Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 Year Check-Up

My child is perfect, and that is a direct quote from the doctor! Well, perfect for her age in the height, weight, head circumference category. Molly did fantastic as always at the doctor's office, and only good things to report. My baby is:
Height: 35 1/2 inches tall- 90%
Weight: 33 pounds-95%
Head: I have no clue measurement wise, but it's in the 90%

She scored above average on a developmental test they gave her, the only one she did not score so well in is verbal communication. But the doctor seems to think she will start talking within the next couple of months. If not we are supposed to go see a speech pathologist. But really the doctor does not think we will have to do that. No shots this time, hallelujah!

I love our doctor! Our doctor in Cincinnati really was irreplaceable to me. He prayed with us every time we were there, and he prayed for Molly, and one time he prayed for her future spouse and I started crying. So when we moved to Milwaukee I was so nervous about finding a good doctor. A lady at church recommended this one office, we got in, and I have loved it ever since. Our doctor is a wonderful, Christian lady who takes time to listen to me, and asks questions about our life as a family, not just, "ok, what's wrong with your kid." She is awesome!

Once Molly gets her 2 year portraits done on Friday I can send out the invitations for her party. We are having a small party on her actual birthday, Saturday. Then we are having the larger party when we go back to Ohio in 2 weeks. So I need to get busy baking a birthday cake for the big 2 year old!


Katie said...

I wish you still lived in Ohio!! She is perfect, and so beautiful. Your doing a wonderful job. Sounds like her and Lauren are similar in size. I think Lauren weights a tiny bit less and head is a little smaller but they are very close. It is heavy tugging around big girls, isn't it? Thanks for the comment. Have a great wed.

Kari said...

Good reports are always wonderful. She's a healthy little girl. My daughter has always been tall and skinny. She had her 4 year wellness a couple weeks ago and she finally reached 33 pounds. haha!
She'll talk. Every kid is different. And usually once they start - they don't stop ;o)

Linda said...

Happy Second Birthday To Molly!

Glad to hear that your baby is perfect! (Aren't they all?") (:>)
Precious little miracles,...every one of them.

It is so nice to have a doctor that you like. You have been blessed with that twice!

I think Molly is blessed to have such a sweet mommy who loves her soooo much!

Continued Blessings!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kristin said...

She is so adorable, Kate! My kids heads have always been off the charts, so much so that the Doctor was starting to worry about them. What can I say, they just have huge heads. LOL!!

I'm glad that she's doing so well. Like I said, it always seems like they start talking almost overnight, so I bet one day she'll take off with that. Hooray for no shots! I think those are worse on the Moms than the kids. Ha!

I can't wait to see her portrait! I hope she has a super fun birthday on Saturday and then lots of fun at her Ohio one too.

Becca said...

YAY for a great check-up and not having to get shots! Shots are not fun at all! It is wonderful that you have a doctor that you like so much. Like he said, I wouldn't worry about her talking. I'm sure it will just happen over night.

She is such a cutie that Molly!

Unknown said...

Wow, your dr in Cincinnati sounds so wonderful! And your new one sounds great too! I'm sure Molly will be talking soon. Kyndra always falls below the 50th percentile. I don't think she's going to be really tall. lol Never know though, she could surprise me. :)

~Sandy said...

Glad to hear she is doing just perfect!!!!! She is soooooooo beautiful:)I hope she has a happy 2nd birthday.