Friday, July 2, 2010

Super Quick Update!

Here is a really quick update from kittyland...

Elwood seems to be adjusting very well to our house!  It is nice having a furry animal around again!  He is by no means a lap cat, which I am still trying to make him.  I guess he is still sensitive about his weight issues and feels uncomfortable, but he will get there, hopefully! 

He absolutely adores Molly and puts up with Eric and me.  Which Molly is sometimes clueless to his existence and will ask "who's that?"  But whatever, I am not taking it personally :)

The first night I was up with the cat from 1am to 6am...he couldn't sleep, which meant neither could I.  He wasn't crying or anything, just meowing and doing whatever it took to have a playmate.  It worked!  I was paranoid that he was going to wake Molly and Eric up, so I did whatever it took to keep him content.  He honestly was lonely I think.  He has lived with 16 other cats for 7 months and now he is stuck with us boring people! 

Last night was better, we were only up off and on.  He hates that Molly's door gets closed when she goes to sleep, so he does whatever he can to let you know he would like it open.  Which is not going to happen, so I try to distract him from the closed door. 

But Elwood is still as sweet as ever, and made himself right at home on Wednesday.  I opened the door from the carrier and he walked right out like he owned the place.  He has been eating just great and doing other things cats do just fine too.  Hopefully tonight he is tired enough and will sleep, or be okay to roam alone.  Because let me tell you, I love this cat to pieces, but I am beyond exhausted! 

On a totally different note...we did not attempt potty training, which I am actually glad for, for two reasons...
1. The cat is taking a lot out of me
2. Our dryer caught on fire, and we have to get a new one.  So I made the executive decision of not potty training when the ability to do laundry was gone. 

I am really okay with not potty training this weekend.  We will get there, sooner rather than later, but Molly also has been having a hard time adjusting to getting some attention she normally gets from me placed on the cat.  So it's been a learning process for us all.  One in which I am not dumb enough throw potty training into right now! 

Okay, I better go...Eric is off to look at a dryer he found on Craigslist, and I am at Borders checking email.  We still have no internet, which is starting to drive me crazy...oh well, one thing at a time, one day at a time.  Have a GREAT 4th of July weekend, stay safe, and eat a lot!!!


Barclay Kathryn said...

Good practice for future baby. : )

Kristin said...

Cute little Elwood! I bet he'll get adjusted soon and be able to sleep better. It's like you're getting a trial run on having a new baby, huh? Ha! Hope you have a great weekend!!

{:miss v:} said...

I love him! He's so cute and cuddly looking too! Hope the next few nights go a little smoother!

I totally laughed at the 'weight issue' comment. That was so funny! I'm sure that's why he won't sit on your lap! hahaha!

Oh my gosh about the dryer! That's so scary! I've been worried about that myself recently since our kitties sleep in our laundry room at night and while we're away from the house. The area behind both the washer and dryer is just covered in cat fur and I've been worried it might catch fire. I'm glad nothing bad happened and no one got hurt with your incident!

Steph T. said...

He is soo cute!!! You are so smart to hold off on the potty much going on in your life!!
The dryer caught on fire???? OH MY WORD Girl!! Hope all is ok with that!! Have a great weekend and take care of yourself & get some rest for that baby in your belly!

Unknown said...

Hope he starts letting you sleep more! That's awesome he loves Molly so much. :)

Don't blame you on waiting to PL. I think I would too!! Kyndra is so-so right now. Most of the time if you put her on the potty she will pee but most of the other times she won't tell you she has to go. I know she'll go herself if she's not wearing any panties or dipes b/c she doesn't want to pee down her leg.

Verna said...

Elwood is a very lucky cat to have such a super nice family give him a home!

Hope there was no damage to the house, just the dryer and that you were able to get it replaced.

Just read former posts and love the photo of Molly reading with her feet up on the table. Very precious!!!!

Hope you and your family and all your readers have a wonderful 4th of July.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I love that last shot... so cute! And your dryer... oh my gosh! Glad nobody was hurt!

Hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

Becca said...

That last picture of him and Molly is too sweet! I hope he is doing better at night! Otherwise I'm sure he will enjoy being up with you and Miss Lucy May in the future!