Monday, August 31, 2009

Sad Day...

So today when I checked Molly in at the gym the wonderful lady behind the desk told me that tomorrow Molly will be moving to big kids room. Now, I am sure this does not seem like a big deal, and oh how exciting for Molly, but it is a big deal, a really big deal! We have been going to the gym since we moved here in the Fall of 2007. I officially started going in December, when Molly was about 4 months old. That is how old they have to be before you can leave them in the child care. We chose this gym specifically for the child care. They have cameras in the room, and each machine you workout on has a TV, with cable-score, but also you can watch the child care room while you work out. We loved that!

We also know every single worker upstairs in the room she is in now. There is not a lot of turn-over there, which I appreciate. Most of the ladies up there have kids in school during the day, and they work while their kids are in school. I love that there are experienced Moms up there, and I ask them all my silly, first time Mom questions. They have taken care of my baby for over 2 years! Now she is moving to another room with new teachers, bigger kids, and no cameras for me to spy on her!

I thought I was going to start crying when the lady told me about this move. Now, I am not the super-weepy type, or the over-protective type, but I am today for some reason. I think the thought of 5 year olds and my 2 year old together, in the same room, kind of scare me. Although my kid can hold her own, but still, you know!

This whole growing up business, I just don't know about it. I know she will do fine, and she will love to run around the little gym, and play with the older kids. If I am this way with the gym moving her to another class, there is no hope for me and the first day of Kindergarten!


Unknown said...

That is sooo neat that you have tvs that you can watch your kids on! You have a cool gym. I'd be so sad too! I wouldn't want Kyndra in the big kid one!

Kari said...

I'm with you. That would be hard for me. Bella starts kindergarten next year - need to start prepping for that. I'm attached to my kids big time :o) your package in the mail today.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You poor thing, I know its hard to let go. I know that I would be feeling exactly the way you are.
I am sure that she will be fine and you know that but being that you have been watching all this time is going to be a big adjustment. (I know this is different, but this is my baby now)
When I needed to put my puppy Skye in the kennel for vacation I went and checked out one that was nearby and new. Well the dogs get to play all day. They move them around to different areas with different dogs. I know how much she loves to play because she was able to play at puppy class before it started. But then I realized that no way would I enjoy my vacation wondering what dogs were playing with her and if she was getting hurt. I didn't mind it when I could be there with her.

Kristin said...'re so adorable, Kate! I know what you mean....this growing up thing, I'm not too sure about either! Ha! But, I get so caught up in the excitement of them being excited about moving on, that I didn't get upset when they started school. It's at the graduation ceremonies and dance recitals, that I have to concentrate not to cry! LOL!

Mom Putnam said...

Kate, I know how hard it is for you b/c I felt the same way when the girls were little. But, it was all part of growing up and letting them spread their little wings (so to speak) and they did better than me. It will be fine, you have done amazing with herand she will remember all the things you have taught her. Maybe now and then you can spy on her to make it easier for you. love ya.

Veronica said...

Kate, I can totally relate to how you're feeling. They do grow up way too fast! My heart even hurts a little now when I see Alyssa playing and interacting with other kids like a big girl. I just don't know where the time went. I've been here all along but it just feels like I blinked and years flew by.

I hope the transition at the gym will be an easy one for both you and Molly. I'm sure everthing will work out fine. :)

Verna said...

Kate, enjoy her while she is young, but let her try new adventures as she gets older..... How exciting that she gets to move to the next class and make new friends too.

Yes, they grow up way to fast. Mine ---now almost 30 is having her own baby the first of next year. And yet I still think of her as my baby. :)

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