Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're Back

Well we are back from Ohio...with the stomach flu and all! Eric got it on Friday, then his Dad on Saturday, and I was lucky enough to get it on Sunday! We love to share! I am feeling a lot better, but I hate being sick! Other then the flu, our trip was fun, fast, and Molly's party was great. She loved all the Backyardigan decorations, and all the cupcakes had little finger puppets on them with pictures of the Backyardigans.

Also on our trip, my wonderful husband surprised me with an overnight getaway. It was our 10 year anniversary of our first date, and he totally surprised me by recreating part of our first date, then we ended at a really nice hotel. Eric's parents watched Molly for us, so we were able to enjoy some coupe time, alone! I highly suggest doing this with your spouse! Eric and I have not really been away from Molly for just us time. It was so nice!

I know a month ago I said I would never go another week without checking your blogs, because it is so hard to get caught up...well I did! I didn't check my email, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter all week! I have to admit, it was so nice! I did miss reading about you all and what you are doing, but it was so nice to stay away from the computer too! So now I am playing catch up, just slowly this time, since I am still trying to feel better. So I will be around this week, I can't wait to read what has been going on since I last read your blog! I am trying to find my cord for my camera to upload pictures, so once I get those uploaded, I will share with you all!


Kristin said...

So glad you had a good time and got to have a getaway too. I can't wait to see pics of Molly from her party :) Yucky for the stomach flu :( Glad you're starting to feel better!

I know what you mean about the computer too. I love reading about everyone, but it's so nice to be away from it too.

Becca said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip! That was so sweet of the Mr. to surprise you like that. I hate that you all got the flu. Hurry up and get better so you can post a bunch of pictures from the trip. I can't wait to see the ones from Molly's party!

Lyryn said...

I went on vacation and it has been the hardest thing to catch up on. I missed reading everyone… everyday! You’ll get there, take your time! ;)

Shannon said...


I gave you an award on my blog today (8.25.09). Please stop by & check it out.



Unknown said...

Sorry you guys all got the flu. Being sick is no fun at all!! I'm glad Molly's party went well. I bet it was fun for her. That was so nice of youi hubby to surprise you with a little getaway for the 2 of you. It's good to spend time alone as a couple although Anth and I have maybe had that once since Kyndra was born. lol

Man, I imagine you have tons of things to catch up on after missing a week. I miss a day and I'm so behind! haha But in the end it's no big deal. There's always time for that (maybe).