Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tonight's the Night

Here is what I have been looking forward to since we won the Super Bowl...and tonight is the night, the official kick-off to the NFL football season...can you tell I LOVE this!

Tonight the Steelers meet the Tennessee Titans...and we of course, will win! We are HUGE Steelers fans, and love to see them win! Could I end anymore sentences with a "!" Clearly, our blood runs black and gold here. Let's Go Steelers!

In other news...Molly had her first skin check...we had to go to Children's Hospital today and see a dermatologist for kids. The hospital campus here is huge! It is like a million miles long, well maybe not that many, but you get the point. I grew up in a town that had one hospital, and only one hospital. But we have all these research hospitals up here and I am thankful for that, we have great care, but it can be tricky to get around.

Molly checked out great, she has no moles or freckles yet, but we have a strong family history of skin cancer on my side, so our pediatrician said we could never be too safe or too early to get her checked.

I loved reading about everyone's first place that they lived yesterday! That was fun! Eric and I talked about our apartment last night, and he said his favorite thing was the huge closet, too. Well, I am off to clean up from this tornado that came through my house, it was an F-16 Molly!


Kristin said...

Ha! Tornado Molly! I have one of those called Tornado Lily! :)

I was cracking up at your comment on my blog. I must need it alot too because God shows me stuff every day, sometimes every hour! I did tell Him that He might have to knock me over the head because sometimes I don't listen very well, and sometimes He does just that and I love it! LOL!

I'm glad Molly is okay. I know what you mean about the Children's hospitals. When I went to TX Children's to visit the babies, I felt like I was in a different country!

Have a great day, Kate!

P.S. I know we are so BFF's and all, but I don't like football at all. We can still be friends, right? Ha!!

Nicole said...

I thought you would be happy to know I picked up Big Ben as my quarterback for fantasy football. So I hope they win tonight too! Hopefully he will be throwing several touchdown passes!

Unknown said...

GOOOOO STEELERS and Big Ben!!!! Kick some Titan butt!!!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear the derm appt went well and that everything is A-ok w/ Molly!!

Kari said...

Yep, the Jeep has a radio! It's a power wheels Jeep and it pretty much simulates a real one. My husband wouldn't have it any other way. He says he wants to put a lift on it - haha!!!

Sorry this is so random, don't see an email to respond to so I'm throwing this in the middle of a football post!

Heather said...

Titans fan here, I think y'all got lucky that night! :) My brother is a Steelers fan, no idea why, but we can't watch a game together. Which we don't have the chance too much anymore since I live out of state.

Looking forward to a rematch one day!