Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sa far, So good

2010 so far has been a good year.  So what if we are only 3 days into it?!  I have no complaints, so far :)

Tomorrow starts my new world of really working.  I am now in the church office 3 days a week.  Over the past month I have taken on some more responsibilities, that require more time in the office.  Which requires Molly to spend more time at the babysitters house.  The jury is still out on this one, for me.  Everyone keeps saying how good it will be for her, she will learn to share, talk more, etc.  I agree with all of these, but what about the mom?  So now I might be complaining :)  On the outside I am totally cool with dropping my kid off at the sitters and leaving her for the day, but on the inside I am not cool with this, not at all.  But right now it is what is best for our family, our ministry, and The Ridge. 

Deep down, I feel very blessed to #1-have a job, #2-be asked to work more which = more money for a house, and #3-I feel super humbled that the leadership at The Ridge feels like I am the best for the job at this point in time.  So with all of that said, I am doing ok with the whole dropping Molly off 3 days a week with Ms. Terri, who is an awesome lady, that runs a fabulous licensed daycare out of her home.  The bonus to all of this is that Eric still has Thursdays and Fridays off, so we now have 2 whole days as a family together.  No work, no phone calls-unless it's an emergency, and nothing we have to do, except be together.  I am happy with that.  I can do anything for 3 days a week to spend 4 days with my Molly girl. 

So going back to 2010, here is why it has been good-so far...

1. The Ohio State Buckeyes won the Rose Bowl, woot-woot!
2. The Steelers won again today, which hopefully now we can clench a playoff spot
3. The Ridge made a HUGE announcement...we are moving into a High School at the end of February!  This one is HUGE for us!  We love the movie theater, and they have been so good to us there, but we can't grow any more there.  We are staying still, and that's not okay, because we can not fulfill our mission- "Helping people find and follow God" by staying still.  So it's a HUGE transition for everyone, including me, because now I am planning where the kids will meet, what teachers will have to do now, all the what, when, where, and hows.  But I am trusting in God through the whole thing.  When I am stressed, I always think of this quote..."God doesn't call us to be successful, he calls us to be faithful."
4. The offering total from our ReThinking Christmas offering is not all the way in, but I can tell you that in 3 weeks our church has sacrificed over $27,000.00 towards building clean drinking wells, and giving to a mission in downtown Milwaukee.  Wow!  Praise the Lord!  This is HUGE for us!  Huge for any church!  I am so proud of the The Ridge and its people, and what they allow God to do through them.

So with all of that BIG, exciting news, I will leave you with this...
"The uncertainties of the present 
always give way to the 
enchanted possibilities of the future." 


Kristin said...

Wow to the money raised at your church! That is amazing!! I forgot to say in my post today, that we saw so many more people at church today, which is huge for us too! I am excited to hear all about your new job! I know you will be awesome at it! I know it's so hard to leave Molly, but it will be okay :) So, with moving into the high school, do you have to set up and take down every week? It sounds like The Ridge is doing amazing things! 2010 is going to be an awesome year, I just know it!!

Unknown said...

It makes it easier for me to know that I am leaving Kyndra in the hands of someone who is a loving, Christian woman. If we could afford it I would definitely work less to be with her more. I'm excited for all the great things going on with your church! That's so awesome!

Kari said...

Awesome about the money raised. Wonderful that you are moving into a place where you can continue to expand! And good that right now you are at peace with having Molly at a sitters. Having my kids home with me until they were 2 showed me that they could have learned a little more had they been separated from mom a bit more. Starting a parents day out program was tough on Bella because it was always her and me. So, I agree that it will help Molly in certain areas - not that it helps Mommy out in that area at the time :o)

Steph T. said...

Lots going on for you girl! God is so richly blessing the work you are doing at the Ridge. I am sooo excited for you guys to move into the HS! AWESOME! I will be praying for you as you leave Molly. She will do fine and you are still her sweet amazing mom that she loves and adores! Keep us updated on how it goes.

Veronica said...

Hey Kate! Sorry I missed this post! That is awesome news about your church moving to the high school. That will be an amazing opportunity for growth and that is so cool that the Lord is opening that door for you guys! That's also amazing about the money raised for Rethinking Christmas! Awesome, awesome!