Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yada, yada

Nothing new or phenomenal going on here.  I just felt like checking in with you all!  These past couple of days have been busy and fun.  On Thursday, Molly and I went over to our friend's house so the girls could play and the moms could talk.  It was so nice to have a conversation that didn't involve church, children's ministry, scheduling, and curriculum.  Instead we talked about the terrible two's rearing its ugly head again in our children and we both made each other feel better by saying numerous times "me too" or "yep, she does that." 

Friday was Family Day!  We really just hung out together and enjoyed each others company.  On Friday night we went to a wedding rehearsal for our friends Nick and Katie.  Eric performed the wedding on Saturday.  It was so simple and pretty.  It totally suited both of their personalities, and it was fun to sit and talk with all of our friends, and share in Nick and Katie's special day!  Congrats Nick and Katie!

Late Friday night my Dad and his fiance drove in to visit us.  They didn't get here until 3:30am!  Then we went to the children's museum on Saturday morning around 10am.  So they didn't get a whole lot of sleep!  But we had fun and Molly loved playing with all of the exhibits.  Especially the new one that includes a contraption like the playland at McDonalds.  She would get all the way to the top, then get stuck, so Eric had to go up after her 3 times!  It was so funny watching him crawl through the tunnels.  He was like a human hamster! 

Then today was church...which was a little dead by the way.  The time change just killed us.  Anyone else suffer a chruch attenndance drop today?  The people that were there were great, but we were just missing a lot of adults and kids.  So hopefully everyone makes their way back next week! 

That's been our weekend in a nutshell.  I have pictures to go along with my stories and days.  But my camera is in the other room, and I am real comfy in bed.  So maybe later tonight I will upload them and then share them with you all!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and the time change didn't mess you up too bad!


Kristen said...

I am so messed up by the time change! Soooo laggy!

He & Me + 3 said...

Well it sounds like you had a nice week/end with family and friends. Cracking up at the human hamster comment. Too funny. I have been there:)
Yes, our church attendance was down too. They forgot to announce it as a reminder last week. It seemed to just pop up this year.

Kristin said...

Hey Kate! Glad you had a good weekend! Our church was dead today too and we don't have many to begin with, but it was nice to see a couple of new families today. Even our music guy was out of town, so that same guy who's came before was there. I just LOVE him and I really enjoyed it today! It was just what I needed!

My friend on FB today said she got to church today and right when they got there, service was over, then she realized they forgot to change their clocks. Hahaha!!

This time change messed me up because I feel so exhausted, but have lots to do still, so I can't go to bed!

Joyeful said...

Aren't play dates the best? They keep us momma's sane!

And about that time change--I'm definitely feelin' it! But I love the fact that it stays sunny longer!

Veronica said...

What a weekend! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy some family time!

I can't stand daylight savings time and even though it's just an hour difference, it literally takes me a week to get used to the change!!!

Unknown said...

The time change didn't bother us this year. At my mom and dad's church there were a lot of people there but they had a baptism too.

Glad you got to partake in some good mommy conversation with a friend!

The museum sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure Kyndra would've enjoyed climbing in that tube thing. She prolly would've gotten stuck too!

Becca said...

It is always nice to get together with a mommy friend. Sometimes when I feel like I must have the most difficult child in the world, it's nice to hear that I am not alone!
The time change certainly messed us up! Somehow I ended up losing out on two hours of sleep!
Can't wait to see all of the pictures of adorbale Miss Molly!

Katie said...

Well, your husband does have one of the most important jobs there is. See my husband struggles with the job he has. He would like to do something in the ministry because it is so important. It is good to know that he has some struggles though, because being a pastor or pastor family seems ideal. I always tell Rob I will support him but it is not like a sales job you can't work harder to make a person love God? That is something that takes a lot of time and God has his own timetable of when people will accept him or turn from sin. You start to think of all the Rainbows and ponys but I am sure your husband has a lot on his plate. So neat that is makes a difference though. To encourage Rob I tell him no matter what his job he can make a dent. Thanks for your perspecitve I appreciate it, you are great woman, wife, mom.

Tracy: said...

Yes, Time change killed us..but the message was great :) I have a Molly too...the sweetest name ever! It so fits her too...but our Molly is 15..still me little Molly B!

Kari said...

Our church had a smaller crowd at the 8:30 service - but I'm sure the second service was packed with the leftover early service missers added to the normal crowd!