Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unorganized Nothingness

I really feel like I have nothing profound to say, but I am still going to tell you all some stuff anyway! I have caught up on reading everyone's blog, and sorry I did not really comment, but I promise I did read all of your entries. Nothing super exciting going on here, other than we are having some awesome, unseasonably cool weather! Here comes Fall! Seriously, it has been in the high 60's here! I love having the windows open, and breathing in fresh air.

I am all unpacked from Ohio, and it has become apparent to me that I totally left my camera cord in Ohio, tear, tear. So sad! I really must have not been feeling well! I hardly ever leave anything anywhere, I am a little OCD like that. Eric has a card reader, but it does not read my camera card. Does anyone know if I can take my memory card to Wal-Mart or Walgreens and put it in their fancy machine and burn a CD? My Mom sent me her pictures they took, so for your viewing pleasure...

At the beginning of the party!

Playing with her cousin, Jace.

Blowing out her candle, which she actually did!

You can tell how Molly felt about the family picture.

A picture with my Mom and Step-Dad, Phil. Molly's party was literally one month after his surgery, and I think he looks pretty good! They drove in for the party. My husband looks like a giant compared to the rest of us!

Let's see, what else...Molly is "talking" a lot more. She is repeating words more easily, or at least trying. I still have those times where I have zero, and I mean zero clue what she is saying! She now says train, and choo-choo. She will repeat words, but it takes a long time for her to build them in her vocab where she says them all the time. I swear, if the Backyardigans would just sing the ABC's or count, she would totally do it too.

I just started reading this book for my licensing course, long story... short version...I thought I was totally finished with school, but apparently you have to actually do something to be licensed to practice my vocation...a little sarcasm there, but more frustration. I thought I had already met the requirements for licensing, but they sneaked a class in on me! So I am trying to have a good attitude, suck it up and finish the class. Which I determine how fast I finish, since it is distance learning. I know God has a plan, and maybe I need more time learning about his plan and my vision for counseling. Sorry for the brief interruption, now on to what I was talking about...I started reading this book yesterday called "Ordering Your Private World" by Gordan McDonald. Let me tell is so good! It is a fast read, I am already half way through it, and remember...I am not a reader by nature! It talks a lot about priorities, and ordering your inner self, your private world. It talked about being busy, and I love how he puts it...
"I sometimes have the feeling that if I don't tell my friends how tired I am they will doubt I am doing anything worthwhile...How did we get to a day when stress and fatigue are almost a badge of success?"
I highly recommend this book, well I am seven chapters into it so far, so I highly recommend the first seven chapters. I plan on finishing it today during Molly's naptime.

One more thing...I am getting my haircut tomorrow! I love getting my hair cut. I don't know why, but I do. I am one of those people that when I get something on the brain, I have to do it. And fortunately for me, we have a girl at church who is going to beauty school and is now giving haircuts and all that fun stuff. So I am going to her school tomorrow to get all done up. Eric has reminded me numerous times that I don't have a lot of hair to cut, but I need a change, more layers, bangs, who knows. Thanks for reading along, and to think at the beginning I thought I had nothing to talk about!


Veronica said...

I am totally laughing right now because I was just thinking exactly what you said in the last line of this post and then you ended up saying it! How funny!

Glad you guys had a good time at Molly's birthday party. You step-dad looks amazing! That is wonderful that Molly is learning new words. It's so funny when they're learning how to talk! Other people always need an interpreter (mom) to figure out what the little one said! :)

Yay for getting a haircut! That will be awesome! I am in desperate need of a new cut and grays are getting out of hand!!! I am still in denial that a person can be graying this much at 29 yrs old! Yikes!!!

Verna said...

Love the photos.

Your step dad looks great. Glad he is doing so well.

Ya for the hair cut, I got mine cut last night. So now it is even shorter. Years ago, I could sit on my hair, but had head aches all the time from the bobbie pins and putting my hair up and the weight of my hair. After I went short, I declared I would never again have long hair. So my boy cut is here to stay. So much easier to care for and a lot less head aches.

Molly is getting so big already. Before long she will be talking in sentences, etc. They seem to grow up way too fast. Enjoy her while she is small.

Have a great day.

Tina said...

good news. they have a card reader for about $20 at Best Buy. It's universal and will read all memory cards.

Cheaper than going to a store, I think.

Kristin said...

I think Molly looks SO adorable in her Bday outfit!! LOVE it! I'm glad you all had a good time. Phil looks great and I am so glad that he's doing so well!

I'm glad Molly's doing so well with her vocabulary too....I bet she sounds so cute!

That book sounds good too. I feel like that as a stay at home if I just enjoy my day and don't get exhausted or stressed that people think I'm just lazy. I hate that!

Yay for a good haircut too! I'm trying to schedule a day when I can get with my Aunt so she can make mine look good again. ha!

Sorry you had one more class to do, but you are going to be a great counselor one day!

Becca said...

AWE! I love the photos! Molly looks super cute in her tutu and birthday outfit! YAY for the step-dad doing so well. He does look amazing for only a month after surgery- its wonderful!

Can't wait to see how your haircut turns out. Bangs would be super cute!

Unknown said...

I know that Walmart has the card readers b/c I've printed pics from my memory card before.

Man, it's a pain in the butt unpacking and putting everything away. The not-so-fun part of traveling. Ugh.

I love getting my hair done. It's sooo relaxing to me and I always end up falling asleep. :)

Mom Putnam said...

He looks very good and I am glad things are going ok for him and your mom right now, now if we can only make a connection. LOL
As far as the haircut, my motto is
"It is only hair and will grow back"
Good luck

Kari said...

Love the tutu. Could she be any cuter. I know how the last moments of schooling can seem to go on forever. And can't wait to see your hair. Got mine cut Wednesday. Not much to cut, but added layers and texture and I like it so much more.