Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Official Call

Thank you all for your kind, sweet words about Billy.  Last night I got a call from the vet on duty when I took him to the animal ER.  She wanted to let me know what they found out during the post-mortem exam.  I know I mentioned before on here that Billy was diagnosed with a blood disease back in 2006, which resulted in a stay in the hospital, a blood transfusion, an anti-biotic, and steroids.  We joked he was the "million dollar cat."

This disease is not common, okay, it's rare, like one in a million have it.  So no big deal, ha!  Our vet in Cincinnati had no clue what was wrong with him, so he called another vet in to look at him and thankfully that vet knew what it was.  So needless to say, not too many people know about this disease, or how to treat it.  So long story short...the disease is what killed him.  When Billy died he literally had no red blood cells left in his body, and he his liver had shut down a couple weeks ago.  All of this unbeknown to us.  His little body was not producing enough blood and oxygen to get to his organs, heart, and brain.  His heart was working over time to try and get something flowing, and finally it all just gave out.  The vet said when he passed away he was more than likely brain dead and had no clue what was happening.  No sure this is comforting to me, or just super sad.

There was absolutely nothing we could have done to prevent this, and honestly the vet said that there is no textbook or medical explanation as to why he lived as long as he did.  He should have died 4 years ago, and even after the blood transfusion, she said most cats make it maybe a week.  Since he did survive he should have been on medicine for the rest of his little kitty life, but there is no way to tell if he would have responded to the medicine, or if his body would have eventually been immune to it.  If we did take him to the vet last week or the week before, we would have found out that his liver had failed and had to put him to sleep.

So on one hand I feel super proud of my little cat, which I laugh yesterday when April commented that he looked big in that picture...he was all of 8 pounds!  Billy was the runt of the liter and we always joked that he would be a tiny cat, and a wimp.  But now we know just how much of  a fighter he truly was, and it makes me love him all the more!

**The Champ**

Okay, so I am finished for now with the cat stories...I know a lot of family members read this, so I wanted to update everyone.  

Tonight my plan is to unpack, unpack, and unpack some more, and take a new belly shot!  I have not taken one in 2 weeks!  So I will share that with you all tomorrow!  I will have to find a good place in our new house to take one.  Also, I want to show you all this gift we got that Eric wants to paint, but I want to leave the same color.  So you all can vote and tell me what you think!


Veronica said...

So sad about Billy but glad you have some answers.

I'll be excited to see a new belly pic and glad to cast a vote!

Happy unpacking!

{:miss v:} said...

I'm glad you at least found out what happened to Billy. He was a beautiful little kitty!

Have fun unpacking and I can't wait to see the belly shot!

Unknown said...

That's amazing that Billy did live as long as he did. I think it goes to show that God takes care of our pets too. :) You know, I always thought he was bigger too from the pics that you have shared of him. I never would've guessed 8 lbs!!

Kristin said...

Awwww.....sweet little Billy. I am glad that you have your answers though, and that he did not suffer, and that he was your little fighter and you were able to make years more memories with him. Have fun unpacking and I can't wait to see pics of your new place and of you too! Love ya!

He & Me + 3 said...

He is a cutie pie. That is great that you did get some answers. Wow 8 pounds?

Bethany Zumba said...

Kate, I'm so sorry. I know it's so hard when you lose a pet and I am dreading the day that we have to deal with that. At least you have a new start and new life to look forward to!

Alison said...

Okay, he was a little champ! Wow. So glad that now you found out what the cause was...but I know you are still sad! So sorry!!

the Spocks said...

I am sorry. Apparently, cats do truly have more than one life. Ours does. Will you consider getting another pet?