Saturday, October 17, 2009

Playing with Playdough

We have pretty much laid low this week due to a certain 2 year old's cold.  It started as a runny nose, that has slowly worked it's way down to her chest.  So now she sounds like she has smoked for half her life and is hacking up a lung.  But we did give her honey one night to help with her cough, and it worked.  Did you all know that?  We put it on a spoon and she licked it off.  She didn't really like it, but she got enough that it coated her throat and she was not up all night coughing.

One afternoon we played with playdough that Molly received for her birthday.  She does not like having a mess on her hands, so this was interesting.  I tried to make playdough for her this summer, but it turned out so awful, and I think I ruined her for wanting to play with it ever again.  But I think she enjoyed herself this week.

Of course this was after I said "we don't eat the playdough!"

We are pretty much hanging low again today, maybe a trip to Michaels, because our friend, Sarah over at Our Cozy Robbins Nest made these super cute Christmas signs that has inspired me to make some.  She said she would make them for me, but I am going to try it first, and hope that I succeed.  If not-I will email you Sarah!  Eric is preaching tomorrow, so on weekends that he preaches we always stay home and chill out.  Hope you all have a fun, relaxing weekend, and a great Sunday!

"A smile takes but a moment, but its effects sometimes last forever."


Kristin said...

Molly looks so cute playing with her playdough! I'm headed to Michael's later too.....I will have to go check out Sarah's signs before I go! I need to think of more things to add to my shop. I hope Molly is feeling better soon!! Enjoy your weekend. Oh, I was reading ahead in proverbs yesterday....there are some really good ones in there!

He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that Molly feels better soon. STuffy noses are no fun. I am off to check out the signs.

Ms. Sarah said...

stuffy noses are going around. Molly is too cute.

have a great weekend

Sarah Robbins said...

I am glad you like the signs! I make them for all the holidays and rotate them. I just make them to fit inside an 8 x 10 frame and then change them out with the holidays. I can't wait to see how your's turn out!

PS Hope your little cutie is feeling better soon. Have you tried a humidifier in her room? We use one year round and it really helps!

Kelly said...

I hope Molly feels better soon! It seems like colds and stuff are going around all over! She looks like she enjoyed the playdough :)

Steph T. said...

Hey are you going to make those signs that say Merry Christmas and Rejoice on them from that girls blog? If so let me know...I love them! Looks like it is just scrapbook paper and stamps...any hints on how she made them?

September said...

ohhh-- we love playdoh here at our house! I know a lot of people avoid it because of the mess,, but I LOVe the time that it consumes while their creative minds are at play! That is what brooms, and vacuums are for!
Your Molly is the cutest by the way!
I sure hope she feels better soon!

Becca said...

So sorry she has been feeling bad. I hope that she gets better soon!

The pictures of her with the playdough are all cute! Autumn loves it too but I can't stand the mess haha!

Unknown said...

I hope Molly enjoyed playing with the play-doh! I'm afraid Kyndra would try to eat it! lol I have heard about the honey but I haven't used it yet since Kyndra hasn't really gotten a bad cough yet.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...



Katie said...

I wish Lauren didn't like to get dirty.. She drags the playdough out and then spills the Moonsand (don't even buy that) everywhere. I hope she feels better, thanks for the honey tip. My kids hate medicine but they might go for honey. Hope she feels better, she is a beauty..

Veronica said...

Hey! I hope Molly is finally feeling better! I love that pic of her putting the rolling pin her her mouth! For some reason my kids have to put everything in their mouthes...even Alyssa! I definitely thought she would have outgrown that by now!

Hoped your attempt at making the signs worked out. I'd love to see what you came up with!