Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Book List

Usually on Tuesdays I write about what I am thankful for, but today I figured I would join in my friend's Jenilee link-up.  I am thankful for Jenilee and her wisdom and experiences as a Mom, Wife, and Woman of God that she shares on her blog!  Jenilee wants to know about our favorite books, and/or what we are reading now.  Now if you know me-in the blog world, or in real life, you would know I am not a natural born reader.  My Mom on the other hand loves books, actually that is an understatement.  She will pick up 6-10 books on Friday on her way home from work, and be done with them by Monday morning.  Sickening, I know!  So here is my list of what I have read recently and what some of my favorite books are.

1. The Bible-what kind of Pastor's Wife would I be if I did not say that?!  I love The Message when I want to just sit and read like it's a novel or something, but to actually study the scriptures I use my NIV or NLT Bible.

2. Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald-this book changed my life, and it's a must read to get your life in order.

3. Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl-love, love this book!  He was a survivor of Nazi Germany, and a prisoner in a concentration camp.  Awesome book!

4. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas-one of my favorites and must read to make your marriage better.

5. Any Bible study book by Jen Hatmaker-she writes like she is your best friend, and knows your life.

6. Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus-each chapter is short, it's kind of like a devotional, but not really.

Some other authors I like to read...
Francis Chan, Rob Bell, Philip Yancey, Max Lucado

I also like to read about child rearing, potty training, becoming a better wife/woman/lover of God, and I read a ton of magazines!


Jenilee said...

I love your list and I appreciate your honest! Jeremy is not a natural reader either but he enjoys it more as he reads more. it really is a great way to grow! The message bible is a fun resource. i'm always curious about what a certain passage will read like in that version! thanks for taking the time to answer and link up!

Kristin said...

That's what I like about The Message. I have the list of books you emailed me once and I have them in my purse for when I need suggestions :)

Kelly said...

This is a great list! I love reading, but finding time (making time) for it is something I have trouble doing. Sacred Marriage sounds really good. I'll definitely have to read that one. My favorite books to read are of course my Bible, Bible studies, and books on how to be a better wife/mother/godly woman.

Thanks for sharing these!

Verna said...

Thank you for sharing. I would have loved to do it, but find myself being so busy the last week that I find it hard even to keep up reading my blog friends blogs. Let alone have time to do a entry on my own blog.

Unknown said...

I have the book Man's Search for Meaning but I haven't read it yet. My cousin Luke gave it to me. I can't remember if it was before or after Carleigh's birth but sometime around then. I think it will be my next read.

Kari said...

I love the Message too, though I find I use every printed translation out there :o) Can make for long study times, but I so enjoy it. I'm going to have to check out some of the others on your list. Glad you posted this!