Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goals, Giveaway, and Greatness

Let me be honest to begin with, I am not sure what the greatness is, I just needed a word that started with a 'G,' and that is all my mind could think of.

I love to make lists...I used to make a list every night before I went to bed. On my list I would write down, "get dressed," because really, who forgets to do that in the morning? Apparently I would have, without my list. So here is to a list style post...

I am getting that back to school buzz that I once had when I taught Kindergarten, bet you didn't know that. I love planning and putting lessons together. Sick, I know :) So as this Fall rolls around, and everyone is getting back into the swing of school, routines, and classes, I find myself wanting to do the same. I am coming up with goals for this Fall that I want to start accomplishing. They range from a reading plan for daily Bible study time, a time to blog/check email, etc, a time to read with Molly, help Molly learn the ABC's, 1,2,3' get the point. So any helpful advice on good books about learning the basics for toddlers would be great.

Here is what you all will be playing for on my 100th post, so if this one is my 99th, then my 100th would be...
I wanted to give things away that represented me, and what is important to me. I had a hard time at first with what to giveaway. So after thinking about it, probably way too much, I came up with these...
Gift #1- A Noah's Ark themed paper/craft/project to do with your kids, nieces/nephews, or neighbor kids. I love doing artsy things with Molly, so I hope you enjoy this too. I have never done anything like this project, so hopefully it's not a total flop!

Gift #2- I got this picture frame at the Lang store. Are you all familiar with Lang? I love it! My husband however, not so much! I love the verse on this frame!

Gift #2 cont'd- I am not sure why I did not just take the picture with both the frame and journal together, but I didn't! And I seemed to make a still picture crooked. Fantastic skills, eh? So the journal is great, spiral bound (the teacher coming out in me), and I use mine to take sermon notes each week. Use yours however you choose. I love paisley prints!

Gift #3- I LOVE this book! Even if you do not win this book, please get your hands on a copy and read it! This represents how much I love marriage, despite fights (see last post). Marriage is an awesome gift from God. Nurturing, growing, and restoring your marriage is something I love to see and do. As a future counselor, I will recommend this book to lots of people!
Are you confused? Here is a Gift wrap-up...
Gift 1- Noah's Ark craft
Gift 2- Picture frame/journal
Gift 3- "Sacred Marriage" book
*Stay tuned for details on the giveaway!
So now I must come up with something great. I think I have something. Do you ever go through those seasons in your spiritual life where you just feel dry, like nothing is really happening. I have been there, but right now, I feel overfilled, over joyed, and like God is getting ready to do something big with me. I am not sure where else these feelings of happiness, contentment, and pure joy could come from if not from God. So stay tuned to hearing more about this change that is happening, because when I find out, I will let you know.
Now on to my little DIY project. I am not super crafty, I try to be, but sometimes it just does not happen for me. But I think I am making progress. Here is my latest project...
Empty Vase +

Decorative Fall things =

Something semi-cute for Fall! I like it, it's growing on me, my husband however, thinks it looks too Victorian. We are more the modern, contemporary/boring type, so he does not like it. I need some help, opinions please!

Thanks for sticking with me! I know this post was really long, so if you made it all the way through to the end, give yourself a pat on the back!


Mrs. McFadden said...

my mom keeps little bath soaps in her jars like the one you have there. I've also see sand and sea shells. I like it the way it is though!

Becca said...

Oh I think it turned out very cute for the fall. I like the idea above for sand and seashells for the summer! Cute ideas for Giveaways! I will definitely be trying for that!

Veronica said...

I am a list maker too and don't worry, you're not the only one who puts "getting dressed" on your list, LOL!

The items you'll be giving away are awesome. I have never heard of that marriage book, but I will need to check it out. I am still trying to read Crazy Love and The Shack at the same time so maybe I should try to get through those first!

Jenilee said...

I made it to the end and the "greatness" looks great! I love fall :)

Sacred Marriage is my favorite marriage book. I blogged about it quite a bit on awake. So much GOOD stuff in that one book! Great giveaway!

I'm about to hit my 200th post on our family blog... what am I going to give away??

Kristin said...

You are just too fun! We are so best friends because I promise you I looked at that Noah's ark kit today and I almost bought it. I came so close!!!! That is so funny!!

I didn't know you were a teacher....I bet you were a great Kindergarten teacher! I am so looking forward to the routine and schedule of school coming up! I have become so lazy and I need to get with it again!!

As far as helping Molly girls have always loved the flash cards you can buy. And shapes puzzles too. And there are some really good leapfrog DVD's that they liked too that teach numbers and words.

Yay for 100 posts! Those are great giveaways! I love your fall vase. It looks really pretty!

Unknown said...

You've got some great things to give away. Hooray! That pipecleaner Noah's art kit is so cute! The only thing I have gotten so far for Kyndra (and haven't used them yet) are flashcards.

I think that vase thing would look really neat with a fall colored ribbin around the neck of it or something like that.

Mom Putnam said...

cool giveaways Kate-we are going to start potty training Audrey in sept I think ( up to trina) and hopefully have her done by the time the baby gets here in Nov. will teach her to read like i did the girls too but not till she is 4. Like the vase too

Molly's Grandma said...

I so remember your lists. The one item you forgot to mention was that the last item on every single list was "anything else I can think of" I think it was your catchall phrase so you wouldn't forget. I used so smile everytime I found one of your To Do Lists.

Kim said...

so seriously when I think of making a "to do" list I ALWAYS think of you...I remember coming to your room when we lived in the dorms and you would ALWAYS have a yellow post-it stuck to your desk with your "to dos" on it!! that and I remember you would IRON everything and you ALWAYS have you clothes laid out! even your undies!! hehe...I always thought you were the most "together" person I'd ever met!!