 2 comes adventure I think.

But it doesn't stop me from thinking 2 years ago this week I was huge, never thought she would come (I was past my due date!) hot, swollen ankles, wanted everyone to stop asking me "Haven't you had that baby yet?!", and I really wanted this one lady at church to quit asking me if I was sure I wasn't having twins!

My world definitely has changed since the birth of Molly Ann. I would never take one day back, maybe some do overs for selfish reasons, but what doesn't kill ya, makes you stronger. So bear with me this week as I fondly remember one of the most important days in my life.

PS-I am coming up on my 100th watch out for my first giveaway!