Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Early Halloween Treat

Today Molly and I went to Goodwill to do some Halloween Costume hunting. We were successful! Meet my little dog, or as Molly calls them...arf, arf!

I thought it was so cute and for $4.99, really, who could beat that?! I was nervous that it wouldn't fit her, because whoever owned it first cut the tag out, so I tried it on her in the store and she started running around saying, "arf, arf!" We really don't do a whole lot for Halloween. Last year we went to this thing called Boo at the Zoo, where the zoo is all decorated for Halloween. We also went trick-or-treating for like 10 minutes with our friends from church. It was so cold here last year, that is why we only lasted 10 minutes! I think it was in the 30's already!

Do you all do anything special for Halloween? I wasn't allowed to go trick-or-treating as a kid, but I think it was more like my parents didn't want to walk around with me! Trick-or-treating with Molly is funny, because all the people know we (the parents) are going to eat the candy, yet we make her go up to the door and get it!

Nothing else going on...Eric is in a softball league and they play every Tuesday night. Because it could snow here next week, kidding, yet not kidding, they play double headers to get the whole season in. So I am watching Big Brother, eating Reese's Pieces and checking blogs! Have a great night friends!


Kristin said...

That's so cute and what a great deal! During Halloween here, it's still like 85 degrees, all hot and humid, so the kids would melt in a costume like that :) We just go up and down the street in a big group and one parent will stay home at each house to hand out candy. That's about all we do.

April said...

$4.99 NICE WORK!! LOL I found that $20 was the going rate for a cheapy costume that would practically dissolve if it rained :P But yours looks nice and warm (perfect for those unpredictable WI halloweens) I am planning on previewing our costume this week too!

Veronica said...

I love Molly's costume! She looks so cute in it!

I wasn't also not allowed to trick or treat as a kid either, since my dad was a pastor and we were raised pretty strict. Because of that, I'm really torn as to what the right thing to do is with my girls. I do not like Halloween at all and don't feel comfortable letting the girls trick or treat.

Last year my hubby passed out candy with Alyssa. I think that's what we may do again this year. I know I don't sound like a really fun Mama, but Halloween is just not my kinda holiday!

Unknown said...

You got a good deal on the costume and it's cute!! That should keep her pretty warm I would hope! But let's also hope that this year it's a little warmer for you.

Hahaha I eat the candy. ;)

We don't live in a big neighborhood. Last year we just took Kyndra to 3 of our neighbors' houses and that was it. I passed out candy the rest of the night. We buy a lot of candy and give our two handfuls to each kid.