Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daily Reflection

When I was in college my Mom got me this cute little calendar with a daily thought/reflection/devotion on it.  I love it so much!  If you knew me IRL, you would know I am obsessed with quotes, or inspiring scriptures.  I used to keep a journal with really great quotes or verses.  So as I was flipping my calendar to today's date, here is what I read... 
"Having someone who underdstands is a 
great blessing for ourselves.  
Being someone who understands is a 
great blessing to others." 
Janette Oak

This quote really made reflect back on these past couple of weeks, and made me feel truly thankful for each and everyone of you.  You all have helped me heal, and maintain my hope and joy.  Your comments of encouraging words, sympathy, Bible verses, songs, or just to check in have helped me in so many ways. 

Thank you all for everything!  I feel very overwhelmed with thankfulness for all of you.  
Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wounded, but not broken

God has really, really impressed upon my heart that I am wounded, but I am certainly not broken.  Yes, these past 2 months, from finding out that I was pregnant, to miscarrying the baby, to miscarrying again have been hard.  I have cried, cussed, yelled, been angry, been down, but I am by no means broken, because at the end of the day I still have joy, and more importantly hope. 

My faith has been shaken, I definitely feel under attack by Satan, especially since coming on board as the children's pastor at church, and as Eric's ministry grows, but my faith is still strong.  I still believe and trust in a God that can do more than we can imagine, that still performs miracles, that extends grace, mercy, love and forgiveness to all of us, even the ones who don't believe in him. 

So here I am wounded, but not broken...

"Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don't try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way." James 1:2-4

"Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life." James 1:12

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I thought it was over...

I thought the miscarriage business was all over.  I mean, really, what was left to come out?  Apparently still more.  To make a long, probably gross to some story short, I had to go back the emergency room yesterday to have an emergency D&C performed, without any anesthesia.

It was a normal morning, I dropped Molly off at the sitter's, drove to work, started my day out.  Then it all seemed to go downhill from there.  I had a lot of bleeding, and passing of things that should not come out of your body, you know what I mean.  Well, I hope none of you know what I mean, the sad reality is, you all do.  I called the doctor, they told me to go straight to the ER, and they would call ahead for me.  I was thinking, oh how nice of them, no, really they were preparing for the worst.  We got there and checked in, they took me back rather quickly, started an IV, drew blood, and did all sorts of fun stuff in a big hurry.

I had another ultra sound done, which confirmed I had passed everything but the baby.  "The what, was still in where??!!"  That might have been a direct quote from me when she told me what was happening.  I thought I had miscarried the baby and we were moving on and starting to grieve and process.  But really, the worst was yet to come.  After that I had many more physical exams, more blood taken, another bag of IV fluid, and was being prepped for surgery to have the D&C.  They came and asked me a million questions, all to find out that I have a severe reaction to any type of anesthesia.  Even the stuff they give you to make you loopy, nope, not good for me.  So they were originally going to give me a local, then when they found out that I get really sick, they were going to put me out, then I had to spend the night there, all while they trying to admit me to the OB floor.  Whose genius idea was it to put women having miscarriages or who have lost their babies on the same floor with women who have newborn babies?  Are you kidding me right now?!

Luckily, my doctor came down and saw me in the ER, where she was able to talk with us and give us some options and what not.  After much discussion, I opted to have her just do whatever she needed to do right there in the room, no drugs, no nothing but me holding onto the blanket with the one hand, and the other hand was holding the nurses.  By this time I did not care, and just wanted it all to be over with.  I am sure some you think I am nuts, and that thought has crossed my mind a lot today, but at that moment last night I just wanted to do anything I could to make it be over with quickly. 

The doctor was able to manipulate whatever she needed to to get the baby out.  My tiny baby was put into a plastic container for all to see on a rolling cart.  Not the happy, healthy birth I had planned in my head a month ago.  Then it was over.  The doctor believes she got out everything that was still left behind, and now I am on some medicine to help my cervix contract back to normal size, and get anything else in there out.  I had to go get my blood taken today to check my hormone levels, and I go back next week for the same thing and for another ultra sound. 

But last night we also had to choose where we wanted our baby buried.  I was not prepared for this, Eric was not prepared for this.  We never thought about this before.  But because I "delivered" my baby at a Catholic hospital they do not believe in discarding any fetus.  So they pay to bury your baby for you, and they even inscribe their name on a memorial stone, along with all of the other babies that have died there too.  I think this is a really nice thing to do, but I was not aware of this before last night, and really not prepared to deal with any of it.  Eric and I are not from around here, so the two options of cemetaries they gave us, we had no clue.  So we went with the one we knew where the road was.  How sad is that.  I chose my babies cemetary because I am semi-familiar with the road. 

We also got a birth certificate and some other information on miscarriage and infant loss.  They actually have a lot of wonderful things they give you.  I am very appreciative of the care we recieved at the hospital last night.  The nurses, doctors, ultra sound techs, everyone was great to us, and very accomodating. 

So that is where we are at right now.  What a turbulent Januray so far, all I want to know is, is it February yet?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday's Song: Healer

 Today I am joining Sarah...On Sundays, she posts songs that speak to her.  I love music.  I can not stress enough how much music has played a vital role in my spiritual life.  Sometimes my devotional time is me just belting it out, or crying like a baby while trying to sing, or just mouthing the words because my vocal chords can not make a sound.  I consider all of those forms of worship.  I can't wait until we all get to Heaven and can sing, dance, and praise God all while sitting at His feet. 

The song I am posting is from Kari Jobe, and it's called "Healer."  I won this CD a couple months back from a giveaway that Veronica was doing.  Once I got the CD, I instantly fell in love with it.  I hadn't listened to it for about a month or so until last week.  Then one day on my way to work I put it in and this song came on.  A month ago I really liked the song, totally believed the words she sings in it, but now it takes on a whole new meaning for me.  I was of course crying while singing the words "I believe you're my healer" and "I believe you are all I need."  This miscarriage has totally wrecked Eric and I in a whole new way that I never knew existed.  The only way we are going to get through it is with the help, mercy, and love that God gives us. 

"...nothing is impossible for you, you hold my world in your hands, nothing is impossible for you, you hold my world in your hands, and I believe you're my healer, Lord I believe you are all I need..."

Another great site

I absolutely love Mommy-made clothes, hats, bows, paintings, pretty much anything!  I know you all know about Kristin, Veronica, April, just to name a few of the talented ladies out there, but I wanted you all to check out my best friend, Jennifer's blog.  She makes cute, unique, fun paintings for everyone.  She does stuff for nurseries, birthday parties, and even cute, modern paintings for your house.  She has even made stuff for Miss. Harper Brown, yes, that Harper from Kelly's Korner.  Jennifer, much like Veronica, made Harper a present while she was in the NICU, Kelly blogged about it, and then wham, her business took off even more!

I love giving shout-outs to great Mommy-made businesses.  Lets support all of the handmade businesses out there!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Julie and Julia

Today while Molly (and Eric) napped, I watched this...

We don't get to the movies very often, okay that is an understatement.  Since Molly has been born, so almost 2 1/2 years, we have seen 2  movies together at the movie theater.  Isn't it ironic that our church meets in the busiest movie theater in Milwaukee, yet we never go.  But we do rent movies from the Red Box pretty often. 

So today while we were at Super Wal-Mart **sidenote, this impromptu trip there made my whole weekend!  We have to go 4 towns over to get to one, and Eric knows how much I love going, so we made a roadtrip today to go and he let me walk around the entire store.  I know this could be labeled pathetic, like my oreo eating, but I just love me some Super Wal-Mart.  Let me stess the Super part of it.  We have Target on every corner here and I love Target too, but there is something about Super Wal-Mart.  I know, I need help, and I am sure my MIL is cringing over this right now, she is not a Wal-Mart fan, but my weekend was made**

So that might not have been a sidenote, rather a whole nother blog post!  When we were leaving Wal-Mart, Eric asked if I wanted to rent a movie, and I said I wanted to see Julie and Julia.  He of course begrudgingly rented it and then fell asleep during it! 

It was a good movie, I liked it.  It definitely didn't end the way I thought it would, that was the only disappointing part of it I thought.  I won't give it away, but it was still cute.  I loved the idea that Julie, the main character was a blogger.  At times I felt encouraged, like yea, go blogging, and then I felt discouraged at times too, that chick blogged everyday, 365 days, who can do that?!  Even in the movie when she was sick, she still cooked and blogged about it! 

Overall it was a fun, cute, uplifting movie.  There was only one bad wor that I remember and it was like, why did that put that in there??  It made no sense, and it didn't make a dramatic point.  Oh well. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Something Beautiful'

 I love the group Need To Breathe.  They have such awesome, raw vocals, and lyrics that speak right to your soul.  I feel like I could go on and on about one of my new favorite songs, but I will let the music speak for itself.  Enjoy...

In your ocean, I'm ankle deep
I feel the waves crashin' on my feet
It's like I know where I need to be
But I can't figure out, yeah I can't figure out

Just how much air I will need to breathe
When your tide rushes over me
There's only one way to figure out
Will ya let me drown, will ya let me drown

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I'm in reach
'Cause I am down on my knees, I'm waiting for something beautiful
Oh, something beautiful

And the water is risin' quick
And for years I was scared of it
We can't be sure when it will subside
So I won't leave your side, no I can't leave your side

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I'm in reach
'Cause I am down on my knees, I'm waiting for something beautiful
Oh, something beautiful

In a daydream, I couldn't live like this
I wouldn't stop until I found something beautiful
When I wake up, I know I will have
No, I still won't have what I need

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I'm in reach
'Cause I am down on my knees, I'm waiting for something beautiful
Oh, something beautiful

Wordless Wed-She might have had a little bit of a weight problem

**All of these were taken 2 years ago to the day**
**Molly was a little big for 5 months here**
**Who can resist those rolls??**

Monday, January 18, 2010

Who Is Ready for Some Happy News??

Me!!!  I am, I am! 

On Saturday Eric and I went to our friend, Becky's wedding.  It was nice to have a babysitter, get dressed up, and go out, the two of us.  Plus, we were surrounded by wonderful, loving friends and all of their support.

Here are some pictures from camera decided to have a sick day, without notifying me, so some of, okay, all of them are not great, but whatever...

My 2 best friends here, Carrie and Elissa
Sporting my new haircut and dress here

Me and the beautiful bride, Becky
We let Molly stay up and wait for us, hence the crazy hair!!

Today I worked, and it felt good.  I hardly made it through church yesterday, I wanted to leave so bad, but I was trapped in a row.  I remember after my brother died, my Mom never wanted to go to church, and I never understood why, and know I do.  I can't tell you why, I am not sure of that myself, but I just now know why.  Make sense, didn't think so.  I have to call and cancel my doctor's appointments this week, so I am not looking forward to those calls, but they need to be made. 

Thanks you all for the love and support.  It means the world to me!  Have a great night!

Friday, January 15, 2010


It's funny how so much can change in a week.  I think back to last Friday, what we were doing, what was I thinking about, I am pretty sure I had no cares in the world.  It's amazing what happens in a blink of an eye.

We are still processing everything.  It's slowly becoming more real to me that I will not be giving birth in August.  We will not be celebreating a 4 year old and a 1 year old birthday together in 2011.  We will not be dedicating a baby at church this year, and I will not hold you until I get to heaven.

But through all of this God has and continues to show us his grace and mercy.  I can feel his favor upon us, and he is comforting us right now.  I would be lieing if I said I have not had any "why me, God?" moments, because I have.  I even have "why them and not us?" moments.  But then I remember that God has a perfect plan for each one of us, even our baby that is waiting for us in heaven.

Processing is a good word for what we are feeling, thinking, learning, and living.  I feel like I am not just grieving the loss of this baby, but the loss of all of the memories we planned on making with him or her.

Thank you for all of your prayers, still.  We feel them, and need them.  You all have been wonderful to us with your encouraging words, and outpouring of love that you have shown us.  You will never know how blessed you all make us feel.  Thank you for that.

"Time is a very precious gift from God; 
so precious that it's only given to us 
moment by moment." 
-Amelia Barr 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers...but the doctor did confirm that we lost our baby.  When we did the ultra sound today they could not find a heartbeat, and the baby had moved down too low in the cervix to survive. 

I think Eric and I are both in a state of shock and numbness right now.  Honestly, I have no clue how to feel, what to feel, or how to act.  Right now I am in the process of miscarrying, which is such an odd thought to me.  So I guess I still have more to feel, and more time to process all of this.

It still makes me smile to see Molly in her Big Sister shirt, and I will miss this baby that we never got to meet, but I know we will make it through this.  God has been good to us, and I am confident that he will continue to be. 

The story to go along with the picture...

First off, thank you all so much for the warm wishes and congratulations.  We are beyond excited and still a little shocked, in a good way.  We are due August 27, so I am 7 weeks today.  I know that according to all of the baby books you shouldn't tell people until you are out of the first trimester, or closer to 10-12 weeks.  Eric and I were totally going to do that, until this weekend.  It all started on Saturday afternoon...

I got off the phone with my dad and felt like something was not right.  I went to the bathroom and to my surprise I was bleeding.  Now I am no pregnancy expert, but I know that bleeding is not good when you are expecting.  So I called Eric right away, and then I called the doctor on call at my ob's office.  She called back and I told her what was happening, and I also told her that I was not experiencing any pain, none at all.  So she said that was a good sign, and I should put my feet up and drink lots of water.  But she also told me I could be in the early stages of miscarrying the baby. 

I did what the doctor ordered and it all seemed to get better, fast forward to Sunday morning, the bleeding came back, this time worse than before, so I called the doctor, she told me I was having a miscarriage, and quite frankly was very insensitive, and told me to face reality.  Well, I was still in no pain, so that explanation she gave me did not sit well with me.  So Eric and I left church, drove to the ER, proceeded to wait, have tests run, get an ultra sound, wait some more, go through about every emotion known to man kind in a period of 6 hours to find out that I have a 1cm subchorionic hemorrhage.  My hemorrhage is what is causing all of the bleeding.  On Sunday the ultra sound tech did picked up a nice strong heartbeat and the baby was just perfect.  I followed up with my doctor on Monday, and there was no change.  I was still bleeding, no worse, but no less, but the doctor still seemed to think that the baby is oblivious to anything going on around it. 

So as I sit here on Wednesday night, getting ready to have this automatically published on Thursday morning, we are in much different spot.  I started having really heavy bleeding today, and it's just not looking good.  I am still in no pain, none what so ever.  But according to the doctor I should not be bleeding this much.  I am going in tomorrow to have another ultra sound done to check the size of my hemorrhage and to make sure the baby is still not effected by all of this.  The doctor told me today on the phone that things were not in our favor. 

So friends, I need your prayers, and your happy thoughts.  I still have hope, I still believe that our baby is a fighter and can survive this, I believe in a God that still performs miracles.  On Saturday before everything happened I had this overwhelming urge to share our wonderful news with you all, but I stopped myself because I thought it was too soon.  But now, hopefully it's not too late. 

If you made it through this long post, thank you...I will keep you all up to date on what is going on, and thank you all again so much for the congrats and your prayers.

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown 
future to an all knowing God."
-Corrie Ten Boom

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Molly's BIG Announcement

**Yes, it's true, and we could really, really use your prayers right now...
**I will share more tomorrow, but today we rejoice

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Final Total

Remember how I told you all that our final total for our ReThinking Christmas offering was in...well I forgot to tell you the total!!  It is...$29,061.00

I know, for real!  The kids brought in almost $1000.00 alone.  The Ridge was able to help build 3 wells in Ethiopia, and we were able to give a significant amount to the Bread of Healing in downtown Milwaukee.  This is so exciting for our church!  I am so grateful to all the people and families that literally sacrificed gifts and their own presents to help others.  Our largest gift was $3000.00, so we know everyone truly sacrificed.  What a great way to start off 2010. 

Hope you all are having a great week so far, come back tomorrow because Molly has a BIG announcement for you all!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

This may be classified as pathetic

It has only taken my husband and I less than two days to polish off an entire bag of oreos.  Wow...we are something special here in the cheese state.  I will add that over the last 2 days Molly has eaten 3 of those oreos.  So she has had her fair share too, okay so not really. 

I have been drinking milk with my cookies, so that counts for my daily calcuim intake, right? 

In other exciting pathetic news, Molly and I are going to Wal-Mart tomorrow, and I am really excited.  No, seriously, I am excited.  This new working thing has cramped my Wal-Mart trip style.  Now I have to plan everything out, be strategic and all that grown up stuff.  It's funny how I never even thought about when I would do the laundry, go the store, clean the house, etc. when I took this job.  Now I am learning, and reconfiguring life.  But it's been good, and I feel so blessed.

Hope you all have a great and exciting weekend! 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How clean is your kitchen sink?

Today on my way into the office for a last minute meeting, I was listening to KLOVE, like I always do, and Eric and Kelly were talking to this chick, she calls herself the Fly Lady.  Odd, I know...

She has a home organizing/cleaning here to check it out  They were talking about organizing your life and where to start first.  Fly Lady said something that has really stuck with me all day, so much so that I wanted to share it with you all.  She said that you should start with your kitchen sink.  Your kitchen sink is a tell tale sign of how your life is going.  If it's clean, all the dishes washed, put away-then your life probably follows suit.  You are more than likely feeling good about yourself, confident, and not overwhelmed.

But if your kitchen sink is dirty, dishes piled up everywhere, the dishwasher is over flowing with three day old dinner crusted on the plates, then you are probably feeling that way in life too.  You feel overwhelmed, stressed out, not ready to face the day, already defeated when you get up. 

So she said to start in the kitchen and clean the sink.  The sparkle from the sink will then spill over into the rest of your life. 

I agree with Fly Lady, okay that name sounds disrespectful, but that's what she calls herself.  I think if your house is truly gross and dirty, like that show hoarders, then yes, the rest of your life is probably messy too.  So lets go one step further and talk about your spiritual life with the same kitchen sink analogy.  The kitchen sink = your spiritual life.  So if your sink is gross and dirty, then your relationship with Christ probably feels like you are trudging through mud, not getting through to God with your prayers and petitions, and you may feel like what's the point of all of this.  But if your sink is clean, sparkling with shine, that means your spiritual life is active, you are seeking and searching for answers, you long to be closer to God and doing everything in your power to achieve that.  Your sink sparkle really pours into every part of your life by the way you show God's love to others.  People are wondering what you used on your sink to make it sparkle so bright.

How clean is my kitchen sink?  I definetly have times where it is sparling as bright as it can, and then other times, I have the 3 day old dinner crusted on my dishes and my sink is so gross, that thinking about cleaning it is overwhelming.  But that's when it needs to sparkle the most, that's when I need God the most.  The majority of the time my kitchen sink is clean, but it has a hint of dinge lurking around it.  So my goal for 2010 is to keep my sink as clean as possible, spiritually and literally speaking. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am guilty

 Okay, okay-I admit it...I am guilty of watching the Bachelor last night.  I feel dirty saying that.  I never pictured myself as one of those women who watched other women fall all over themselves to fall in love with this one guy, that they are totally sure was made just for them.

I know some of you out there enjoy this show, sadly, I did a little bit too.  And if I am going down, I am bringing Eric down with me too.  Yes friends, he totally watched it with me.  Actually, he turned it on, and I watched it with him.  Along with some friends of ours that we were texting back and forth with the whole time, and we continued to talk about the show all day today.

What really hooked me on the show were the previews for the whole season.  Last night really was painful to watch, the girls were so cheesey, and looked cheap, you catch my drift.  Not all of them, but most of them.  And what they were saying and doing, good grief.  But now I am intrigued to watch the rest of the episodes.

Lord have mercy on me...

I told you this blog was all about honesty and being transparent, so here I am...every last sinful part of me.  Just kidding, I don't want bad comments going either way on the Bachelor.  But I am interested, how many of you are watching the Bachelor?

In other news...Molly is doing great at the babysitters.  She goes in with no problem, and is always happy to see me or Eric coming to get her!  I also have the grand total of our ReThinking Christmas offering, but you all will have to wait until it is announced at The Ridge on Sunday.  I know, I am so mean, but how else will I get you all to come back?!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sa far, So good

2010 so far has been a good year.  So what if we are only 3 days into it?!  I have no complaints, so far :)

Tomorrow starts my new world of really working.  I am now in the church office 3 days a week.  Over the past month I have taken on some more responsibilities, that require more time in the office.  Which requires Molly to spend more time at the babysitters house.  The jury is still out on this one, for me.  Everyone keeps saying how good it will be for her, she will learn to share, talk more, etc.  I agree with all of these, but what about the mom?  So now I might be complaining :)  On the outside I am totally cool with dropping my kid off at the sitters and leaving her for the day, but on the inside I am not cool with this, not at all.  But right now it is what is best for our family, our ministry, and The Ridge. 

Deep down, I feel very blessed to #1-have a job, #2-be asked to work more which = more money for a house, and #3-I feel super humbled that the leadership at The Ridge feels like I am the best for the job at this point in time.  So with all of that said, I am doing ok with the whole dropping Molly off 3 days a week with Ms. Terri, who is an awesome lady, that runs a fabulous licensed daycare out of her home.  The bonus to all of this is that Eric still has Thursdays and Fridays off, so we now have 2 whole days as a family together.  No work, no phone calls-unless it's an emergency, and nothing we have to do, except be together.  I am happy with that.  I can do anything for 3 days a week to spend 4 days with my Molly girl. 

So going back to 2010, here is why it has been good-so far...

1. The Ohio State Buckeyes won the Rose Bowl, woot-woot!
2. The Steelers won again today, which hopefully now we can clench a playoff spot
3. The Ridge made a HUGE announcement...we are moving into a High School at the end of February!  This one is HUGE for us!  We love the movie theater, and they have been so good to us there, but we can't grow any more there.  We are staying still, and that's not okay, because we can not fulfill our mission- "Helping people find and follow God" by staying still.  So it's a HUGE transition for everyone, including me, because now I am planning where the kids will meet, what teachers will have to do now, all the what, when, where, and hows.  But I am trusting in God through the whole thing.  When I am stressed, I always think of this quote..."God doesn't call us to be successful, he calls us to be faithful."
4. The offering total from our ReThinking Christmas offering is not all the way in, but I can tell you that in 3 weeks our church has sacrificed over $27,000.00 towards building clean drinking wells, and giving to a mission in downtown Milwaukee.  Wow!  Praise the Lord!  This is HUGE for us!  Huge for any church!  I am so proud of the The Ridge and its people, and what they allow God to do through them.

So with all of that BIG, exciting news, I will leave you with this...
"The uncertainties of the present 
always give way to the 
enchanted possibilities of the future." 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dear 2009

Dear 2009,

Thank you for being a pretty good year to me.  You brought me lots of happy moments, some sad moments, and some very real moments.  You came in like every other year, yet you are leaving me excited, scared, anxious and craving more. 

2009, you introduced to me wonderful blogging friends.  My first introduction to the blogging world was through my cousin, Holly, and her journey with Carleigh.  But through tears, pain, and tragedy, I decided to stick with this whole blogging thing, and I am really glad I did.  Now, I have great blogging friends that I consider my constant encouragers and people who can lift my spirits up when I am feeling down.  I feel humbled and blessed that you all share your journey with me. 

2009, you and I accomplished a lot of goals like finishing grad school, starting a private counseling practice, becoming a children's minister-well, you really snuck that one in there without me knowing, enjoying a wonderful vacation with my husband-Molly free, and you made me realize that I need to love God more, and truly accept the love that he has for me. 

2009, you challenged me to live every single day for God, and show the world who he is, no matter the cost to myself.  Thank you 2009 for teaching me how to make my faith real, alive, and something that is flourishing, not just staying the same. 

Looking back on my year, my 2009 year, I have a lot to look forward to in 2010.  The new year is going to be one of the craziest, busiest, stressful, fun, exciting, and grand old time that I have ever had.  God is up to some really BIG stuff, that I can't wait to share with you all.  So stay tuned for 2010, because you won't want to miss any second of it!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years! 

We made it safely to Ohio, only to find Eric's Mom with the stomach flu!  So Christmas was celebrated on the 26th, and then poor Molly got the flu too!  So it was an eventful holiday season to say the least.  But we loved spending time with our family and friends, and we are looking forward to 2010, and what all will come with it!

Now we are back in the land of cheese, doing laundry, putting new toys away, setting new toys up-like our surprise new TV from my in-laws, score!  And gearing up for a HUGE announcement at The Ridge on Sunday.  Have a great weekend!





Happy 2010!