Monday, July 26, 2010

Misc. Monday Ramblings

So another week has past and I only posted one time?!  Good grief!  I actually have a funny story about our new "Internet connection"- insert sarcasm and a "Not Me Monday" tone in here while reading.

Eric and I were long overdue for new cell phones, and with moving and what not we put it off.  So we finally got around to getting new phones.  We wanted the nice, new HTC EVO from Sprint, but the upfront expense was a lot and with replacing a dryer and air conditioner issues, the money was just not there.  The main reason behind wanting the EVO's was because you can tether your phone into your computer and viola! have Internet access.  Plus, your phone is a WI-FI hot spot.  Sweet, huh.  Well once we looked at the budget and realized we could not realistically not look ourselves in the mirror after buying them and feel alright, we got different phones.  Phones with tethering capability and some other features that I thought the EVO lacked, and I really like my new phone that Eric picked out for me. 

So we download the app from our phone to tether everything together and then kinda forget about it, we have been busy with church stuff that I honestly have not had time nor the energy at night to log on and do my regular Internet surfing.  So on Thursday when Eric was off, I say, " hey lets see if the app worked and get the web browsing going on my computer."  A simple request, right...wrong...

Eric tries everything on my laptop, which has XP on it and sometimes XP doesn't like to cooperate, so Eric tries on his computer and gets it going for a couple of minutes.  So I am thinking awesome, blog commenting here I come...nope, nada, never.  Our "easy tether" as the app is called only works on unsecured websites, basically anything that does not need a password!  By this time I was a little upset, but I came to the fork in the road, mainly in marriage that you have to ask yourself...if I say something like "did you research this, why did you think this was going to work?" there probably would have been more trouble than just keeping my mouth closed and keeping my thoughts to myself.  I know Eric was more upset about it than I was, since he now sees dollar signs pointing to getting a true, real, 100% Internet connection back at our house.  I love my phone, I still feel like I have zero clue how to use it, but I am not so tech savvy that I enjoy reading blogs on it.  My eyes are bad and after like 4 or 5 blogs, my battery starts slowing dieing on me.  So needless to say, our great connection is not so great after all, and we will be making a call this week to get truly connected!

Molly is still doing good as far as potty training.  We have the pee in the potty thing down, just working on the other aspect of the training still.  Poor kid!  But we will get there.  I know once she goes once, she will hopefully get it. 

Check out my side-bar...Julie made a cute little frame of Lucy!  I need to get her a new picture of Molly so we can update that one that is almost a year old!  But every picture I have taken recently, Molly is not in the smiling, looking at the camera mood, so I am waiting for that one shot!

We are leaving on Friday for VACATION!  Please let me tell you this could not have come at a better time!  This is our last great big getaway before Lucy, and before we feel brave enough to take a 3 year old and an infant on vacation!  We are going to an undisclosed location!  No, I don't think someone is going to stalk us, we are not sharing because we don't want to see anyone!  Who knows where we will end up, you will just have to wait for pictures...maybe your town, maybe someone else's town...our lips our sealed!

I think that's about it...lately our life has been rotating around work, church, church, potty visits, church, meetings, no Internet connection, church, work, and just trying to get through life one day at a time!  Happy Monday!!


Kristin said...

I was wondering how those phones work, because I was thinking of getting something like that. My cell phone is the plain jane freebie one. I guess I will go for an iphone when I'm able to.

Okay, I am so going in my craft room right now to make your shirt so I can ship it out asap before you leave! Love ya!!

Unknown said...

I've wondered if I could do that with my phone but Anth said no. Who knows. I so want to upgrade to the new Droid. It's so awesome. I will have to wait til Feb though b/c that is when the next upgrade is. Boo! I think I can manage though.

Glad Molly is doing well with the PLing!!

Kim said...

you should use one of the photos of Molls in that awesome new dress you ordered on-line that you posted on FB for your sidebar pic of her!! I love that dress!!
oh I hope you show up at my house! :)

Barclay Kathryn said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Jenilee said...

are you coming to OHIO??? lol have a GREAT vacation!

April said...

HUH internets can suck sometimes! My email was just hacked tonight and my husband fixed everything, but now I have spent about 2 hours changing ALL of my passwords to ALL the accounts I hold. UGH!! I feel your frustration. And NO - checking blogs from your phone is just not easy on the yes AT ALL! I have the Droid (birthday gift from hubs) and that still isn't easy to read. Clear? YES, Small? Definitely! Cute frame for Lucy!

Veronica said...

Love the new framed pic of Lucy on your sidebar!

I've never heard of the phones you're talking about. I'm so simple, it's not even funny. People complain about Blackberry's kinda sucking, but I'm super happy with mine.

Hope you guys have a great time on vacation and yay for Molly learning to use the potty! She'll get it before too long!

Steph T. said...

Come to Owasso, OK!!! I have a free place for you to stay!! :)
Have fun!!