Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Keeping in the spirit of Pastor Appreciation Month...I am going to write a couple things about the pastors and ministry staff at The Ridge, and why I am thankful for them...

Mark-Lead Pastor- Thank you for giving my family so many opportunities to learn and grow, you want to see us succeed just as badly as we want to, you will never know how much your advice and encouragement means to us.

Michael-Creative Arts/Media Pastor- First off you know more about music and media combined that blows my mind, you have come a long way from when we first met you, and I feel so proud of you and all that you have accomplished in your ministry, marriage, and within yourself.

Becky-Pastor of Kids-Although you are not a mom yourself, you love all of the kids that walk through the doors at The Ridge like your own, you have a passion to see children love Jesus, and thank you for caring for Molly as much as I do.

Elissa-Creative Arts- Where to start with you...when I talk to you sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself, because we are so much alike, you get me and I get you, for that I am thankful forever, you sacrifice so much for The Ridge and it's people, you do more behind the scenes work that you don't get credit for, and you rarely complain about it.  You see the greater cause for it all, and thank you for being humble and sharing your amazing voice with us on Sundays.

Julie-Finances- You know more about our paychecks and insurance then I will ever know.  Thank you for answering my silly questions, and for helping out in any way that you can in the office.

Jean-Neighborhood Group Assistant- Thank you for trying to keep my husband sane!  You help him in so many ways, and you are always so sweet.

Last, but not least...my husband, Eric-Pastor of Students and Neighborhood Groups- Thank you for devoting your life to God and his ministry to reach people, you live out your convictions, and I am so proud to call you my partner.  You care so much about people and I know sometimes this is overwhelming for you, but you have one of the most important jobs on this earth, thank you for choosing me to share in all the good and bad times of ministry with you.

Who are the Pastors or important people in your life that you are thankful for?  Make sure you let them know!


Kristin said...

That was so nice! I am very thankful for my Pastor. He is really the only reason I decided to keep going to my church, because he has such a gift for just preaching the bible in everyday, relevant terms. And because I kept going, my whole family goes, and well you know the whole story......"thankful" just isn't a strong enough word for describing what has happened these past few months!

beautiful pieces said...

Visiting from Lynette's blog :-)

Stefanie said...

Hi, visiting from Lynette's blog and wanted to say "hello"! Have a great day! :)

Unknown said...

I do plan on getting some cards and gift cards to send out this weekend to the pastors I appreciate. It would be the Pastor B at our home church here in SW Ohio and Pastor T who was pastor for years at Ridge Chapel back in NW Ohio.

I think I will make a post about it!!

He & Me + 3 said...

This was just beautiful. I hope that they all read your blog. They would be so honored.

Anonymous said...

I'm visting from Lynette's blog! I'm also from the cheese state, but I was born and raised here! I did go to college at Liberty in VA so I escaped the WI weather for a few years, but now I'm back :) I grew up in Waukesha, but now live in Madison. I will have to look your church up. When I lived in Waukesha we went to Pilgrim Baptist which is now Fox River Community Church, which you might be familiar with. I'll stop rambling now :)