Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Sunshine

Good morning all!  I pray that each and every one of you has a fabulous weekend!  We are planning on doing the same.  Today it's just me and Molly.  Like normal :)  I used to not like the idea of Eric using Saturday as a work day, but I have grown to love it and I cherish my time alone with Molly.  Even if by the end of the day I want to pull my hair out-thanks newly found "I got it!!" stage that we are going through. 

The sun is out and shining brightly.  I love this weather.  It actually feels like a Fall day, but at least the sun is shining.  I think today Molly and I are going to check out a new consignment shop I saw yesterday when we were driving home.  It looks like a Goodwill type, so we will see.  I am not necessarily sure what I am looking for, which can be dangerous!  Actually, I would love to find some cloth napkins.  My friend, Courtney was blogging about switching to all cloth because she didn't want to be wasteful with all the napkins and paper towels they were using.  She is way more green than I am!  So that got me thinking, my family does use a lot of napkins, and sadly even more paper towels!  But I am not sure I can commit to doing the laundry like every other day to wash all of our cloth napkins (the imaginary ones I am thinking about purchasing!).  Any one out there use cloth napkins?  Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

Then I think we will hit the park up.  Molly could stay outside all day if we let her.  Which if we had a house, I totally would.  She loves to run and be free.  She loves to explore and try new things, like picking flowers, digging in the dirt, anything that is creative and imaginative.  Which the whole house thing is one crazy mess, but I am trying my hardest to remain optimistic and hopeful we will find something.  Our Realtor sent us like 100 listings to look at yesterday.  We expanded our search to areas that we like, just not our first choice.  But I know God doesn't really care what our first choices are, it's His choices that we need to be open to. 

So my quick Happy Saturday has now turned into a not so quick read!  Well, Happy Saturday to you all!


He & Me + 3 said...

I wish it were sunny here. It is so cold and cloudy. Not fun for the first tball practice. We may cancel.
We use cloth napkins. We have paper towels for wiping the table down to clean it but to wipe our hands at meals we use cloth napkins. It is not so bad and we have 5. It is like doing towels for the bathroom. Just buy enough to get you through a week without having to do case you get behind.

KimberlyMDavis said...

I know about the house is frustrating. I'm praying for you all that the Lord will bring a great peace when you find the right one, and that He will bring you peace throughout the journey.

Have a blessed weekend.

Verna said...

I hoping for some sunshine when we get home too. It makes everybody's mood a bit better when the sun is shining.

God has just the house for you. Will just have to trust him to work everything out. Will continue to pray for you as you go thru this stressful time.

Sarah Robbins said...

We are in transition by using cloth napkins for dinner and paper for lunch and breakfast. It is really not that much laundry.

We use rags and towels instead of paper towels, too. We did that switch 2 years ago. The thing that really helped with that was putting the paper towels under the sink. That makes it way easier to reach for a rag or a towel. I don't think it makes that much more laundry. I just toss it right in front of the washer and throw them in with my other wash.

I do still use paper towels or sanitizing wipes (all natural) for cooking messes that involve raw meat.

Wow. That ended up being a lot. Whoops! Maybe I will blog on it. . . :)

Kristin said...

Hope you are having a great Saturday!!! We use too many paper towels too......for some reason, Morgan has this habit of getting one, using it, and sticking it in his pocket. So, when I do laundry, I find a million paper towels in his pockets. Weird! :D

Unknown said...

Hey Kate! We don't have any paper towels or napkins. We just use our table towels which are pretty much cloth paper towels. They have snaps on the end so that I can snap them together and roll them in a roll just like paper towels are. They work great for us! And I just found the other day some organic cotton tissue and cotton pads that I so want to get. Then we wouldn't have to buy those things again! It does save money, even if just a little bit at a time.

I think I might get some more soon.

Becca said...

I hope y'all had a great weekend! I hope that y'all can find something great so that you and Miss Molly can spend hours out in the sunshine!!!

Kari said...

Absolutely love cloth napkins over paper. Switched about 2 years ago and won't go back. Now, I still have paper on hand - but 99% of the time use the cloth!

Hope you had fun in the sun!