Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Day

Today we have had a lazy day. We went to church then came home, napped, worked on a book report, and hung out. It has been so nice to just do whatever we want! We went over and visited a family from church, and to be able to see the progress made in their walk with the Lord has been phenomenal. This family was once far from God, and now they are serving him in everything that they do. Okay, well maybe not everything, no one is perfect, but they have come a long way! To be able to see them make strides has been so humbling and so gratifying for us. I hope you all have been able to see some of the seeds you have planted along the way grow and become beautiful.

Last night we went were able to eat and fellowship with another family from church, and we had ourselves a good old time! I think Molly had more sugar and sweets last night then she has had in her whole life! She had a great time! Molly also got her hair cut. Sami, the girl who cut my hair, cut Molly's hair for us. She did a great job, but it is really short! I know the curls don't help because it looks a lot shorter, but it's cute. Here is a picture of the back. We went to the park this afternoon, so the front was a little crazy looking.

Back view of Molly's hair

Here is my $6 steal of a shirt

A little better view, but please do not laugh, I forgot to suck it in!
I was more worried about the self timer going off before I got in place!

The usual, Molly kissing the cat

Billy also doubles as a pillow for her too

Eric and I
I will not tell you that he was bending down to take the picture. He is almost a foot taller then me, so the whole self taking thing is hard without him bending down!

This is another typical thing for Molly, carrying my purses and wearing my shoes!

We really have nothing planned for tomorrow. It's funny because everyone makes a big deal about a 3 day weekend, when really every weekend is like a 3 day weekend for me, well more like a seven day week, with no real specific weekend! We are going to enjoy some family time, which of late, Molly loves jumping in our bed and bringing all of her musical instruments in there with her. Oh did I mention we all have to be under the covers, playing the instruments, yes all 3 of us!


Kari said...

Molly's hair is amazing. I want it!
Love the shirt. All the photos were great :o)
Our 3 days weekends are the same. But I enjoy them more than being so busy you don't have time to enjoy each other! Have a great day tomorrow!
ps...even Molly's hair color is beautiful. geeze!

Kristin said...

I love both of your haircuts! Her hair is so thick and beautiful!

Love your shirt....what an awesome deal!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Nicole said...

Your shirt looks amazing! Very cute and even better that it was 6 bucks!

Unknown said...

She sure does have a lot of curls! It looks cute!!

And your shirt! Va va voom! ;) Looks great on you and what a great price!!

Myra @ My Blessed Life said...

I loved reading this post! Molly's hair is gorgeous and I love, love, love your shirt! So cute!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog posts! They are always such an encouragement to me! :)

Veronica said...

Love, love all the pics you posted. Both Molly's and your haircuts are awesome!

You made me laugh when you talked about forgetting to suck in. You're so silly!