Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I just want to give my Mom a shout out on her birthday...Happy Birthday Mom! The picture above is from her birthday last year, the Big 5-0...I think she looks pretty good for only being ??

We thought Molly was going to be born on my Mom's birthday, but she wanted her own day, as you all know!

Here are some things about my Mom that I want to share...
*She can be a little goofy
*She can totally make things up while she is talking
*She is my Best Friend, we talk at least 5 times a day
*She is a source of strength for me
*She always encourages me
*She is a very strong woman of God, and has a lot of faith
*For every single thing she has dealt with in life, she has persevered
*I love her more today then I did yesterday, and it's not just because today is her birthday
*She is so thoughtful and loving
*I absolutely adore her, and hope someday I can live up to her legacy

Happy Birthday Mom!


Kristin said...

That's so sweet! Happy Birthday Beth! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Veronica said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. That is so special that the two of you are so close. Best wishes to your mom for a wonderful birthday!

Molly's Grandma said...

Thanks Kate. For the record, I try to confess if I've made up something (sometimes I will make a statement and then think "Wait, did I just make that up?"). I love you Michi, very much. Mom

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!! I'm a little late but I'm behind on all my blogs I read.

Mom Putnam said...

Happy Birthday sweet cousin of mine, I hope you had a great day, it should be on a holiday like mine then it would be easier to remember-lol
You mean alot to me and i love you dearly

Phil said...

I married her and I agree with your comments on her. She is strong in the Faith too and I pray you enjoy your weekend with family!!

Becca said...

That is a really sweet post! I hope she had a great birthday. And yes, she looks great for her age. I would have never guessed!