Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who Gives a Hoot about Molly's New Room!

We are finally getting a room finished one at a time!  It's funny when we were first married we had everything unpacked and hung up on the walls in like a day.  The next time we moved, same thing, then we moved with a baby, and Eric unpacked while I was a dairy cow day and night with baby Molly.  He even hung everything up in like 2 days.  We move now...and lets just say the progress has been slow!  We have one picture hung nicely in our living room, and 2 other pictures that I eyeballed and thought looked good, needless to say, Eric hung the "nice" one in the living room after that!  I am not sure where the motivation went, but we are trying to regain it back. 

Last week we bought some cute decal stickers for Molly's room.  The little stickers match her bedding with the owls and mushrooms.  We were having a hard time figuring her room out because now she can jump, reach, and climb.  So shelves on the walls, not going to work for us!  Molly's room is not 100% finished, but we are almost there.  I would say 95%.  Enjoy!

Sadly, the pink lamp on her bookshelf beside her bed is no longer with us...Molly did a forward roll and went off her bed a little and took it out!  So we are finding a replacement!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Misc. Monday Ramblings

So another week has past and I only posted one time?!  Good grief!  I actually have a funny story about our new "Internet connection"- insert sarcasm and a "Not Me Monday" tone in here while reading.

Eric and I were long overdue for new cell phones, and with moving and what not we put it off.  So we finally got around to getting new phones.  We wanted the nice, new HTC EVO from Sprint, but the upfront expense was a lot and with replacing a dryer and air conditioner issues, the money was just not there.  The main reason behind wanting the EVO's was because you can tether your phone into your computer and viola! have Internet access.  Plus, your phone is a WI-FI hot spot.  Sweet, huh.  Well once we looked at the budget and realized we could not realistically not look ourselves in the mirror after buying them and feel alright, we got different phones.  Phones with tethering capability and some other features that I thought the EVO lacked, and I really like my new phone that Eric picked out for me. 

So we download the app from our phone to tether everything together and then kinda forget about it, we have been busy with church stuff that I honestly have not had time nor the energy at night to log on and do my regular Internet surfing.  So on Thursday when Eric was off, I say, " hey lets see if the app worked and get the web browsing going on my computer."  A simple request, right...wrong...

Eric tries everything on my laptop, which has XP on it and sometimes XP doesn't like to cooperate, so Eric tries on his computer and gets it going for a couple of minutes.  So I am thinking awesome, blog commenting here I come...nope, nada, never.  Our "easy tether" as the app is called only works on unsecured websites, basically anything that does not need a password!  By this time I was a little upset, but I came to the fork in the road, mainly in marriage that you have to ask yourself...if I say something like "did you research this, why did you think this was going to work?" there probably would have been more trouble than just keeping my mouth closed and keeping my thoughts to myself.  I know Eric was more upset about it than I was, since he now sees dollar signs pointing to getting a true, real, 100% Internet connection back at our house.  I love my phone, I still feel like I have zero clue how to use it, but I am not so tech savvy that I enjoy reading blogs on it.  My eyes are bad and after like 4 or 5 blogs, my battery starts slowing dieing on me.  So needless to say, our great connection is not so great after all, and we will be making a call this week to get truly connected!

Molly is still doing good as far as potty training.  We have the pee in the potty thing down, just working on the other aspect of the training still.  Poor kid!  But we will get there.  I know once she goes once, she will hopefully get it. 

Check out my side-bar...Julie made a cute little frame of Lucy!  I need to get her a new picture of Molly so we can update that one that is almost a year old!  But every picture I have taken recently, Molly is not in the smiling, looking at the camera mood, so I am waiting for that one shot!

We are leaving on Friday for VACATION!  Please let me tell you this could not have come at a better time!  This is our last great big getaway before Lucy, and before we feel brave enough to take a 3 year old and an infant on vacation!  We are going to an undisclosed location!  No, I don't think someone is going to stalk us, we are not sharing because we don't want to see anyone!  Who knows where we will end up, you will just have to wait for pictures...maybe your town, maybe someone else's town...our lips our sealed!

I think that's about it...lately our life has been rotating around work, church, church, potty visits, church, meetings, no Internet connection, church, work, and just trying to get through life one day at a time!  Happy Monday!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

MIA- For a Good Reason- This Is a Long One!

Good Monday morning to you all!  I hope and pray your weekends were great!  Sorry for being MIA as of late, but now we have Internet at our house, thank you husband, and we also have a potty training Molly.  Yes, that is correct, we took the potty training plunge last Thursday and knock on wood, so far so good.  That's not to say we haven't had any accidents, but yesterday was accident free, and I praying today is also. 

I really went into this whole training experience as just that, an experience.  Another chapter in this great big book called "Parenthood."  I tried to set the bar low, go in with little to no expectations and see what happened.  Well, my little protege caught on.  At least I think she did.  It took 2 times of wetting herself and realizing she could control that, since she hates, hates, hates being dirty, wet, anything but clean.  Seriously, if something drips on this kid's leg she freaks out.  However, my child is very strong-willed, happily and sadly she gets that from me, so now I have a lot more empathy for my dear mother!  Molly hated the fact that we still made her try even if she didn't have to go.  But she learned why, she peed again, on herself, in the bathroom, right beside the toilet during one of her protests to trying.  After that she peed in the potty (well, the grown-up toilet, we didn't use a potty seat or chair) and realized she could do it on her own.  Which after she goes she proudly says "I got it!"  Yes, Molly, yes, you got it. 

You got it a little too well my friend.  Now we are up till at least 9 every night so little miss independent can continue to get it in the potty.  So we are starting to limit liquids.  Because this momma would like to get to bed! 

She had one accident on Friday and Saturday and other than that she has "got it" in her words.  I was a nervous wreck about church yesterday.  I was so scared she would be the first child to pee in the Nursery, right there in front of everyone.  But she didn't.  She went to the bathroom like a big girl and proudly announced "I got it Mom." 

Today is our first day back to the babysitter, who was less than thrilled to know Molly was wearing underwear.  She would prefer her in a pull-up, I know my child, she would get lazy and pee in that and never "get it" again.  We are reserving pull-ups for naps and bed right now.  Which she has been dry the last couple days/nights.  Like I said, she gets it a little too well at night.  I guess I shouldn't complain, but I am. 

We are still working on doing other things on the potty, like having a bowel movement, sorry if you are eating breakfast.  I am not sure if she is scared to go on the potty or what.  But I know she has to, trust me, I know.  So any advice on that would be wonderful!  I put a diaper on her while I took a shower on Saturday and she went in that, but then she asked for another diaper instead of underwear.  But we talked her back into princess underwear and she did great.  Here is another tid-bit, my kid loves public bathrooms, gag.  But she does!  Which I guess is great because I heard horror stories about kids holding it and not going in public restrooms, not my kid, she would go in every stall if I let her. 

I really went into this whole training thing blind.  I read zero books about potty training, I looked nothing up on the Internet about it, I only went off what you all and other friends have told me.  Which I think has been best.  We did what worked for Molly.  And so far its working.  We did do a sticker chart, I think more for me than her.  I was excited to see her put her stickers on the chart and now that they are all on there, all 25 stickers, she can go pick a toy out.  Which I think she could care less.  Molly wants us to have confidence in her, regardless of how many stickers and toys we give her.  But I am still going to let her pick out something special. 

One other thing I was not prepared for was getting emotional about this whole process.  The first time Molly peed in the potty I got teary eyed and had to look away from her.  I am not used to seeing little butt cheeks in cotton underwear or folding Dora underwear.  I don't feel old enough to have a child in underwear, how many times can I use that word?  Yesterday at church when she shattered my worst fear, and peed in the bathroom, not on the floor, I cried.  I am not sure if it's the baby hormones or what, but I felt so proud of Molly, and so happy for her. 

Lastly, now that Molly has expressed her bathroom independence, she is trying to push the limits in other areas of her life, like attitude, behavior, bedtime, etc.  So with being proud of my potty training little girl, I am also frustrated up to my neck with this new found "freedom" she thinks she has.  Any advice on how to handle an almost 3 year old would be fabulous too.  Eric and I are sticking with the rules, regardless of how Molly likes it, and I know it will pay off, but boy it's hard! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me today...I just needed to share.  Now with Internet again, I will hopefully be back on track with you all!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

20 Weeks, Lucy, Poppy Dip, and Elwood!

Here we go again...another week without Internet at home which is driving me slightly, okay a lot CRAZY!  But my wonderful husband has assured me the problem will be fixed by the end of this week!  I hate, hate, hate falling behind on your lives and pictures.  I have been having dreams about blogging, and some of you, so you know it's bad when I am dreaming about you!!

So here is a little update from our lives...

**Taken at 20 weeks 2 days**
I am officially halfway there!  Not a whole lot has changed...we found out we are having a girl, Lucy May.  Trust me friends, there was no denying her girly features...I have no clue what I am looking for on those things, but I knew I didn't see anything, which meant GIRL!  Lucy was so active during the US!  She was punching, kicking, rolling around, at one point her knees her touching her nose!  So she either loved being looked at, or hated every minute of it!  Lucy is one feisty little girl!  Which scares me to death to think Molly could be the calm one and Lucy could be the active one!  

  Right now I have a lot of energy, well as much energy as a 5 month pregnant Mommy of an almost 3 year old can have.  I have been trying to do everything that I can while the energy still lasts.  I remember towards the end with Molly feeling so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.  Which I am having a hard time doing right now.  My hip bones all the way to my toes just ache, I mean really ache.  Not like flu ache, but ache.  Good explanation, huh.  So around 3am I always wake up because I can not get comfortable, plus I have to go to the bathroom.  It takes until lunch time for the ache to go away.  I know it's all worth it, and I can do anything for 40 weeks, but the next 20 weeks with limited sleep seems scary to me :)

Molly wore her new Poppy Dip dress to church on Sunday!  We got a lot of wonderful compliments from our friends!  I won a gift certificate to Sallee's sight, Poppy Dip from Amy.  Sallee and her husband are adopting their 3 child, and all of the money from the Poppy Dip sales goes directly towards the adoption fees.  Sallee was wonderful to work with, and fast!  She was super fast!  I can't wait to order from her again!

Elwood is still doing wonderfully!  He is so sweet and I love him so much!  I think he is finally fully adjusting to our house and our family.  He is still waking me up about once a night, but it all happens at the same time as going to the bathroom and the achy leg thing. 
Molly has this tent/tunnel thing that she got for Christmas, and often times Elwood can be found in her tent or hanging out in the tunnel!  Too funny!

Elwood loves sitting in the window, however, he is a little "big" for the window sill,
but he still gets up there.  Sidenote- see the lannon stone through the window, those are steps that take you up to a big wooden deck in our 2 layer backyard. 

Last, but not least- Lucy May!  Sorry the quality isn't that great, but at least you can see her!  Eric scanned some other ones in, like the one of her touching her knees to her nose, but they won't upload.  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's a...

GIRL!  I think most of you know, but we are for sure, 100% having a little girl in November.  We are very excited to be welcoming Lucy May into our little family!!

The ultra sound went fabulous!  Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.  Lucy is doing great, she is growing right on track, and she almost weighs one pound!  My due date is the same- Nov. 28, but it would be nice if she wanted to come a little bit early.  However, she will probably be like her big sister and come a week late! 

Sorry for leaving you all hanging...I had to run into the office today to get some stuff for church tomorrow, and wanted to jump on here real quick to let you all know.

Again, we are so very excited to welcome Lucy May!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up- Picture Style

Well I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend!  We sure did!  Our biggest activity was participating in the New Berlin 4th of July Parade.  Our church has participated for 5 years now...they started doing it before the church even launched!  The Ridge (our church) actually was seen in 2 parades that past Sunday, one in Oak Creek, and then the one in New Berlin.  They both were a huge hit and our people did an awesome job!  I will share more about the parades tomorrow, along with some pictures. 

On Sunday night we went to the fireworks in the next town over, all of 5 minutes to get there.  We have gone every year since we moved here with the same couple of families.  It is a lot of fun to spread our blankets out, sit around and watch each other's kids play, and just talk.  Then the fireworks start, we watch, then pack up and go home.  So simple, yet one of life's greatest pleasures for me. 

Molly loves the fireworks...the baby in my belly however might not be a fan.  Oh good grief!  This child moved so much I felt like I just ran a marathon when he or she was all finished!  I think the baby was woken up and did not like to be disturbed.  Hopefully next year this child will enjoy being on the outside, watching the fireworks!  Speaking of the baby...we find out on Thursday if we are having a boy or a girl!  I am so excited, yet anxious.  Having a miscarriage truly jades your view of pregnancy.  Gone are the happy go-lucky days of feeling great and loving life.  Now you question every movement you feel, or if you don't feel movement, you get more anxious about doctor's appointments, ultra sounds.  It's like you set yourself up for the worst news of your life every day, because you feel like having a healthy baby is too good to be true.  As you can tell, I am a little on the stressed side.  I have zero reason to feel/think anything could be wrong with this child, but I still do!  Some prayers would be nice, please and thank you :)

Now onto the photos!

In no particular order...enjoy!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend, and Molly slept in for the first time in her life yesterday!  We slept till 8:30!  I am sure that is getting up early for some of your kids, but our usual wake up time is anywhere between 5:30-6am, so I will take 8:30am any day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Super Quick Update!

Here is a really quick update from kittyland...

Elwood seems to be adjusting very well to our house!  It is nice having a furry animal around again!  He is by no means a lap cat, which I am still trying to make him.  I guess he is still sensitive about his weight issues and feels uncomfortable, but he will get there, hopefully! 

He absolutely adores Molly and puts up with Eric and me.  Which Molly is sometimes clueless to his existence and will ask "who's that?"  But whatever, I am not taking it personally :)

The first night I was up with the cat from 1am to 6am...he couldn't sleep, which meant neither could I.  He wasn't crying or anything, just meowing and doing whatever it took to have a playmate.  It worked!  I was paranoid that he was going to wake Molly and Eric up, so I did whatever it took to keep him content.  He honestly was lonely I think.  He has lived with 16 other cats for 7 months and now he is stuck with us boring people! 

Last night was better, we were only up off and on.  He hates that Molly's door gets closed when she goes to sleep, so he does whatever he can to let you know he would like it open.  Which is not going to happen, so I try to distract him from the closed door. 

But Elwood is still as sweet as ever, and made himself right at home on Wednesday.  I opened the door from the carrier and he walked right out like he owned the place.  He has been eating just great and doing other things cats do just fine too.  Hopefully tonight he is tired enough and will sleep, or be okay to roam alone.  Because let me tell you, I love this cat to pieces, but I am beyond exhausted! 

On a totally different note...we did not attempt potty training, which I am actually glad for, for two reasons...
1. The cat is taking a lot out of me
2. Our dryer caught on fire, and we have to get a new one.  So I made the executive decision of not potty training when the ability to do laundry was gone. 

I am really okay with not potty training this weekend.  We will get there, sooner rather than later, but Molly also has been having a hard time adjusting to getting some attention she normally gets from me placed on the cat.  So it's been a learning process for us all.  One in which I am not dumb enough throw potty training into right now! 

Okay, I better go...Eric is off to look at a dryer he found on Craigslist, and I am at Borders checking email.  We still have no internet, which is starting to drive me crazy...oh well, one thing at a time, one day at a time.  Have a GREAT 4th of July weekend, stay safe, and eat a lot!!!